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Season of Giving
Donate 3 Missions to the Mission Compendium
and receive

3 SP, 6 RP, and 250,000 Jenni.
Members may participate once.

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Mission Name: To Catch a Thief...
Mission Rank: G-Rank (Blacklist Hunter)
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association
Mission Details: A businessman named Solomon Gord is suspected of high level bank fraud and money laundering. While investigating, the local police detective turned up dead. After several more incidents, the police called on the Hunter's Association for assistance. Rumor has it that Gord hired a new bodyguard, which may account for the incidents. In any case, the Hunter's Association found that Gord's trail was quite simply nonexistent. Owing to that fact, the Association located an infamous thief, determining that he would be the key to finding Solomon Gord.

Mission Objectives: Take the infamous thief Jack "Jack-Jack" Jack into custody, and use him to track down and arrest Solomon Gord. The last rumor put Jack Jack somewhere in Cinema Town.

Bonus Objectives: Arrest Solomon Gord's bodyguard, and convince Jack Jack to permanently work for the Hunter's Association.

Mission Name: Split the Difference?
Mission Rank: G-Rank (Contract Hunter)
Media Coverage: Local Zaban news, Hunter's Association
Mission Details: A wealthy Zaban merchant known simply as "Estaban" has become tired of his business, and wants to start a new venture. The Hunter's Association has become interested in acquiring his old business to bring in revenue, and the interest peaked when they heard that Estaban would part with a certain portion of his net worth as well. However, Estaban has one request before he's willing to negotiate with the Association; he wants a local gang taken to his mansion. He did not indicate what he would do with them afterwards. The association is willing to pay 1% of however much wealth Estaban gives up to the Hunter responsible.

Mission Objectives: Apprehend the local gang members, and forcefully bring them to Estaban's mansion in order to open negotiations.

Bonus Objectives: Convince Estaban to part with a high portion of his wealth.

Mission Name: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...boat?
Mission Rank: G-Rank (Sea Hunter)
Media Coverage: Notice posted on Hunter's Association website
Mission Details:The local news crew at Dolle's Port was confounded when a flying boat crashed down into the middle of the small town. Despite investigation, nothing could be determined, and it eventually became something of an urban legend. On the Association website, a high-level Hunter has posted a reward notice for solving the mystery, urging Hunters to check underwater off the coast of Dolle's Port. Most see it as a gag however, and none have taken up the job. Unknown to all others, the hiring Hunter fears that this is the work of a nen user. Whether or not that is true...

Mission Objectives: Solve the mystery of the flying boat.

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Mission Name: Watchdog
Mission Rank: F-Rank (Contract Hunter)
Media Coverage: Hunter Association
Mission Details: A humanitarian NGO known as U.H.H.A is requesting experienced Hunters to help protect convoys running through the Ajar empire to Lukso province located southeast in a Mountainous region along with vast dry plains. Recently the province has been under tremendous stress from disease, warlords, bandits, improper infrastructure, and finally the worst drought in years.

Mission Objectives: Escort the convoy's and provide support to the U.H.H.A

Bonus Objectives: Do not lose a single Convoy

Mission Name: Under the sun
Mission Rank: G-Rank (Botanical/Gourmet Hunter)
Media Coverage: Hunter Assocation
Mission Details: A start-up brewing company has recently started experimenting with Scotch Whiskey and has asked for a certain type of Moss for the Smoked Malting process. This certain kind of Moss can be found in the Sumrak Forest growing only on trees with the average age of 500 years means you have to traverse deep into the forest to find this rare Moss.

Mission Objectives: Find the Moss

Mission Name: Lug Nut
Mission Rank: E-Rank (Criminal/Civilian/Hunter)
Media Coverage: Underworld Circut
Mission Details: One of the most grandiose footraces in the world Millions of Jenni on the line as well as honor and eternal glory to any speedster who finishes first. This year's race is being held in one of the most remote places in the world East Goruto. The government is aware of the race being held and has issued a statement that this event is not tolerated and will be met with deadly force to any outsider caught inside the country.

