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About Robin Hood Stories On Hold

We do understand that sometimes you start posting a story and then life gets in the way. So, if, as the writer, you know you will be unable to update for any reason, e.g. writers block, extended vacation, etcetera, please keep your readers informed and contact a Mod (ASAP) who will willingly move the story to Stories on Hold.

If your story is in Stories on Hold, either because of the reason mentioned above, or because your story was not updated for 30 days, then this is what will happen:
  • If you wish to continue posting, please contact* a Moderator either before or after you add a post, to ask if they can move your story back to Works in Progress. The story must be updated within 24 hours of being moved back to Works in Progress.
  • If your story has been in Stories on Hold for 30 days without you having contacted a Moderator, you will be informed that you have 72 hours to update.
  • If there is no update, the story will be moved to a Forum that is only visible to staff members, and the writer will be informed. If your story has been moved to this Forum, and you wish to continue posting again, you'll have to contact a staff member, who will then move it back to Works in Progress.
  • NOTE: If your story has been moved to Stories on Hold three times or more, the moderation team might decide to give you a warning that you should update your story more regularly or you risk that your story is moved to the invisible-to-members-forum. This is case-specific, and will depend mainly on how regularly you have posted between those times your story has been in Stories on Hold. Remember, there are readers waiting for your story to be updated, and we do not think it fair to keep them hanging for months.
  • If your story has been in the invisible-to-members-forum for half a year to a year, it will be removed. The author will be notified, and will have 72 hours to contact us and continue posting. NOTE: Once the story has been deleted from the board it cannot be restored so it is the responsibility of the writer to have a hard copy of their story. It can, of course, be re-submitted from new at a later date.
* Why contact a Moderator? This is because Moderators can be very busy, and may not notice that your story is updated and ready to be moved back. It does not take long to send a quick PM saying ‘Can you please move my story <Story Title> back to Works in Progress?’, but it can save the moderation team a lot of time.

For more information on the Rules for Posting a Story for this site, please read the following: Rules for Posting a Story (located in i2eye's Front Desk->Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer). For a complete overview of what can happen to your story on i2eye, please check The Life of a Story on i2eye.

Please remember to keep all posts/replies appropriate for members of all ages and to follow all other Site Rules (located in i2eye Front Desk-> Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer).

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM an Admin or Mod.

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