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What goes on here

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In this forum, game moderators, global moderators, or admins will post mission topics containing information on missions that players can have their characters participate in to earn extra rewards. This post explains most of what you will need to know, including the extra rewards, but here's a few points that some seem to find confusing:
  • There are 8 mission ranks which mirror the number of reputation ranks a PC can obtain by earning RP. A PC can only take missions that are up to one rank above their current reputation or below, unless accompanied by another PC of a high enough rank- so starting characters cannot take F-rank missions until they reach G-rank reputation at 100 RP. All missions are typically, though not always, especially with H-rank, considered a challenge for characters of the same rank- an F or E-ranked mission would realistically be extremely difficult if not nigh impossible for an H-rank character to complete if they could take it, even if they are still fairly low on the difficulty tiers. The ranks, in order from easiest to hardest are as follows:
    • H-rank
    • G-rank
    • F-rank: Must have 100 RP
    • E-rank: Must have 250 RP
    • D-rank: Must have 500 RP
    • C-rank: Must have 800 RP
    • B-rank: Must have 1300 RP
    • A-rank: Must have 2600 RP
  • A single character can only participate in one mission at a time.
  • A moderator, usually the one to post the signup thread, will narrate the mission until it is completed in order to properly challenge the participant(s). The narrator will also be graded based on their performance in the thread, though they cannot earn the bonus rewards themselves.
  • All missions are narrated in order to properly challenge the participants, giving the narrator a certain degree of control over their characters.
  • Either one person or multiple people can take missions, though the moderator can decide how many they are willing to accept.
  • It is the duty of the narrator to note that an IC thread is a mission thread in their posts and note the rank so that the grader is aware.
  • When a mission is finished or otherwise no longer open, the narrator responsible for creating it will move the IC/signup thread to the Finished Missions section to prevent confusion.