Mission Objectives: Make it out the race alive

Bonus Objectives: Get into the top 3 places.


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Deep Sea Hunter

Mission Name: Keystone Horizon
Mission Rank: G to F
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association, Environmental Defense Groups
Mission Details: A mysterious explosion on a cement wall led to an oil spill in a platform operated by the multinational petroleoum corporation Macondo. Although the flow was declared contained two weeks ago, and Macondo has agreed to pay 18 billion jenni in fines, reports on its impact in the local fauna and flora lead to believe that the incident's scope has been greatly downplayed. An anonymous source claims the well site is still leaking.

Mission Objectives: Investigate the truth of these claims, and uncover evidence of Macondo's fraud. Unearth the source of the explosion.

Information Hunter

Mission Name: A Tormenting Proof
Mission Rank: G
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association, Mathematics' Departments of Word-Class Universities
Mission Details: A reclusive mathematician, Dr. Grigory Mochizuki, quietly published four long papers on his website, the culmination of more than a decade of solitary work. In them, he claimed to have solved an important conjecture that no other has even come close to solving. If his proof were correct, it would be one of the most astounding achievements of Mathematics in this century, and would completely revolutionize many fields. However, he has refused to attend conferences or lecture - and no one knows his currrent whereabouts.

Mission Objectives: Find him. Convince him to attend an upcoming conference in Dambridge University.

Jackpot Hunter

Mission Name: Amnesty
Mission Rank: F
Media Coverage: Republic of West Goruto's Inteligence Services
Mission Details: Ahmadreza Shahriari, a nuclear physicist, was sentenced to death by the government of the Republic of East Goruto. He was convicted of spying for the country's western neighbour, but shortly before the sentence was upheld, circulated a document that claims to be a literal transcription of a handwritten text Shahriari produced inside Evin prision, where he states he believes that his arrest was due to his refusal to spy for the East Goruto intelligence service when he was abroad. Amnesty Global, along with many human rights organizations, have pressed the government to pardon him, with no avail. In spite of the international outrage the conviction sparked, including a letter signed by dozens of eminent scientists demanding his release, they remain intent on executing him.

Mission Objectives: Ahmadreza Sharirari is believed to be knowledgeable about a secret nuclear program East Goruto is rumored to be developing. He must not be executed. Help him escape prision, and cross the western border, leaving no evidence behind.

(posted on the Mission Compendium)

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[+] spoiler
Mission Name: The Stump of Illusions
Mission Rank: F (Req: 30 Aura)
Media Coverage: The internet, mission boards
Mission Details: In the Evergreen Forest, there is said to be a stump that can grant a man all of his deepest desires. Those who sit upon it are said to know bliss beyond their wildest dreams. All of their life goals: completed. That nice sword they've been eyeing for quite some time now? Theirs. The one that got away? Wrapped in their arms. But inside every man lies a desire unknown even to themselves, a subconscious want hidden away from the naked eye. After experiencing happiness, those daring enough to take on the challenge would have to face one of the most frightening things of all: truth. Only the strong-willed could possibly hope to overcome the stump's illusions, but it is said that a whole new world will be opened up to those powerful enough to succeed. Should they fail, though? Their minds will be forever broken, dooming them to life in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives.

This mission was posted up by Archeology branch of the World Academics for New Discoveries, a group dedicated to unraveling the secrets of the world.
Mission Objectives: -Survive one day of life in the ideal world the stump will create.
-Realize that you are being tricked.
-Endure whatever psychological warfare you will suffer in the illusion world without literally losing your mind.

Bonus Objectives: N/A.
[+] spoiler
Mission Name: Slum King
Mission Rank: E
Media Coverage: Rumors in bars and on the internet.
Mission Details: A new power has been said to arise in Meteor City. A big, burly, monster of a man has struck fear into the hearts of the citizens with his behavior. He views Meteor City as his own personal kingdom, not tolerating even the slightest hint of disturbance to his homeland. He has perfected his Nen abilities, honed his body to peak condition, and appears only as a blur to the untrained eye. He has been responsible for numerous deaths already on his quest to make Meteor City his ideal world. Venial sins like theft and mortal ones like murder are all equal in his eyes—both threats to his kingdom that must be eradicated. He is dressed as a monk and can be seen meditating on his spare time. He has surrounded the city with a large En barrier, which is presumably how he keeps track of what is happening in the city.

