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Profession, Reputation, & Missions

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Credit: Sen, Tenken
Profession © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Professions play a big role in the world of Hunter אּ Hunter. Its an area that basically defines what your character does for a living. Reputation (as seen in the topic reply below) may vary depending on the profession you select.

Just because your character has a profession doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot conduct other tasks from other types of professions. They are free to do so.
אּHunters Association
The Hunters Association is responsible for the testing and licensing of "Hunter," a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world or do almost anything. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world. This association also acts like a balance to keep peace throughout the world.[/font]
[+] Spoiler
Hunter License

•95% of all public facilities can be used at no cost. Furthermore, all such services are provided at first class
• Unrivaled freedom to travel around the world. Access is granted to about 90% of countries which normally restrict the entry of outsiders, and access to 75% of areas that the general public is prohibited from entering
• Almost no legal responsibility for murder
• The ability to sell the Hunter License as a valuable collector's item. Though only the original owner of a Hunter License can take advantage of the normal benefits, it can be still sold for a large amount.
• Access to the secret Hunters Only Website, where secret intelligence about various subjects, uploaded by other Hunters, can be purchased
• The owner of a Hunter License can accept missions from the Hunter Association. He might even be offered some if his reputation is good enough.
• The card automatically raises its owners reputation to Rank G during use- in-RP. This means that taking out their license will get a hunter recognized and treated specially by most others as if they were Rank G, it does not make the hunters themselves a rank G character and does not allow them to take higher ranked missions.
• The legal owner of a Hunter's license has to be a member of the hunters association making his name more easy to find out.
• The card is very valuable and therefore frequently targeted by thieves.
• The card will under no circumstances be replaced.
• People starting with a Hunter license don't get to start with a mobile phone, a survival kit, or a laptop.

Types of Hunters

Archaeological Hunters:
Archeological Hunters are dedicated to uncovering ruins and reviving ancient societies. When it comes to finding out the histories of the world through the cities of the olden times, Archeological Hunters are most definitely in their element.

Beast Hunters:
Beast Hunters are Hunters that feel a deep love for nature; their job involves the study and preservation of undiscovered animal species, venturing to the furthest corners of the globe in order to discover the natural world in it's entirety.

Black-List Hunters:
Blacklist Hunters dedicate their skills to tracking down dangerous and wanted criminals. Aspiring Blacklist Hunters often have intentions of justice or revenge, although many do it simply for the wealth gained from the profession.

Contract Hunters:
They find rich people and make deals/contracts with them, the work itself does not matter as long as these Hunters are able to make money, and lots of it. It isn't fair to just call these people greedy but the lures of coin are definitely what drives them onwards.

Gourmet Hunters:
The goal of a Gourmet Hunter is to find and collect rare ingredients, then bring their flavors to life by using new and creative styles of cooking recipes. It isn't true that all Gourmet Hunters are Gourmands themselves, great cooks or the like, but it's definitely true that a lot of them are.

Information Hunters:
Information Hunters are Hunters who love knowledge of all sorts and will go to great lengths to uncover rare or hidden bits of information. Common activities for Information Hunters include searching for rare books, hacking to retrieve protected data, and tracking down people who know desired facts.

Music Hunters:
Catered toward the musically talented, Music Hunters are ones in pursuit of rare musical pieces. Music Hunters are not only dedicated with the pursuit of musical pieces, they often compose their own pieces as well and go searching throughout the world for artistic creativity or inspiration, obtaining it however they can.

Temp Hunters:
Hunters with government jobs subcontracted to them from the Hunters Association. Depending on the difficulty of the job and risks involved, Temp Hunters are guaranteed a certain sum for whatever job taken. As such, many Hunters choose to make this their career and are subsequently ridiculed by professional Hunters for doing so.

Treasure Hunters:
Treasure Hunters scour the world in search of rare and valuable items. It doesn't matter if the item is old, new, owned or lost, these men and women will find anything that is rare and valuable and do whatever it takes to obtain it, sometimes even buying these items from other people or, if there is no other way, maybe even using more underhanded means...

Hacker Hunters:
Hunters who have vast knowledge of computers and specialize in working with the Internet and dealing with cyber crimes.

Head Hunters:
Hunters who specialize in discovering and cultivating new talents, such as low-ranking individuals into influential politicians or into leaders of corporations. This type of hunter does not often see action, but those in this profession can go on to become some of the most powerful people in the world by cultivating its leaders.

