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August 12th, 2018, 2:33 pm #11

That looks like someone's foot poked a hole into the ceiling while crawling around up there especially since it's next to a wall and probably near the area where the "newer" looking 2x4's are connected to the ceiling joists.  IF you live in an apartment complex, someone is definitely crawling overhead.  As far as comments about the roof structure, while it's not exactly need and tidy, it looks about standard since it's not a living area and doesn't HAVE to to be neat and tidy.  The metal straps holding those 2x4 braces to the rafters are fine as that is about the only way to attach them and it's the same type of attachment method you'd see on trusses.  First thing I'd do is get the landlord to find out who's been crawling around up there.

About the cat... I'm almost in the same boat with my oldest that turned 19 last month.  She's blind and deaf but still getting around when she wants to.  She sleeps MOST of the time.  Still using the bathroom and eating like a horse.  But she is slowing down.  A lot over the past few months.  I'm just hoping she passes away in her sleep in her little bed....