Spring Events 2018

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April 1st, 2018, 8:30 pm #1

Greetings all, the spring season is finally here, and some events along with it! First, we have Spring 2018 Appreciation in which all characters on the site get a free 3 SP, 500,000 Jenni, 7 RP, and 3 Event Tokens. There's no need to post here to claim the bonuses, just add a link to this post in your sources during your next adjustment before June 26th and add the free rewards.

We also have two other events for you guys to sink your teeth into. First, an April Fools Prank-Fest, courtesty of Virevolte! Get ready to think up the most absurd and comical jokes possible, and be warned, you shall not be exempt from the prank war!

Also, we have a heartwarming Mother's Day Letters event! No matter what your characters think of them, I'm sure they've got plenty to say.

Come grab those spicy rewards for your characters, and most of all, have fun when doing so! We look forward to seeing your dastardly designs and heartfelt remembrances this season, and wish you all the best!