For Sale or Trade, lots of additions!


For Sale or Trade, lots of additions!

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Here is a revised list of what I wish to dispose of. Prices are as listed and my trade wants are at the end of the list. If you wish to make a trade, but do not have what is listed, send a list. I every so often delve into an esoteric (for me) subject.
So I take checks on US banks (I will hold the kit until the check clears), postal money orders, and though I do not recommend it cash. I do not take Paypal. All kits will be sent via the USPS, either parcel post or Priority (your choice). I will check all of the kits before the deal closes to make sure they are complete. Listings with an * indicate a new listing or price change.
Please contact me at: , as I will not respond to postings on the board.
There are some special deals towards the end, and if you spend $100 you get 10% off, spend $200 get 20% off.

Thanks for looking!


1/24th Scale
*Airfix 12001 Spitfire Ia $55.00
*Airfix 12005 Spitfire Vb $55.00
*Airfix 18003 Harrier GR.3 $55.00
*Hobbycraft HC-1802 Spitfire Vb $55.00
*MPC No.? AV-8A Harrier $55.00

1/32nd Scale

Revell H-581 Baa Baa Black Sheep A6M5 $15.00
Revell H265 A6M5 Zero (bagged) $10.00

1/48th Scale

Accurate Miniatures 3418 P-51B $15.00
ESCI 4038 Canadair Sabre 4/6 $10.00
ESCI 4027 Fiat G91R.1/R.3-bagged $10.00
*Hasegawa P-3 F-4E (slatted wings) $25.00
Hasegawa 9658 F4U-5N Korean War $20.00
Hobby Boss 80313 FJ-4A Fury $20.00
Hobby Craft HC-1552 Seversky P-35 $15.00
Italeri 2626 MB-326A $15.00
Italeri 2640 Fiat CR-42LW $20.00
Italeri 836 Tornado ADV $20.00
Italeri 2638 JAS39A Grippen $20.00
*Kinetic K48002 F-16A/M $25.00
Monogram 5507 B-25J (solid nose) $15.00
*Monogram 5500 B-25H $20.00
Otaki No. 16 F6F-3 Hellcat $10.00
Revell 85-7546 P-61A/B $15.00
Revell 85-5512 B-25J (Glass Nose) $15.00
*Revell 85-5521 A-10A $15.00
*Revell (G) 4508 Bf-110G-4 $15.00
*Revell-Monogram 85-5837 F-15A $15.00
*Tamiya 49 G4M Betty $45.00
Tamiya 44 F-51D $20.00
*Testors/Italeri C-130E, with lots of extra parts from scrapped kit $85.00

1/72nd Scale
Academy 1657 F4U-1A/D $5.00
Airfix #2018 Fairey Firefly V $5.00
Airfix #3026 Hawker Hawk $5.00
Airfix 1015 Tiger Moth $5.00
*Airfix 2073 Hunter FGA.9 $5.00
*Airfix 2080 Lightning F.3 $5.00
*Airfix A12050 BAe Nimrod $35.00
Blue Ribbon # 8221 Vampire V/Mistral $5.00 (ex-Heller?)
Eastern Express 72270 Swordfish I (ex-Frog) $2.50
ESCI 9065 Harrier GR.5 $5.00
Fujimi 7A-B4 Harrier GR.3 $5.00
Hasegawa A-16 F-5A $5.00
Hasegawa E27 B-26F/G $25.00
Hasegawa 607 Harrier GR-3 $5.00
Hasegawa DT-143 F/A-18C Chippy Ho $10.00
Hasegawa DT16 F-104J/CF-104 $10.00
Hasegawa DT17 F-104G/S World Starfighter $10.00
*Hobby Craft HC1362 CT-114 Tudor $5.00
Heller 80274 Tempest V $5.00
Idea # AP051 Jaguar T.2 (Hasegawa Clone) $5.00
Italeri 1236 Sea Harrier FRS.1 ex ESCI $5.00
KP 10 Avia S-199 $5.00
Lodella/Revell 2411 Vampire 5 (ex-Heller?) $5.00
*Matchbox PK551 Victor K.2 $20.00
*Matchbox PK-126 Lightning T.55 $5.00
*Matchbox PK-114 Light ning F.2A/6 $7.50
Monogram 5477 Desert Storm Tornado GR.1 (has Tilad Pod) $5.00
*MPC 4109 Lightning F.1 (ex-Airfix) $5.00
MPM 72038 Northrop N-3PB $20.00
*Pegasus No.10 Albacore I/II $7.50
Pioneer 2 Hawker Sea Furies- 2 kits for $7.50 (one with new prop, no decals)
Premier P3001 Sea Venom FAW.21/22 (ex-Frog) $7.50
Revell (G) 4378 TF-104G $10.00
Revell (G) 4344 F-104G $10.00
*Smer 8426 Hurricane Iic $5.00
Vista 1002 Fulmar I $5.00

1/72nd Helicopters

Airfix 1059 Westland Gazelle (carded) $10.00
Airfix 3054 Westland Lynx HAS.3 $5.00
MPC 4207 Westland Puma, ex-Airfix, Battle of the Falklands $5.00
MPC 4205 Westland Navy Lynx, ex-Airfix, Battle of the Falklands $5.00

1/72nd Military Vehicles
Airfix 1305 25pdr Gun and Quad tractor $5.00
Airfix 2314 40mm Bofors and Tractor $5.00