Sea Hunters:
Hunters that work in the waters to help preserve marine wildlife or ecosystems.

Virus Hunters:
Hunters who specialize in dealing with all forms of illnesses or plagues, especially the more dangerous diseases. Vast medical knowledge is often needed for members of this profession.

Youth and Beauty Hunters:
Hunters whose main goal is to maintain the beauty of people and make them look younger despite their age.

Lost Hunters:
Hunters that work to locate lost individuals or objects. Their duties can range from locating missing civilians to recovering kidnapped politicians to helping free war prisoners.

Crime Hunters:
Crime Hunters dedicate themselves to keeping the world clean by putting a stop to all sorts of crime, whether on a political level or at a more hands-on scale. Crime Hunters differentiate themselves from Blacklist Hunters in that not all of their targets would be considered wanted, and might not even be considered a single person or group as much as a movement or a society. Many Crime Hunters are members of the Nen Police.

Amateur Hunters:
Differ from regular hunters in that Amateur Hunters are not official hunters. Rather, they work underneath a true hunter of their desired profession and learn from them until they are ready to take the exam.
  • Note: This list is not all inclusive; other types of hunters do exist. Besides that, these professions only refer to what a certain hunter generally dedicates himself to. Many can and do take missions outside of their normal field of expertise.
אּNen Police
The Nen Police is a large group of specialists within the Hunter’s Association tasked with acting as international law enforcement throughout the many different continents in the Hunter אּ Hunter world. Unlike your ordinary law enforcement personnel, these individuals have knowledge of and utilize Nen. They usually make their appearance when facing criminals that utilize Nen. Very rarely do they attend normal cases (i.e. domestic violence, regular killing involving an individual utilizing a gun, and etc) unless otherwise stated. Only individuals who have qualified as hunters are eligible to become full officers of the nen police. The Nen Police are separated into three divisions which perform different functions.

Types of Nen Police

Investigation Division:
Investigative units with acquisition of information from public utilities, credit bureaus, computer databases, and historical detail from archive resources. They also assist in performing tactical crime analysis and liaison with non-law enforcement crime analysis units. They support the Assault Division by providing them with data on their targets and more, and frequently see field work despite not being primary combatants.

Assault Division:
Assault units that also known as combat specialists when it comes down in cracking a case and taking action against said criminals. In some cases they also assist the Investigation Division depending on the task, though these men and women typically function as more of a SWAT unit than investigation and, as such, combat ability is an important factor for its members.

Disciplinary Division:
The Disciplinary Division is the most focused of the three divisions, being primarily charge of the Tower of Gehenna - a private prison near Swaldani City where many of the most dangerous criminals apprehended by hunters are incarcerated. However, they also have some authority in many detention facilities around the world. Other divisions and even hunters unrelated to the Nen Police frequently deal with the Disciplinary Division in order to imprison criminals they've captured, interrogate or research those already incarcerated there, and more. They are also the ones whom hunters wishing to hire inmates must go through in order to do so.

אּCriminal Organizations
Throughout the Hunter אּ Hunter world there coexists various criminal organizations, those who compete with the other major organisations in the world

Types of Criminals

Local Criminals:
Those men and women who commit crimes in a city, in a town or simply just on a more localised levels. Their crimes can range from robbery to a murder but they very rarely have any kind of international awareness and are often hunted down by the lower levels of law enforcement, Hunters, or Nen Police. They also rarely have any kind of organisational backing, working alone or in small groups at most.

A profession which directly involves the taking of human lives in exchange for payment. Naturally being a line of work that thrives within the dark side of society, assassins typically operate in secret and go to great lengths to avoid notice by authorities. With no shortage of hatred and maliciousness amongst humanity, their clients come from all walks of life and professions so it is a flourishing, if highly dangerous, field. Assassins vary greatly themselves: some being little more than hitmen that will do whatever job asked of them for the right price while others take pride in their profession and practice moral behavior even in spite, or perhaps because, of the messy details involved in it.

Mafia Families:
Those criminals who are organised on a literally global scale, organised in family groups and units and are often highly cohesive and loyal to each other. Mafia Groups are common in every single continent and are wanted universally but they often are extremely wealthy and as a result are rarely prosecuted successfully.

