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Ready to deploy some justice! 2nd Year Shad Hornswell to the rescue!

Event Items: Ludloth Nail-A sharp, but mostly ornamental blade that's begun to appear from native sellers, carved from the claws of the yellow lizards that attacked during the Joint Festival. It has no particularly special properties, though moves pretty well even in water. Try not to get seen with it by the cops.

Before the staff of the Kanekojima Nature Reserve were able to get their hands on the remains, someone stripped the Rathalos of some parts, and used them to create this lightweight, yet surprisingly powerful bow. Gifted to those that bested the King of Kanekojima, the bow is both resilient and easy to wield, even for amateurs. So easy in fact, that one might say the bow carries the spirit of the wyvern from which has been made, granting a predator's instinct to the wielder. Fortunately, it seems quite accepting of all kinds of arrows.Owners of this bow are natural marksmen while using it, and the weapon itself folds up into a compact shape, easily stored in a bag.

Orihime's Blessing- Creates a one-time energ6y barrier bubble around you and allies to block all forms of attack for one post.

Star Sword: A multi-use energy sword that changes shape and size, as well as sharpness.
[Aqua's Blessing]
A curious little talisman, give by the local 'Goddess' of Kaneshima Shrine, Aqua. A tiny thing that's easy to lose, and yet somehow will always be in one's pocket when they want it. On the back one can see lines and notes, indicating the paper is recycled from sheet music. Holding the talisman, one can feel there is some sort of power there. Grants a one time boon, allowing the owner to take an otherwise damaging - if not lethal - hit unscathed, while music fills the air. After this, the talisman remains, but grants no further protection.