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About I dare you

This is the place where members can dare other members to write a Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye or DOC missing scene, alternative scene, or a full fledged story that they would like to see.

When daring another member:
  • Open a new topic in I Dare You
  • Type in the Topic Title “I dare you - <user name of the member you’re daring>” [E.g. “I dare you – tis*me!”]
  • Post the dare.
  • Send the member you are daring a Personal Message to let them know they have been dared.
When refusing a dare:
The person being dared has the right to refuse and this right must be respected as not all members are writers.

The refusal should be posted on the forum so the darer and moderators are aware of it.

When accepting a dare:
The acceptance of the dare should be posted on the forum. You can do this as a reply to the “I dare you - <user name>” thread.

When posting your response to a dare:
  • Open up a new topic in Dares in Progress
  • Rate your dare appropriately*
  • State what dare you are responding to. A moderator will paste a link from the dare to your post.
  • Post your Dare in Progress
*Any dare which is not appropriately rated can and will have the rating changed by a mod and the writer will be informed as to the reasoning for the change.

We do not have an Adult forum on this board so any scenes above PG 17 will be removed and the writer informed.

Within a few days of completing the posting of the dare, a moderator will move it to Finished Dares and a New Topic will be created in the writer's subforum with a link to the Finished Dare.

For more information on the Rules for Posting a Story for this site, please read the following: Rules for Posting a Story (located in i2eye's Front Desk->Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer).

Please remember to keep all posts/replies appropriate for members of all ages and to follow all other Site Rules (located in i2eye Front Desk-> Site Rules, Regulations, and General Disclaimer).

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM an Admin or Mod.

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