International Criminals:
The highest level of criminal and are almost universally grouped as Rank F or higher, International Criminals are those people who have had incidents on a global or at least multiple-continental scale. They often work solo or in small groups at most but they are all dangerous and are all hunted by higher-ranked Hunters the world over - their capture is a priority wherever they are spotted.
G5 is an international peacekeeping organization along the lines of the UN, founded by 5 Great Nations over 200 years ago. It's purpose is to promote international cooperation, human rights, economic development, protecting the environment, and more. More than 95% of the nations in the world are aligned with G5, although opinion over it is divided. The Hunter Association's upper echelon is generally in support of G5 which is one of its main sponsors. Many of the jobs handled by Temp Hunters and the like are requested by them directly.
And for all those other roles in the Hunter X Hunter Universe this is the overhead that they fall under. There are far too many different things that fall under this grouping but some are far more common.

Types of Miscellaneous

The standard "every-man" of the world, civilians are those people who are doing whatever they like and living an everyday life, not a criminal, not a Hunter - they are the shop keepers, the workers, those people who stay at home and look after their families.

Government Employees:
There are also those civilians who work for their local governments or for G5, such as military forces, general law enforcement, or various political positions.

Royals and Nobles:
A very select few, those people who are born as the "high class" in the world and who do very little all day, every day, besides being self-important and trying to be the aristocracy of the world.
The world of HunterxHunter is home to many kinds of monsters and beasts that are feared or even outright ignored by humanity. Among them are sentient species capable of both human speech and good judgment. To prevent them from being hunted by fanatics or the like, the international government, G5, has declared such species to be Majyuu, or Magical Beasts so long as they do not commit immoral or illegal actions. Even while protected, Majyuu are typically outcasts from society and are unable to move around easily because of their appearance.

Majyuu can have unique abilities, or even possess nen. For instance, Kiriko are able to alter their appearance to take the shape of humans and Chimera Ants can have unusual features (poison stingers, armor-like scales, multiple limbs, claws, night vision, etc.) inherited from the animals they received genes from. Player Characters that begin as Majyuu are considered just as strong as any human PC of the same level no matter what natural size or abilities they might possess. Anything like this which gives a Majyuu a noticeable advantage over a human character must be noted under Hatsu Abilities and will require AP to begin with, just like Hatsu.

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Credit: Sen, Zephistopheles, Tenken
Reputation © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Every character gains a certain reputation during their career, which reflects upon the success rate of their work more than anything else. Many rich people won't hire anyone without a certain reputation and sometimes a good reputation can secure a mission which otherwise would have been assigned to somebody else. If your reputation is high enough you can even talk to people who wouldn't normally interact with those of a lower status. Make no mistake though, a good reputation has its downsides too. People expect more of you and will ask you to do harder and more dangerous work. If you fail at these tasks your reputation will suffer and regaining it will be much harder than earning it in the first place was. Some employers might also avoid people with a too high reputation especially if the mission involves spying or other illegal or secretive activities.

How Do I Gain Reputation?
The characters reputation is classified alphabetically with a being the highest possible reputation and H being the lowest, in order to advance to a better reputation ranks, a character must collect specific point called RP or Reputation Points. A character can gain reputation through Roleplaying, Missions and sometimes specific events.

Note: Stars and Bounties are inserted after the rank at which one can hope to theoretically be awarded them. However that does not mean that everyone of those reputations' rank has them, or can even obtain them, they are still huge honours or infamy presented only to a lucky few often after completing tremendous accomplishments such as by completing high level, very urgent missions or making renowned discoveries in one's field. [/font]
[+] Spoiler
Reputation rank
אּRank H (Unknown)
The character is by all means a 'normal' person. They might be well known in their city, village or among their business contacts but once they leave their normal circles nobody will recognize them. This category is by far the biggest and includes almost all people. They don't poses special rights and even if they do those are strictly limited to one country, city, organization or tribe. (i.e. Mito)

אּRank G (Barely Known)
• Character must have atleast 100 RP
The character has accumulated a certain degree of reputation. There is a slim possibility that people with a moderate influence, "I have heard his name, or even recognize his face," even though he has never met him. They might have been featured in a side note of an international newspaper or in an article of an specialized magazine. People who have recently passed the hunter examination or average hunters often fall under this category though using the card effectively ranks anyone up to Rank G. At this level sometimes even persons of a C or B Ranking will be willing to assign you small tasks, though they would never dream of doing so personally. This category also includes most locally searched for criminals. (i.e. Pokkle)