Resin etc:
Aeroclub EJ415 Tornado MB Mk.10 Bang Seats (white Metal) $5.00
Aeroclub EJ410 F-4 Bang seat (?) $5.00
Aries 4018 British 3 Rockets (resin/etched) $7.50
Eduard 48-221 etched brass for F/A-18A $10.00
KMC 48-5099 Typhoon Tempest tails for Mono. $5.00
*KMC 48-6016 Hunter Mk.6 Cockpit $10.00
MDC CV034 Hurricane MK.I cloth wing conversion $20.00
MDC DS 006 British 3 Rockets (white Metal, no fins) $5.00
MDC CV025 Spitfire Vc wings
Medallion MM34 P-40B detail set for Monogram $15.00
Paragon 4877 Mosquito 50 gal. Slipper tanks $15.00
Paragon 4807 Tornado deployed Slats and Flaps (for Italeri) $25.00
Paragon 4809 Tornado Bang Seats $15.00
Paragon 4821 Tornado F.3 Pylons, rails and chaff dispensers $ 20.00
True Details 48501 US 100lb bombs (2) $5.00
True Details 49007 Hunter F.6 Cockpit $10.00
True Details 48402 T-33 Bang Seats (2) $8.00 (have three)


AIR Conversions No.2 Harrier T.2 Conversion $10.00
Airwaves SC 7209 Sea Fury White Metal Landing Gear Legs $10.00
C Scale AC-5 Sea King HAS.5 $10.00
CScale o-17 Royal Navy Buccaneer Stores $10.00
Mintrack Sea Harrier FA.2 Conversion $5.00
True Details 72715 Etched US Helicopter wire cutters $5.00

Decals (All except noted are $5.00)

1/48th Scale
*Arrow Graphics E-22-48 CT-133 Black Knights Special
*Aeromaster 48-629 OD Black Widows
*Aeromaster 48-104 Havoc Collection
*Aeromaster 48-080 Lightnings in Drab Battle Dress Pt. 1
*Belcher Bits BD-1 Canadian Naval Helicopters $7.50
*Belcher Bits BD-2 RCAF and CAF Helicopters $7.50
*Belcher Bits BD-6 canadian CF-104s $10.00
*Cutting Edge CED48141 F-104s Part 5
*Leading Edge 48-10 RCAF No.1 Wing Sabres $7.50
*Leading Edge 48-36 410 Sqn CAF CF-18 Special $7.50
*Leading Edge 48-40 CAF No 3 Wing CF-18 2000 special
*Leading Edge 48-7 CAF CF-18 70 Years Special $7.50
*Leading Edge 48-037 439 Sqn CF-18 1992 Tiger Meet Special $7.50
*Leading Edge 48-7 Caf VU-33 T-33 Special $7.50
*Mike Grant No,? CF-5s
*Model Alliance MA48109 Operation Telic Part 1 $10.00
*Model Alliance MA48101 RAF and FAA Buccaneers $10.00
*Super Scale 48-1090 A-36A Invaders
*Super Scale 48-960 B-25D Mitchells
*super Scale 48-611 1st Air commando P-51As
*super Scale 48-848 B-25C Mitchells
*Super Scale 48401 F-15E Strike Eagle, missing two serials $2.00
Two Bobs 48-020 Hard Corps Harriers (USMC AV-8B, B+ and Night Attack) $10.00
*Two Bobs 48-057 A-10s (Includes Capt. KC Campbells A/C) $10.00
*Two Bobs 48-032 Mass ANG F-15As (scrambled on 9-11-01) $10.00
*Xtradecal X003-48 Tornado GR-1 and F.3 $7.50

1/72nd Scale Decals
*Leading Edge 72-11 CAF CF-101B at William Tell
*Leading Edge 72-10 RCAF No.1 Wing Sabres
*Model Alliance MA 72103 Westland Sea King $7.50
*Model Alliance MA72102 Harrier GR.7 $7.50
*Model Decal 23 Raf Lightning F.2A, Phantom FG.1, Harrier GR.1 and CAF CF-104 $5.00
*Sky 72-062 Italian F/TF-104G/S $7.50
* super Scale 72-425 F-86, RCAF, Italy and Columbia
*Super Scale 72-479 CAF CF-101B and ECF-101B
*Super Scale 72-502 CF/FA-18 Hornets, VFA-137, VX-139 Sqn.
* Super Scale 72-494 CF/FA-18 Hornets VFA-131, VFA-132, 409 Sqn
*Ventura V72212 RAAF P-40, Israeli Spitfires, Yugoslav Bf-109 and Spit

Buy $100.00 of kits and get 10% off
Buy $200.00 of kits and get 20% off


1/32nd: Correction, conversion and detail parts for Spitfires and Seafires

1/48th: Aeroclub Spitfire 18 and 21 sets, Hasegawa Mk.IX correction, other conversion and correction sets for Seafires and Spitfires

Airwaves: Correction and conversion sets for Spitfires and Seafires

Airfix: Spitfire Va, Spitfire XVI, Canberra B.2

Czech Model Companies: Roc, Whirraway, Boomerang, Maryland, Spitfire Vc, Seafire II and III

Hasegawa: AU-1 (French), Tony, Tojo, and other selected IJN and IJA aircraft

Fine Molds Judy, both inline and radial engines

AZ; Vultee Vengence (RAF or RAF versions), Lily

Decals for: British Pacific Fleet, Sonia, Kate, Pete, Nick, Aleutian Aircraft, Mohawk IV, RAAF Kittyhawks in New Guinea, all in 1/48th scale

AZ Spitfires
Airfix Spitfire I/Iia (new mold), Spitfire IX (new mold), Spitfire 22, Zeke (new mold) P-40B