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About New Recruit Cases

This is the place for new writers to test the waters if they don't want to jump straight into Cases in Progress just yet.

New writers can be offered mentoring and additional support within this forum if they wish. They can also go to our 'Hobbies and Interests' area, which offers a Writing - Discussions and Support forum with a 'Beta Central' area where they can request help from a beta (to proof-read their story, offer advice for improvements, etc.)

After completing their first story, they may move on to Cases in Progress if they wish or alternatively may post a second story in this forum.

All stories must be rated appropriately and should any posts breach the rating then the rating will be changed by a mod and the writer informed as to the reasons.

Please note we don't have an Adult forum so any stories or individual posts which require a rating higher than PG17 will be deleted from the board and the writer informed.

While writing or posting, please keep in mind the Site Rules.

We ask that writers update regularly as readers become embroiled in the stories and want to know what happens.

If you have not updated in 30 days, you will be informed that your story will be moved to Cold Cases, unless it is updated within 48 hours.

If, as the writer, you know you will be unable to update for any reason, e.g writers block, extended vacation, etc, please contact a mod who will willingly move the story to Cold Cases where you will have 30 days to update.

A few days after a story is completed it will be moved to Closed Cases by a mod.

For more information on the Rules for Posting a Story for this site, please read the following: Rules for Posting a Story (located in i2eye's Front Desk->Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer). For a complete overview of what can happen to your story on i2eye, please check The Life of a Story on i2eye.

Please remember to keep all posts/replies appropriate for members of all ages and to follow all other Site Rules (located in i2eye Front Desk-> Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer).

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM an Admin or Mod.

The i2eye Team

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