For Sale: Hi-res photographs of TVAL's latest RE8 reproduction


For Sale: Hi-res photographs of TVAL's latest RE8 reproduction

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I am offering for sale a comprehensive set of hi-res images of the fourth RE8 reproduction built by The Vintage Aviator Ltd, ZK-REK

There are 111 images, mostly 5-7Mb in size, typically 5472 x 3080 pixels, taken at Hood Aerodrome on 25-26th November 2017. They have not been published previously

I have endeavoured to include all the areas of specific interest to Wingnut Wings modellers in my coverage of the aircraft, including a full walk-around, pilot’s and observer’s cockpits & seats, strut fittings, RAF streamlined rigging wires & attachments, cable runs, rudder and aileron hinges, tailskid, Scarf ring & Lewis machine gun, Vickers machine gun with Vickers-Challenger interrupter gear, 20lb Cooper bombs and carrier, magazine racks, drain holes and grommets, picketing rings, manufacturers stamps and clear inspection windows, mud splashes and exhaust staining details.

The aircraft is fitted with a V12 150hp RAF4a engine (new build) and is authentic in construction, the only exception being the pilot’s seat belts which are Sutton harness type (over the shoulder) instead of the original lap belt. There is also a cable running across the floor of the observer’s cockpit for securing the passenger’s harness, both concessions to modern civil aviation requirements.

Bear in mind that there were minor variations in construction of some fittings between manufacturers of the original aircraft

Price: USD $10. Payment by Paypal to

After I receive your payment I will send you a link to the album and the password. I will send this out promptly but bear in mind have a day job and live in New Zealand which is 12 hours ahead of GMT. I suggest you download any or all of the images fairly promptly as I will be changing the password every week or so.

Conditions: The images belong to me and are subject to copyright. They are for personal use only and may not be on-sold or published without my consent. I am trusting the modellers here not to forward the album link and password to anyone else.

Regards, James

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