Fireball part IV - one step forward...


Fireball part IV - one step forward...

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June 23rd, 2012, 1:25 pm #1

I got the MPM Fireball all cleaned up assembly wise:



I was quite pleased, and the canopy had faired in well with some white glue and a few scrapes of filler.

Then I looked at this:

I mentioned in a previous part that the canopy was difficult to cut out because the separation line was indistinct. Well, for some reason I just assumed it was a classic 'teardrop' shape and went from there. Clearly not.

So... off with the canopy, clean up the dried glue and filler, and go about the job of rebuilding the fuselage shape with plastic card and epoxy putty to accomodate the right canopy shape:


Here the canopy is just sitting in place while I wait for the epoxy putty to set (the hair is on the model, not on your monitor!):


Sigh - I'll finish this someday, I swear.



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That's a mighty fine looking Fireball you've got going here, Andrew - no cutting corners for you! Kudos on having the gumption to crack that canopy off and try again - not everyone would do that!

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