Phoenix For Sale

Phoenix For Sale

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December 22nd, 2017, 11:21 pm #1

Last bits of a collection I bought:
Phoenix Figures For Sale:


A40 Woman with a palm fan $15

A37 Dominatrix $15

A28 Reclining eating grapes $15

A8 serving drink with a gourd $15

A10 Axe wielding bad dude with Spear wielding Amazon vignette $50

A14 Dancing girl with veil $15

A34, Seated with arms restrained behind her back $15


BX49 Sacrificial woman $45

BX24 Bath Girls $70

BX33 Post girl with dog $55

BX 27 Girl on chair in bedroom with mirror $40

BX5 Ice Cream School girl $45

Buyer pays postage - all white metal so not light. Will ship anywhere. Willing to make multi-purchase considerations.

Email me please;