This mission was requested by Will Tanner, a famous businessman said to have originated from Meteor City.

Mission Objectives: Kill the Slum King.

Bonus Objectives: N/A.
[+] spoiler
Mission Name: Flesh for Cash
Mission Rank: G
Media Coverage: None, only those with connections to the mafia would
Mission Details: Strapped for Jenni? Don't feel like spending weeks or months on a tough mission to get some paltry sum of cash you'll probably go through in a week? Then Tatsuya of the Un family has an offer just for you! It's simple, he owns an underground establishment named "The Flesh Casino" where players have the option to bet body parts rather than money to gamble. Naturally, this makes for a thrilling experience for both the player and the viewers who watch the games on stream. Thus, Tatsuya has a proposal: get 20,000,000 jenni with an initial funding of 1,000,000 provided by the Un family itself all while wearing a hat with a spy camera attached onto it to broadcast the entire process for an audience. It is not mandatory to bet any body parts from the start, but keep in mind that if you want to walk out a victor, you may just find it a necessity.

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Mission Name: Little Drummer Thief
Mission Rank: Rank H
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association
Mission Details:Pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum
York Shin City is known for housing the biggest auction franchise on the Yorubian continent, with its multitudinous varieties and its ever-present allure towards all types of people. However, there have been multiple reports of items suddenly disappearing right in front of people's eyes! Upon sending an investigation team, it was discovered that just before an item disappears, a rhythmic drum's heard throughout the venue and then the item is gone. With no way to pinpoint the location, nor the source of the melody, the auctioneers of York Shin City would like to recruit a Hunter to help solve the case.

Mission Objectives: Solve the mystery behind the tune and put a stop to the thief's ways.

Bonus Objectives: Return all stolen items back to their original owners.

Mission Name: Life Worth Living
Mission Rank: Rank H
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association
Mission Details: Mr. Miller, who's been rumored to have much more than just money in his pocket, is looking for a Hunter to take care of a problem for him. He recently found out that his most recent last nightstand had been part of an attempt to steal his most prized possession; his life. Now, with paranoia seeping in, the entrepreneur is reaching out in hopes that this will all quickly end.

Mission Objectives: Find out who the assassin was, who they were working for, and why they wanted to take Mr. Miller's life.

Mission Name: Peek-A-Boo, We Need You
Mission Rank: Rank ???
Media Coverage: Hunter's Association
Mission Details: As most people know, Greed Island is a video game and a rare one at that. However, it's very popular amongst Hunters and the likes of other people who manage to acquire it. However, a while back, there'd been a commotion inside the game, since a rare event has suddenly appeared and was announced. While there was technically no reason to participate in the event if you're trying to clear the game, curious people tried it out in hopes of finding out what the reward was.

Though, even to this day, the event has remained active since no one has managed to clear it.

Many rumors ended up being spread, despite no clear evidence of anything that's been said has been even the slightest bit of truth to it. However, Due to these rumors, a wealthy man heard that the reward for clearing the event was a priceless gem, which if obtained, is immediately able to be taken out of the game without needing to clear it. Even though there's been no proof of it being true, the man refused to give up such a chance.

Mission Objectives: Successfully clear the Event and claim the rewards.

Bonus Objectives: Find out the backstory of the event, and what it's connection to Greed Island really is.

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Mission Name: Into The Depths
Mission Rank: G-Rank
Media Coverage: Local news
Mission Details: A northern village is plagued by malady. It starts as a cough and next thing you know, your flesh is falling off by the pound. Doctors and hunters alike are befuddled, as samples of infected tissue show an aura signature as the source. A curse. On top of that, only the local populace are getting sick. No one else. Even a daring doctor decided to test the theory and handle the infected tissue with no precautions, and it held true.

