Forum Issues - New Index Page, Search, Notifications and Usernames

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Hi all,
We are a couple of days into the HyperScale’s new Forum format and although the important elements are now in place, we still have a way to go with some functional and cosmetic issues.

First though, I want to thank Tapatalk's migration team who have done everything they could to make the move as painless as possible. They continue to hunt down solutions to a number of problems and requests.
Here is where we are at with some of the key issues:
We are aware that the Search function is not operating but I expect that we will see some progress on that by Monday. Please note that this is also preventing the Discussions view from working.
Design Issues
Tapatalk’s format is somewhat less flexible than Network 54, our old provider, from a design point of view. I have read a number of posts and received emails complaining about the design, and I assume that the Index page is the biggest objection that people have at the moment due to the number of banners and the overall unfamiliarity.
I have therefore designed a new Index page for those who might prefer something a little less cluttered. 
Click here to see the revised and simplified Forum Index page:
I will link this as the initial Forum Index from the links on HyperScale’s Index, What’s New and other pages.
However, please note that if you would prefer to use the Tapatalk Index page you can still find it here: 

Forgotten User Names or Passwords
I have received a lot of requests for password resets and username reminders over the last two days. I know with auto-fill it it can be hard to remember what you username and password is. If you are having trouble, just drop me an email on Even if you can only tell me the email address associated with your account, I can still recover the name and reset your password.
I have also had some requests to stop Tapatalk notifications. I can’t do this for you, but here is a short tutorial on how you can do it yourself:
1.    First, go to the top right side of the Forum page. Next to your user name is a triangle. Click that triangle.
2.    Click User Control Panel
3.    Now click Board Preferences
4.    Next click Edit Notification Options
5.    You will now see all Notification Types. You can click on the ticks to make them go away until you have the Notifications you want, or no Notifications at all.
6.    When you have done that, click the Submit button at the bottom right side of the page.
Changing Your User Name
Tapatalk allows you to change your user name fairly simply if you wish. Some members have decided they would like their username to reflect their real name. 
Please note that, unlike Network 54, you can now have spaces in your user names here on Tapatalk, so if your name is Joe Bloggs, you can have the user name Joe Bloggs.

However, the user name must be unique, so if there is already a Joe Bloggs registered you will have to make some subtle variation such as a middle initial or a number (e.g. Joe Q Bloggs, Joe Bloggs 1961).

After you have changed your user name, you will use this new name to log in.

To change your username, please follow the steps below:

1) Click the arrow next to your username at the top right of the page, and select User Control Panel

2) In the User Control Panel, click the Profile tab

3) Click Edit account settings

4) Change your username on the account settings page.

5) Enter your current password.

6) Submit the changes.

7) You will see confirmation of the change.

Your name will change on the board. It will also change in any previous posts you have made with that profile.

I'll keep you informed of more developments over the coming days.

Bye for now,