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It's always sunny, except at night

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"Okay, I knew this was a big school, but wow, that is ginormous!" The figure at the gate looked around in awe as she stepped out of the taxi. "Now, I wonder where I'm supposed to register. Maybe the big building..."

It was near the end of day, and it felt noticeably cooler than it did in Florida, but to Asami, it wasn't something that perturbed her. After years of feeling stressed and exhausted, she seemed to have some life and relaxation in her again. She felt new again, and she hadn't even begun.

Making her way forward, she wondered what there would be for her to do around. Extracurriculars hadn't been much of something she had worried about, but the new environment about her motivated her to try some new things and meet some new people. Would it turn out well? Who knew. But the least she could do for herself was scout out what some of the other people might be doing.

But she still had things to do first anyhow. She walked towards the student building, hauling her luggage as she did. She looked around her, without a care as she let her legs carry her.

With the fountain directly ahead of her.
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