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Nav1Bill wrote:
samodeldad wrote:
VT3VT6VT8 wrote: You're confusing dreaming with education. Mass. is in trouble and they know it.
You only hope, in the absence of...  Sorry.  Kansas and Wisconsin. 
You are correct:  "I really don't care."  Surprised that Mass is about in the middle (32) on total state/local tax rate but near the bottom (45) on Adjusted Rank based on Cost of Living Index. And you pay all that money and still can't get rid of the Patriots.
But we re in the top 10 for states that are good to do business. ... nking.html ... ies/21697/

As for the PATS! I HATE THE PATS!  Hate hate hate. yes, I am a hater.  I hate Brady. I hate Gronk! 

But you have to remember, up here we have a lot of lapsed Catholics who have adopted the Pats as an alternative in filling their religious need. 
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“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
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