אּRank F (Known)
• Character must have atleast 250 RP
The character has earned a certain reputation. He is relatively well known among his colleagues all over the world and occasionally the odd civilian might have heard his name at least. The heads of many of the smaller states fall under this category, as well as the chairmen of many smaller international corporations and crime lords. Sharing their level of reputation, you can even get audiences with the aforementioned people under the right circumstances. Many Hunters settle down in this category after a while and it occasionally happens that they are approached and asked to accept a mission. (i.e. Goreinu,Binolt)

אּRank E (Well-known)
• Character must have atleast 500 RP
Occasionally the character gets recognized on the street maybe even spoken to by someone who recognizes him. He has became a well known expert in his field and his opinions on topics concerning it. He can expect special treatment once he is recognized even if there is no actual reason for any such treatment. Most states leaders are in this category together with the heads of the most famous international companies. It is not uncommon for people of this category to be accompanied by a number of skilled bodyguards. This category houses many of the veteran Hunters and you will be frequently approached to take on a mission. (i.e. Knuckle, Shoot)

אּRank D (Recognized)
• Character must have atleast 800 RP
At this stage the characters reputation starts to become disadvantageous. They are often recognized on the streets and without a get-up they might have trouble travelling unnoticed over longer periods of time. This type of reputation is shared with the heads of the more famous states and the most feared mafiaso. A hunter at this rank is acknowledged as being very talented and experienced even when compared to other veterans. Most Internationally known Criminals are in this rank. (i.e. Morel, Knov, Kaito)

• Hunters Association:
1 Star [Single Hunter] - Given to hunters who have made a significant contribution to a part of society.
• Criminals:
1 Cross Bounty [Wanted Criminal] - An infamous reputation granted to those criminals who have committed great atrocities.

אּRank C (Famous)
• Character must have atleast 1300 RP
The times people approach the character just to talk to him increased greatly, even people who aren't related to his field of expertise know who he is and he can expect many a benefit beyond that which is rightfully his. If a criminal reaches this rank they can pretty much guarantee being hunted and so will need to be very careful all the time. Hunters in this rank are acknowledged to stand out even among the Association's veterans and often have leading positions within it. (i.e. the Zodiac).

אּRank B (Idolized)
• Character must have atleast 2600 RP
The characters reputation has turned into a nuisance, not only will he be approached all the time, he can cross no city in the hopes not to be crowded. Even among his colleagues he is almost worshiped and audiences with even the most famous individuals are gladly approved. On the plus side there is barely a human in the civilized parts of the world who will not be able to recognize him. It is needless to say that such an individual has no trouble finding missions though they tend to be incredibly hard. (i.e. Biscuit)

• Hunters Association:
2 Star [Double Hunter] - Given to hunters who have made significant contributions to several fields.
• Criminals:
2 Cross Bounty [Highly Wanted Criminal] - A bounty granted to those criminals who have committed international incidents and are wanted by literally everyone around the world.

אּRank A (Legend)
• Character must have atleast 6000 RP
The news about the characters adventures are beyond believe many will in fact not believe them and even start to doubt the existence of the character at all... He has transcended fame and reached the other side which lies in the shadows of rumor and disbelief. This will however not stop the missions from coming in since those who DO know him also know what he is capable of and know they can handle anything. (i.e. Netero, the Zoldyck family)

• Hunters Association:
3 Star [Triple Hunter] - It's a special title of hunter with a high standing. It's granted to no more than 10 people on earth. Have made historic discoveries and great actions for humanity.
• Criminals:
3 Cross Bounty [World-Renowned Terror] - A bounty granted to those criminals who have committed such atrocities that entire groups of people dedicate their lives to hunting down and killing them. There is no capture option, only kill. Only five people or groups have ever achieved this bounty.

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Credit: Sen, Zephistopheles, Tenken
Profession © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

What are Missions?
A mission is an operational task that is usually assigned by a either the Hunter Association or other miscellaneous authorities (Nen Police, an Organization Leader, Mob bosses, and whatnot). Missions play somewhat of a big role in our role play. Unlike a regular role playing topic, a mission topic is not only more rewarding but it also provides a greater depth and more challenge. Missions in Hunter x Hunter RPG are categorized by rank alike the actual manga. The higher the rank, the harder the mission. The lower the rank, the less difficult the mission actually is, though someone with a lower reputation rank than the mission's rank, even by one will obviously have more difficulty. Varying from ranks H ~ A. Higher ranked missions also have higher minimum length requirements that must be met by all participants together. A character can only take part in a mission that is up to one rank above their current reputation rank unless accompanying another, higher-ranked PC. Each character may only receive one mission bonus at a time. You may take on multiple missions, but only the first mission you take on will be rewarded with a successful mission bonus at the end. The others will be graded as normal. Even if you finish the first mission, any other missions you are involved in at the time will not be eligible for a bonus. You cannot start a second mission, wait for the first to finish, and then finish the second one, receiving bonuses for both.

