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Sky King wrote: Free market capitalism notwithstanding, I have always thought that it's a poor commentary on our society when (1) athletes and "personalities" (the Kardashians, Paris Hiltons, etc.) earn so much and teachers, writers, nurses, police, firefighters, and EMTs earn so little and (2) so many are obsessed over sports figures and said personalities.
Not an either or situation, both are possible.  The athlete is a creature of the private capitalist system. The teacher, not so.  Just that the public in most states doesn't want to pay for the quality education they carp about.  In MA we have both, well paid athletes and one of the best educational systems in the nations. BTW, don't go to privatizing education. The cost of a private secondary education is fast approaching $40,000. And it should not be only the responsibility of those with children. Everyone benefits. Because we have a great education system, companies come here with quality high paying jobs, that benefits those without children. 
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