United Empire Miniatures and Michael Miniatures Viking Raider 54mm

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I recently went to the Seattle Spring Show and spoke with the owner of Michael Miniatures.  He had so many lovely figures for sale and you should have seen the ones he painted on the show table.  Anyway...I have dabbled in miniature painting and sculpting and really got the bug again.  This was a nice and fun change from airplanes.  The figure is well sculpted and molded and comes with a neat base having a cross and open bible strewn on the ground as an axe-wielding Viking pelts along toward another monk.  Lots of action!  I wanted to modify it a bit with a bit of whimsy for my brother in law who turns 60 in a couple of weeks.  He loves motorcycles, fixes his own nice Yamaha and, I'm sure, had more than a couple of "Easy Rider" mags as a young man in the 70s.  He also thinks he has lots of Viking blood in his family...so....😉

I removed the axe and put it in the shield and replaced it with a very large wrench.  I scraped the cross from the ground and found some pictures of '70s Easy Rider covers, shrunk them down and printed them out.  I also found a catalogue with a bunch of Yamahas and put that in the book pages on the ground.  Finally...I have an old 1972 BMW R75/5 so to rub it in, I painted the shield with the motorad symbol.  I also added some paint brush grass clumps for some interest.  Bob will get a kick out it!

Here is the model picture from United Empire Miniature's web site for reference:

UEMViking copy.jpg

And...mine: IMG_2754.JPG IMG_2752.JPG IMG_2751.JPG IMG_2750.JPG IMG_2749.JPG IMG_2748.JPG IMG_2747.JPG

It's all painted in Tamyia acrylics which dry way too fast.  I need to try enamels or work with oils again.  I'll check out this forum for tutorials and ideas.  This WON'T be my last figure.  Enjoyed it immensely.


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Dan... This doesn't make any sense at all :-) Anacronistic in extreme. You really let your mind run wild with this one. I like it and I'm sure your brother in law will too.

I have built a few custom figures as gifts for people in the past but depicting them in characteristic situations (an archaeologist at work, a gardening enthusiast planting a tree etc.). Gifts like this are usually received well, as the time you have invested tells a lot more about your feelings towards that person than  the actual price of the components.

Pretty good work with the acryllics - it looked to me like oils when I went through the pics before reading the text. If you use a retarder, those paints are a lot easier to handle on this kind of job.