Updated FS/FT list.

Updated FS/FT list.

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I have the following items for sale or trade. I have a want list at the bottom but I am open to offers. Please respond by email.


Resicast Universal Wasp II Flame Conversion $55
IMA Churchill Bridge Layer (Arch Type) $100
Resicast M4A1 DD Tank $125
Resicast M1 57mm AT gun $65
Tank Workshop M4 Interior including engine compartment. Radial engine has minor assembly $40
Ordinance Models(Japan) Panther interior (Rare) Bagged,no box $40
Royal Model MTSA Torpedo Boat $85
Royal Model Panther Interior Part 1 & 2 Bagged,no box $40
Dragon 6458 Jagdpanther Early (Smart Kit) $20
Dragon 6474 Panzer III N Smart Kit $25
CMK Minenraumer RESIN, complete kit $50
Bronco Comet Tracks $15

Deutsche Eisenbahn Geschutze: Rohr-Artillerie auf Schienen(excellent) $90
Super rare HB book on the Dora Railway gun.

Helion and Company
Panzerschlacht: Armoured Operations on the Hungarian Plains Sept-Nov 1944 $40
Like new, Hardback, lots of photos.

Tankpower Panther Vol 1 (OOP & Rare) $25

Achtung Panzer No 2, Panzer III $25

WWP TBF Avenger $15

WWP 6 IDF Armoured Corps Museum at Latrun $12

JJ Fedorowicz Like new
Tigers in the Mud HB $90

Histoire and Collections HB Large Format
WWII Tank Encyclopedia in Color 1939-1945 $25
Profiles of all the nations tanks. Small tear in top of binding.

Stackpole Soft bound
Tigers in Combat I $10

Resicast 6lber Airborne
AFV CLub M730 Chapparal
Trumpeter LAVIII and any accessories
Trumpeter Early Centauro
Dragon InfantrieSturm
Dragon s.I.G.33 auf Fgst.Pz.Kpfw.III(Sfl.)
Dragon Ka Mi
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