Billings Boats Cutty Sark F/S F/T

Billings Boats Cutty Sark F/S F/T

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I have picked up one of these wooden kits at a local sale and was wondering if anyone would be interested in it.

Everything seems to be in the battered box except for 2 spools of string, and the flag decals, at least according the parts list anyway. Ive checked it over twice and think Ive got all the parts right. The main section of decking mahogany is a little wrinkled from damp basement exposure. (Ive talked with a couple of boat modelers and was told that some steam from a hot shower and by laying the plank between two heavy boards will flatten it out.)

I can send photos of the contents to anyone interested.

This kit is a base model and needs further accessories to complete according to the instructions. Deck fittings, sails, life boats and some other odds and ends are needed to complete the model.

I will send the model by Canada Post or by courier, your choice. The box is long (just over 3 feet) but fairly thin ( 2 inches) with a weight of about 4 lbs. FYI Canada Post is currently having rolling strikes in Canada so a tracking number is essential.

Im either willing to trade for some kits or sell the model outright. The list price of the kit seems to run between $350.00 and $500.00. Im willing to sell the kit for $200.00 due to the conditions mentioned above plus postage.

My main interests for trade are 1/35 Allied resin kits such as those produced by Accurate Armour, Cromwell Models, Resicast, Plus Models, and Wespe Models.
Other offers in the line of newer release plastic kits and books will also be considered.

Please contact me via email at
Sean Dunnage
Ontario, Canada