If anyone of you happen to be in Europe-Austria this weekend...

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October 12th, 2017, 2:41 pm #1

I recommend you to come to Ried in Upper Austria, about 45 min by car from Linz and 1hr from Salzburg, 2 hrs. from Munich Germany
this weekend we will have the 10th International Modellbaumesse There are signs all over the place to guide you the last 50km/35 miles or so.

Over the years this modelshow has become quite an event. They usually have far over 10.000 spectators during this weekend, so definitely worth a visit if you are not too far away....

Come by and say hello, I'll be there with some of my modells:

The USS Alarm / 1874

and the USS Hancock Dio, "No place for mistakes"

Would love to see you and have a beer and a talk or two.....



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I remember that Hancock dio....a definite winner IMO - nt

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