FS list updated and some prices lowered

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Need to thin the stash a bit, so I have the following available... All are complete, unstarted, and in original boxes unless noted otherwise... Postage is additional from Arizona... Let me know if anything interests you... thanks...

E-mail me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net

1/48 Kits

Kinetic Alphajet A/E $25.00
Classic Airframes Venom FB.1 (bagged) 40.00

1/72 Kits

AZ Model Spitfire TR.9 $18.00
Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 $18.00
Hasegawa Lancaster "Post War" $65.00
Hobbyboss Mi-2 Hoplite $8.00
Meng Fiat G.91 Gina $14.00
Revell AG Piaseki H-21 $20.00
Sword Seafire Mk.III $18.00
Spec Hobby Fairey Firefly $18.00
Spec Hobby Spitfire Mk. 46 $18.00
Spec Hobby Meteor 7.5 $18.00
Spec Hobby Folland Gnat F.1 $14.00
Spec Hobby Fouga Zephyr $15.00
Tamiya F-16C w/ Revell AG wing tanks and weapons sprue $22.00
Tamiya Spitfire Vb $15.00
Tamiya Mosquito FB. VI $18.00

1/144th Kits

Revell AG 737-800 $16.00
Revell AG 737-800 (bagged) $15.00
Minicraft DC-6 Firebomber $10.00

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Buy with confidence from BlueDot, I got a great deal and fast shipping.

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Thanks Mike... a pleasure dealing with you too...!

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