The locals say it is no sickness that man can cure, rather they point to the first victim of the disease. He was a local adventurer type who brought back an ominous looking relic from nearby runes. The ruins are said to be the final resting place of the ancient northern king, Teildrorth, The Mammoth. Recent reports have told of strange noises coming from the ruins of late. It seems the thief may truly have woken the old king from his long slumber.

Mission Objectives: The objective is to return the relic to its place in the ruins to, hopefully, release the curse that settled over the village.

Mission Name: Lucky Road
Mission Rank: H-Rank
Media Coverage: Local news
Mission Details: A Vangarian merchant is looking for an extra hand to help his caravan out during a trek to the northern part of the federation. While they are not expected any violent trouble, reports have been coming in about some trouble on the road. The merchant intends on hitting a few of the more rural northern villages, but they will have to pass through Harrow Pass. No one ever likes going through Harrow Pass…
Mission Objectives: Guide a caravan through Harrow Pass and to some northern Vangarian towns before returning. Preferably someone with a little combat training, just in case.

Mission Name: A Cello’s Satire
Mission Rank: G-Rank
Media Coverage: Local News
Mission Details: A famous travelling band of performers – Sour Destiny – is well known for their dark tragedies throughout the Vangarian region. Recently, however, they have come under fire for their latest performance. The performance is saturated with satire pertaining to the Vagarian government. Certain highly loyal groups have been causing trouble. They are looking to hire a bodyguard during their next performance, because they still believe their message is important and should be heard.
Mission Objectives: Ensure the safety of the group during their next performance.

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Mission Name: Strengthening: Yukinojo & Torahime Clans
Mission Rank: H to F-Rank
Media Coverage: Local Jappon newspaper (H & G), Underground information dealers and noble families of Jappon (F-Rank)
Mission Details: Their last feud having left themselves weakened and disorganized, the Yukinojo and Torahime Clans are recruiting a vast number of workers.

H-Rank: cooks, gardeners, artists, laborers, these recruits will work in the vast domain of the Clan and won’t be in direct contact with the family.

F-Rank: attendants, personal cooks, aides and servants of the family members, the Yukinojo Clan will expect them to be of irreproachable elegance and the Torahime Clan will want them to have a spirited personality.

G-Rank: bodyguards (samurai) and spies (shinobi), these recruits will follow for a number of months a strict training from the Clan. As both Yukinojo and Torahime are expecting the other household to infiltrate them, the training will be quite severe and used to unmask possible spies.

Both Yukinojo and Torahime are very respected households in Jappon. The jobs they offer are well-paid, and you’ll get a number of advantages if you decide to keep working for them once the mission’s over (three months). Beware, though, the feud between the two Clans is very active, and you’ll probably get mixed up in their conflict.

Mission Objectives: Get hired by the Yukinojo or the Torahime household and get through the three mandatory months. You can expect the other Clan to get in your way.

Bonus Objectives: Accept a spy mission from the rival Clan once you’re hired, and don’t get caught by your household. Or else, stay loyal to your Clan even though the rival family gives you a hard time.

Mission Name: Exposition in the Felis Gemstones Museum
Mission Rank: H to F-Rank
Media Coverage: Local news in the Republic of Padokia, Hunter’s association
Mission Details: In order to strengthen tourism, the Republic of Padokia has made arrangements with private collectors and with the Hunter’s association to have treasures loaned to their local museums.
As such, pretty rare jewels and exquisite gemstones will be transported for a few months to the Felis Gemstones Museum, headed by the young director: Noe Felis (twin-sister of Albe Kavaro, 16 years old). Hunters and trustful bodyguards will be needed to transport and protect these donations during the time of the exposition.
It is suspected that rival museums will not be very happy with the privileges given to the Felis Museum and to its very young director. Thieves of all kind may also see in that event a great opportunity.

Mission Objectives: To acquire, transport or guard the donated jewels. In case of failure (or if the player decides so), the Felis Museum may be closed or so criticized that it’ll have a hard time to continue its activities.

Bonus Objectives: Make the exposition a success or greatly improve the reputation of your client (Hunter’s association or personal collector) by providing a flawless service (unmasking a rival museum endorsing criminal activities or catching a famous thief).

