Model Car Exhibition


Model Car Exhibition

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April 22nd, 2012, 12:21 am #1

I'm not normally a car guy---airplanes are more my thing---but I've built a few cars in my time and because of that have been enlisted to help the Uptown Blanco Art Center (in Blanco, Texas) put on a model car display in conjunction with the city of Blanco's annual Classic Car Show (real cars, hot rods, classics, sports & racing, etc), which is held the 3rd Saturday of every May in the local State Park.

This year the car show falls on May 19th, and the Art Center folks want to tie in an exhibition of model cars as fine art on that day. I realize that most of Hyperscale's readership reside a LONG way from South Texas, but if any of you are in the area and interested in displaying, they'd love to have your participation. There's no admission fee or anything like that, and the models will be in a secure indoor location, which will give participants the opportunity to go look at the REAL cars if they'd like.

If you're a car modeler in the Austin/San Antonio (or other nearby) area, you can get further details by contacting me at . Yes, Replica's an airplane site, mostly, but like I said, I'm helping with this.

Please let us know if you're interested---they want to make this an annual event but everything starts somewhere!

Thanks to all,
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