"Steve Canyon" on TV Again!

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Hyperscalers of a certain age will no doubt recall the 1950s TV series based on Milton Caniff's classic comic strip. Reruns of the series are coming back to television! For more details, see here:
http://stevecanyondvd.blogspot.com/2018 ... again.html
I highly recommend the DVDs of the series to anyone interested in the USAF of the late 1950s.
Note: I have no connection to the Milton Caniff Estate.
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Thanks for the posting/ info👍........Sigh, I can still remember watching this Series.......like only last week.🤦‍♂️

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That's the trouble maker that started my modeling career.
I was 6 or so years old when that show was on TV, my father
was building me an F-102 I believe, I was going back and forth
from watching Steve to watching "my" model being built. I still
remember my father saying what color should I paint the inside of
this? He was referring to the burner can, and I said yellow! I had
just seen Steve boot it, and flames came from the burner can. How
I knew it was yellow I'll never know, we didn't get a color TV for another
10 years! I still have trouble painting jet exhausts! ---John
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Starts Tuesday 5/22 on Comcast out here.  DVR set!  Switch on!