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"Thank you, you're very kind. Sorry for causing trouble." Setsuna said sweetly, reaching for the sandy-white ball. As both pairs of hands touched it at the same time, the woman said something strange. Her glasses fell slightly, Setsuna's eyes meeting hers. Those strong, dark eyes, tanned skin, short, snowy white hair. Recognition shot though her like a lightning bolt. Unconsciously, she snatched the ball and stood bolt uptight, doing her best to keep her glasses up against her face and hide her own identity. It was impossible, right?!

Running into someone like that...

This wasn't a movie! Japan wasn't a huge country, but even so...

Yes, it was definitely just a coincidence. She just happened to look exactly like...

"S-So!" She shouted suddenly, looking around for a subject change. "T-Tachibana-san, was it?" She said, addressing the other stranger in the group without warning, "Are you by chance associated with the new academy? It just so happens I run a small private therapy practice for young students with special abilities, s-so if you ever feel like you need to talk someone I can be reached through the police department and, er..." Right, not carrying a card. Swimsuit.

First Daisuke, now Chizu-senpai. This life restart was starting to look suspiciously like her old one...

"A-Anyway, sorry to bother all of you, but I really need to return this before they come looking for me.." Just need to make a clean escape, her heart wasn't ready for this encounter just yet!

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"Ah, Tachibana. How are you feeling?"

The question, so sudden and seemingly out of nowhere, came from the edge of the water. Mere moments ago, within the water, a great mass of red hair had suddenly broken through the surface of the waves, signaled by the drawing of breath by the head such hair belonged to. It was a sharp, sudden breath, the simple act of breathing, and yet it implied such relief and joy in the same. The figure to whom the head and hair belong rose to her feet, dripping with sea water upon her... rather bare skin. It was quite possible for drops of the clear, salty liquid to trail from her shoulder down to the woman's thighs without any interruption, as her swimsuit of choice was that of a sling bikini, the fabric hovering over her skin rather than on in from her waist up to her chest. As the redheaded woman tugged on the similar crimson fabric, it begged the question of just what was holding it in place. And where exactly this woman was keeping the glasses she just pulled out to put upon her face.

"I've been meaning to check in on you since your transfer."
It was hard not to recognise Ms. Kisaragi now, though it was quite possible some would still fail, whether for lack of association with the school, or for the simple fact they weren't really looking at her face. Hopefully that would be no problem for Asami though - Ms. Kisaragi certainly made it easier by swaying across to them, bouncing as she went.
"I realise it's not necessarily the easiest of contexts to adapt to, for... a variety of reasons. But I must say you're being pretty bold by coming to the beach; it's good if you're being confident." She tried to be encouraging to her student, before her eyes turned to the person in front of them, raising a brow in curiosity.
"My..." She let out an airy breath. "So who might you be? I don't believe we've met..."

The woman giggled, jutting out her hip slightly.
"And yet, you seem familiar. Perhaps at the bar...?"

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Nickle laughed heartily as he retracted her hand from his wife's swatting. He knew that this may very come back to bite him later and even if it did he would make it up to Chizu. It was a price that he had to pay for his playfulness. Not wanting to be rude, Nickle turned his attention back to Asami as she introduced herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you Asami-san!" said Nickle with a happy smile. Nickle relished meeting new people. If there was ever a persistent character trait about the electromancer, is that he was always thrilled to make new acquaintances or friends.

Nickle started to raised himself up off of his beach towel and dusted some sand off of himself as he watched the woman with the volleyball suddenly starting to become all flustered. He looked at her and wondered what was causing the fluster and then heard what Chizu said. Did this woman recognize Chizu? She did not seem to be familiar with Asami. Nickle looked down to his wife and then back up to Setsuna, "Someone you know Chizu?" came the casual question.

Nickle turned back to Asami, about to offer her a drink from the cooler box they had brought when he became...distracted. In all fairness given the sight that appeared it was hard for anyone not to be distracted. Nickle was halfway through thumbing over his shoulder to the cooler box and about to speak when he immediately shut his jaw, some internal reflex making him do so as it seemed to know that it may have very well dropped further.

Nickle kept his mouth and listened carefully and was able to take in the necessary facts of who this woman may be. Knew Asami by name. Transfer. Teacher? Nickle's thoughts nudged his brain to attention when he realized she was no longer speaking to Asami, but to him?

Despite the view in front of Nickle, he rallied magnificently and gave a winning and friendly smile, making solid eye contact. He dared not imagine what would happen if he did not. "Bar? Not around here I daresay, I haven't found where they're being hidden yet." Nickle extended his hand in greeting, "As for familiar, maybe? I've been told in the past I look nearly identical to someone else. Is this a teacher of yours at the Academy Asami? I'm Nickle Ryuko, its a pleasure to meet you Miss-?"

Nickle left the sentence hanging in the air along with his extended hand. There seemed to be a pattern of women with long and luxurious hair forming in Nickle's life as of late...
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Chizu's eyes narrowed suspiciously at the woman she was talking to. That...definitely wasn't an answer. If anything, it only made her more certain that she was talking to someone she had met, perhaps someone who knew her quite well.

Perhaps even someone she might have...shared a room with at one point or another.

Chizu held the woman's gaze as she tried to make a quick getaway, and then, just as she was leaving, casually turned her fingers upward with a flick of her wrist. A gust of wind blew upward from where her hand was, its angle calculated to catch the brim of the woman's hat and knock it away. If that really was who she thought it was, she wasn't having any of that.

Her attention, however, was quickly caught by the new arrival, who had come over to talk to Asami. Chizu didn't recognize her, but seeing her, the first thing she noticed was what she was wearing. Or rather...what she wasn't wearing.

"Eyes up," she muttered to Nickle, although she had to admit that maybe she was asking for a little too much. If Chizu was having a hard time keeping her eyes locations, she didn't think Nickle would be faring much better.

Still, although she told herself that there was nothing to worry about, she did grab hold of Nickle's free hand with her own. A silent gesture to, erm--remind certain new parties that they were in fact together. She nodded at the woman, not wanting to be impolite. Yet.

"I'm Chizu Ryuko," she said. "I don't think we've ever met."
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Asami found herself flustered as she heard the Vice Principal. She recognised the woman's voice well from the announcements and assemblies, but this was the first she was face to face with her. On the beach. In a swimsuit. That...oh my.

She suppressed any problematic thoughts and faced the woman's glance. "I'm...doing just fine, thank you," she said, in a rather subdued fashion. "I get what you mean. But trust me, I've had a harder time back home than I've had here. Admittedly I've only been here a pretty short time, but still, I feel more at home here." There was still some ice to be broken between all of them.

She turned to the white-haired girl and the couple. "Well, I think that answers your question about where I am." She nodded towards Nickle and Chizu, as if affirming something or another. "She's the Vice Principal. I didn't expect to see her out here either, but being an island, it's something of a small world, I guess."
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