FW 190A Comments on Eduard FB Page & Boxart


FW 190A Comments on Eduard FB Page & Boxart

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Box art for the FW 190A-3 shows a "light" aircraft with no MG-FF in the wings. - hopefully with the correct unbulged lower wing panels. Will this option be part of the Royal Class or a separate ProfiPack, and will a cooling slits vs. cooling flaps A-4 with the no MG-FF wing ever be available? The current A-4 is a terrific kit, but hard to find many photos of aircraft with cooling flaps and MG-FF as the kit is configured. Many more photos of both A-3 and A-4 without the MG-FF.

Answer from :Eduard Model Accessories

Yes, because the basic configuration of these early planes was 2xMG151. Our "light! A-2, 3, 4 and 5´s have the correct outside bottom cover, with small bulge on the trailing edge and with differet shape (slightly smaller) than the big cover for the MG FF. All these versions are represented by selected markings in RC kit, and there are also the Overtrees kits available for each of those subversions. vš

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