Yak-130 question


Yak-130 question

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March 12th, 2018, 10:43 pm #1

What are the main visible differences between the Yak-130 and the Aermacchi MB346?



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I was the lead engineer for the F124 engine design team and spent a lot of time around the aircraft. Off the top of my head I can think of the following:

- The M-346 does not have the inlet blocker and secondary inlet doors on the top of the LEX
- The Yak-130 does not have the vortillons (the fences at the leading edge wing root)
- They have different ECS precooler inlet configurations at the root of the vertical stabilizer and the exhaust on the underside of the
fuselage between the engines is different
- Aermacchi extended the mold line of the engine nacelles aft a few inches relative to the original Yak-130D prototype, I don't know if
the production Yak-130 did or not
- The landing gear are different designs, with the Yak-130 using a design more appropriate for unimproved field operation
- The cockpits of the two are completely different.
- Structural design of the two aircraft are completely different, from a modeler's perspective the panel lines would be different
- The design of the external pylons are also different between the two

Hope this helps,

Mark, who is waiting for the Kinetic 1/48 model to be released