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A: Yes. I will continue making these until the 6th episode. And after that, we'll see how it goes.

Q: Are you going to make more than six? You should keep going with Hyperboy!

A: I'm done with Hyperboy after episode six. That's it. I'm moving onto other projects. Stop bothering me about it.

Q: How did you think of Hyperboy?

A: Back when me and Austin were in the 8th grade, we used to think of all kinds of ideas for comics. We would get bored in art class, so we would draw silly comics to make each other laugh. Eventually, I started drawing a comic called Gene Inc., that starred charicature versions of my friends and I doing funny things. Later, I decided I wanted to do an action comic.

Hyperboy was one of the ideas I thought of. I considered myself to be a hyperactive child, and I thought that would make for an interesting superhero. I still have the original sketches and stuff. It was definitely different in the beginning, but it was still Hyperboy. So, the idea caught on and I found out I could host a comic on Keenspace (now called Comic Genesis). That's kind of how it happened.

Q: Will you make a Hyperboy DVD?

A: Well, I'd love to. I'm pretty sure I can't release a DVD because I used too much copyrighted music. I think it's alright if I use it online, but I can't distribute it for profit. Also, I don't think anyone would buy it. You're all just saying that now. I'd end up spending a lot of money to make those copies and no one would buy them.

Q:Hey, listen to my idea for an episode!

A: I'm not going to use other people's ideas. Stop telling me them. You know why? Because if I did, then I would get e-mails from that person talking about how I "stole their idea" or crap like that. Yeah, that's how ignorant people can be. And I never use other people's ideas. When people tell me I did something good with my Flashes, I want to feel like it was all my work. Not someone else's.

Q: How long does it take to make an episode?

A: About a month...please wait patiently for each episode.

Q: What do you use to make Hyperboy?

A: Macromedia Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop, a Wacom Tablet, and my HANDS.

Q: Can you help me with Flash?

A: No...I'm a busy guy. Learn on your own like I DID. is a good place to get tutorials.

Q: Where did you get Flash and how can I get it?

A: I don't know....I got it as a student's copy for taking a class.

Q: Whatever happened to Mike? Why is he no longer in the comic?

A: He pissed me off at one point, so I took him out of the comic. I have nothing against him now. That's ancient history. But, me and him were never that close. He was just my friend at the time. Besides, me and Vlad are childhood friends. I was planning on adding Vlad for a long time, way before Mike died in the comic.

Q: Why doesn't Austin join the forums?

A: Because he DOESN'T WANT TO....he's not on the computer much anyway.

Q: What's Hammerspace?

A: Hammerspace is a term that is used in cartoons. It's when characters pull objects out of thin air.

Q: Why didn't Steve kill Gene in Episode 2/3?

A: Because he wants it to be an honorable battle. Like a duel. They were both preoccupied with Joe at the time. After all, they share a common enemy.

Q: I can't see the menu! Why not?

A: I don't know why this would happen except you don't have Flash Player. The menu SHOULD work on all browsers. If it doesn't, something is wrong with your computer...either way, all the links are at the bottom of the page. Use them if the menu doesn't work.

Q: Can you look at my comic/cartoon/whatever?

A: No...Like I said, I'm "busy"...and I just don't care.

Q: Can I be in your cartoon?

A: Why the HELL would I put you in my cartoon if I don't even KNOW you? I don't even put the people I KNOW in the cartoon....other than the three main characters....and Ben...but he's cool for wearing his boxers to school.

Q: Can I do voices for your cartoon?

A: No, I'm fine on my own, thank you....I might need help for future NON-Hyperboy cartoons, but I'll ask when I need it.

Q: Can I help in any way?

A: Not for the moment, no....I'll ask if I need help....

Q: Are you ever gonna get back to making comics?

A: No....I don't like making comics. I'm not good at it. I'm sticking to Flash animation.

Q: Are you doing anything after Hyperboy?

A: A ton of stuff. I have a lot of projects I want to do. Pilots for other cartoon series, and such.

I'll add more as they come.
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