  • When starting an IC mission thread, it is the responsibility of the narrator to note that it is a mission and either link the reader to its OOC/signup thread or note the rank.
  • Missions in HxH RPG are created and narrated by a Game Moderator, Global Moderator, Administrator, or a narrator approved by one of these mods in order to properly challenge the participants and justify the extra reward.
[+] Spoiler
Mission Ranks
Rank H [Very Easy]
This category contains most missions and jobs. fulfilling these can be done by most people most of them can be done by everybody though some might require you to go through training first. Most missions which can be done by individuals from the military. These assignments are what most of the people will ask anybody to perform and are often mundane and boring.
Minimum Number of Posts: 20 (or 10 per player)

Rank G [Easy]
These missions are much harder than the missions from Rank H but every hunter is expected to be able to fulfill them easily. These jobs can also be done by experts for example military experts or people who followed a certain study. These assignments are the most common assignments accepted from the hunter association. but they are much rarer than missions from the Rank H, however they rarely require any kind of special training in a certain area.
Minimum number of posts: 30 (or 15 per player)

Rank F [Achievable]
These missions will be much harder to successfully complete but Pro Hunters are still expected to do so. Normal individuals cannot even get them, much less hope to successfully finish them. Even as a Hunter you have to have a bit of a reputation to be offered these jobs. It is at this rank that some specialisation in certain areas is required, such as being a Gourmet Hunter or the like.
Minimum number of posts: 40 (or 20 per player)

Rank E [Medium]
Veteran Hunters are expected to be able to finish these quests they are beyond what is considered possible by most humans and if they happen in public, the person finishing the job will be remembered for his deeds, there's a good chance he even gets featured in the news. A Hunter must specialise in a certain area in order to accept one of these Missions, let alone complete one.
Minimum Number of Posts: 60 (or 30 per player)

Rank D [Hard]
Even Veteran Hunters have a hard time to finish these quests and often work in groups to do so. Going alone means strenuous work beyond what is expected from almost anybody even in the Hunter association and means an incredible risk and often even death. It is thus recommended to complete or take these missions in groups of at least three or more.
Minimum Number of Posts: 80 (or 40 per player)

Rank C [Exhausting]
Only the best and most experienced Hunters are expected to successfully finish one of these missions. and though failure is often not considered an option it is much too often a harsh reality which is why the association is often hesitant to accept and assign these missions.
Minimum Number of Posts: 110 (or 55 per player)

Rank B [Dangerous]
Nobody is expected to be able to finish one of these assignments whoever takes them on is aware that he takes on a considerable risk and that the possibility of his death is at least considered.
Minimum Number of Posts: 140 (or 70 per player)

Rank A [Impossible]
These missions are considered impossible by all standards, it is not just considered but expected that whoever accepts it will face death. The best result hoped for is a situation where in death, the mission becomes completed somehow but even that hope is slim at best. There are rumors that people lived to tell about completing one of these missions but those rumors are unbelievable at best.
Minimum Number of Posts: [Up to Moderator Discretion]
Mission Ranks
What are the Rewards?
Rewards for missions are added to the normal thread rewards. The following is a list of base rewards that they can be awarded for successful completion of the mission of a certain rank. This reward can be docked by the grader if they feel the user has not completed all aspects of the mission or has not done a good job at doing so.

H-Rank: +2 SP, +500,000 Jenni, +3 RP
G-Rank: +3 SP, +1,000,000 Jenni, +6 RP
F-Rank: +5 SP, +2,500,000 Jenni, +12 RP
E-Rank: +8 SP, +5,000,000 Jenni , +20 RP
D-Rank: +12 SP, +7,500,000 Jenni, +30 RP
C-Rank: +18 SP, +10,000,000 Jenni, +45 RP
B-Rank: +24 SP, +15,000,000 Jenni, +60 RP
A-Rank: [Up to Moderator Discretion]