Henschel 123 article available


Henschel 123 article available

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Air War Publications is very pleased to announce that Part One of Morten Jessen’s eArticle about the Henschel 123 is now available for download from our site:http://airwarpublications.com/earticles ... amouflage/.

Part One deals with the development of the little biplane dive-bomber and ground-attack aircraft, and also covered in this article is its early operational service, including its involvement in the Sudeten crisis, and its much more active role with the Condor Legion over Spain in 1936 and 1937. The limited foreign use of the Hs 123, by Spain and China, is also described, and the final section of the article touches upon another vital role played by the aircraft: its service in various Luftwaffe training schools. The scene is then set for Part Two, which will cover Hs 123 operations during the Second World War.

Seventeen excellent photographs of the Hs 123 accompany the text, along with photos of two of its main rivals in the competition to become the first Luftwaffe dive-bomber. These are just a taste of the large collection of Hs 123 shots that Morten has amassed over the last decade. Finally, to round out the article an appendix provides colour profiles of the typical camouflage schemes worn by the aircraft.

We hope the readers enjoy what Morten has put together!

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Morten & Andrew
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