Lindberg Hs-129

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Looking at the Lindberg German WWII subjects on hand, their Hs-129 looks to be the best overall and a good candidate for a quick build. Aims were to preserve the raised rivets, spray as much of the major markings as possible, no gloss coat or washes would be applied.
Due to the small and heavily framed canopy, the cockpit received a new seat, aft bulkhead and head armour plate only. After adding the lead foil harness, it was painted and lightly dry brushed.
Major components were assembled and the upper wing/fuselage join got some card inserts/filler and the gap around the one-piece horizontal tail was filled with white glue.
Cannon ports were drilled open.
Punched discs represented the instruments mounted on the sides of the nacelles and the lower cannon housing.


The main landing gear was made with a brass rod/brass wire/photo etch scissor link/tape oleo boot cover. Resin aftermarket tires, sanding the tail wheel frames thinner and making new gear doors card completed the upgrading.
Card and strip were used to make the gun sight.
The kit canopy was sanded until it laid level with the surrounding surfaces and finished with a good polishing.
Engine fronts were found in the spares bin and the kit propeller blades were sanded much thinner.
Brass rod was used for the Pitot Tube.
Decals were used for the swastika and underwing cross only.
Maketar stencils were used for the crosses and a vinyl letter mask for the ‘T’.

IMG_8517bg.JPG IMG_8518bg.JPG IMG_8519.JPGabg.JPG IMG_8520.JPGabg.JPG IMG_8521bg.JPG

Thanks for dropping by.

Cheers, Vic

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Nice and amazingly speedy work there Vic with a piece of modelling history.
I've never seen one of these done.
I've done two of the Italeri kits, actually we could do with a nice modern kit for this rather business like aeroplane.

Now, what about that Me 410 of yours.....?

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I wonder if you've overlooked a little glass cover on your engine instruments ?

Otherwise up to your usual hight standards .

... great fun , eh ?

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You've really put a shine on that old kit. Old Lindbergs are some of my faves.

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Wow, Vic. That looks way better than the one I built OOB back in the late 60's.

I'm not a kit builder. I'm a styrene butcher.