Mission Name: Troubles right at your doorstep
Mission Rank: H-Rank
Media Coverage: Hunter’s association. Local news.
Mission Details: A unique kind and dangerous Majyuu freed itself right in the middle of the city. After creating a big commotion, badly injured, the monster loses consciousness… right at your doorstep.
The beast having mutilated a few professional Hunters, you may definitely not be the man of the situation, but per chance… it seems the Majyuu has no intention to hurt you… for now.
You’ll have to tread carefully. Either to deliver the beast to the authorities, either to… protect it from them.

Mission Objectives: Deliver or hide the Majyuu from the Hunters. Getting out of town might be enough for the beast to run away on its own then.

Bonus Objectives: Get the Majyuu to trust you enough for it to give you a token of its appreciation. Or steal that rare item from the beast.

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Mission Name: Finding Tora
Mission Rank: H
Media Coverage: Wanted Posters
Mission Details: Wilfred Sun is a local businessman(scammer) in Cinema town. He has recently lost his pet cat, Tora. Tora is black, with a red ribbon across its neck.

Mission Objectives: Find and capture Tora. She must be in one piece.

Bonus Objectives: Give Tora a bath before giving her back to her owner.

Mission Name: Beauty Pageant
Mission Rank: G (preferably taken by a information hunter or beauty hunter)
Media Coverage: TV, advertisement, internet, and news broadcast.
Mission Details: Elsa is participating in the local beauty pageant in her home town, Cinema Town. She has already passed the initial round, and gained entry into the pageant. She managed to pass the second round with flying colors.

During the second round she noticed that certain members of the pageant had their make up messed up. At first she thought it was nothing more than an accident. However, during the third round another member died drinking water that was prepared for Elsa. There was no trace of poison in the cup, nor was there poison in the corpse. Finally the death was ruled as heart failure.

However, Elsa suspects that someone is resorting to foul play.

Mission Objectives: Find evidence that proves that one or more of the pageantees is resorting to sabotage and stop her. Or prove that Elsa is wrong.

Bonus Objectives: None

Mission Name: Serial Killer Bob
Mission Rank: G
Media Coverage: Tv, news.
Mission Details: Bob new serial killer on the loose in Cinema Town. So far he's already killed 14 victims. The local police needs help to find and stop this madman. Bob is simply the name that he left behind at the scene of the crime in the blood of his victims.

Mission Objectives: Find Bob. Find proof of Bob being a serial killer. Kill or capture him/her.

Bonus Objectives:

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I'm just going to point out that I was actually the first to post my missions for this event, not because it's important but because I'm a weiner

: )

Criminal: Grey Man's Errands (Rank G) The illusive Grey Man is short on staff at the moment and is looking for outside help. A wanted ad found deep in the Dark Net is offering a handsome reward for able bodies willing to sabotage a revolutionary and highly secured solar power plant. The only interaction those who accept the ad get with the mysterious organization will be that of a brief encoded document detailing a location and a date. At the meetup, those involved will find a briefcase detailing further instructions and an explosive device ready to be set. Upon completion, the perpetrators will find the money immediately wired to their bank accounts from an untraceable source.

Poacher Hunter: The Ruby-Eyed Rhinoceros (Rank G) A syndicate of poachers has been systematically hunting down an endangered species known as the Ruby-Eyed Rhinoceros, a majestic beast known for having a "third eye" between its ears that it uses to communicate across vast distances by reflecting sunbeams in strange patterns. The SWP (Society for Wildlife Preservation) is requesting for action to be taken to punish these criminals and ensure the propagation of the species. (Req: Must have at least 55 SP or a Hunter License)

Music Hunter: Andolffi Gondalo's Apprenticeship Program (Rank H) World renowned composer Andolffi Gondalo is opening the doors to his estate to a select few to audition for his apprenticeship program. 15 talented musicians from across the world will be admitted, and through a series of rigorous tests, only one shall be accepted as his apprentice. Whoever is fortunate enough to succeed will be rewarded with two and a half months of intensive training, and will gain insight into the great master's genius.