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Physical Statistics
Physical Statistics © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Hunter אּ Hunter RPG uses both statistical and free form roleplay. This guide is made to distinguish the overall physical combat potency of any character stat-wise. A difference of one stat point is hardly noticeable and rarely has an effect on the short term, while a difference of five is already considerable and noticeable. The tiers represent the ranges or the leagues a character fits in, with the difference between lower levels and higher levels still very apparent. The higher levels often close to the next tier and the lower levels at the beginning stages.
This stat represents the amount of aura the character can generate. It affects the strength of basic nen techniques and hatsu, acts as an 'armor' that protects the character from damage and determines your aura pool.

Faint┌1~7┐: The level of aura which most average people possess naturally without training. Its density is very weak when released during this stage, having little use in nen combat although it can still be molded or conserved with a proper knowledge of nen techniques. Aura is to be administered deliberately otherwise abuse could lead to severe exhaustion or death.

Roused┌8~15┐: The level of aura most people tend to possess after awakening and beginning to train their nen although it is not uncommon for some exceptional talents or natural born leaders to achieve this level even without ever learning nen. It is more dense than the previous category, proving to be more useful in nen combat and slightly protect them from damage. This is where Gon and Killua started in the Heaven's Arena arc.

Expanse┌16~30┐: Both body and life energy now habitually work in conjunction. The quantum has notably aggrandized. With that said, a worthwhile amount of nen techniques could be executed at this caliber. Aura at this stage is considered to be equivalent to that of an average Hunter. Their aura protects them from damage and Gyo can be used to strengthen that defense even more. They can fall from considerable heights and cushion theirselves for example. Some people, often known as geniuses, possess this level of aura naturally even before learning nen, giving them a heightened attunement to aura and, occasionally, being able to even subconsciously imbue it into their work. This is the level Gon and Killua were in the Greed Island arc.

Substantial┌31~45┐: The body's life energy has, by this level, reached a new stage. Their aura becomes noticeable, even when not using ren to call it out. When ren is in use, it becomes noticeably dense and the user will be acknowledged as an experienced nen user. Aura at this stage is considered to be above average even for a hunter. They can hold Ren for three hours and still have enough aura to pose a threat and use their hatsu. Although very rare, the few people who reach this level of aura without ever learning nen will be acknowledged as being abundant in life energy and be especially attuned to aura to the point of even being able to see it without ever having their nodes opened (i.e. Chimera Ant Officers like Pike); and also begins to act like a weak level of ren as a result. This is the level Gon and Killua were in during the Chimera ant arc. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 2 SP.

Capacious┌46~60┐: By this point, one's aura has been developed to an exceptional caliber befitting that of a veteran hunter. When it is released, it often possesses an impressive outflow that others tend to take notice of. Using intense hatsu readily for the full duration of a fight without negative consequences is an every day thing. They can block up to half a dozen bullets on a body part with considerable gyo and be fine, when the bullets aren't covered in shuu. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 4 SP.

Exorbitant┌61~80┐: The ample aura that the body naturally emanates alone has become intimidating. Said to be able to stop all but seasoned nen users in their tracks simply from its sheer strength and quantity. Nen users possessing aura of this quantity is equivalent to that of exceptional hunters. They can even block powerful firearms using gyo. Weaker ones hardly pass with enough force to much damage through their ken.

Incessant┌81~100+┐: One has reached the pinnacle of being achieved only by the most elite of nen users. Those who have attained it were considered to be a living god among humans, being feared in battle due to the fact that they possessed a seemingly unlimited quantum of aura. Simply being near such an aura when it is being released is said to give the impression of being pierced by needles and can leave even many veteran hunters in awe. They can tank a bazooka and be mostly unscathed through their Ken.
Might represents the physical strength and attack power of a character. It determines how much force can be produced and exerted on the environment. It also is the biggest influence on the damage offensive gyo usage can do, and even on the base strength of hatsu.

Weak┌1~7┐: Strength of an average person, ranging from physically weak children to grown men without much strength training.

Athlete┌8~15┐: Strength of an athlete who trains frequently, a soldier, or a particularly sturdy laborer. At this level, one would be acknowledged as being stronger than the average grown man and are likely able to lift their own body weight with some effort.

Strong┌16~30┐: Strength of elite athletes, large bodybuilders, and an average hunter. Swinging their own body weight around becomes easy and they gain the ability to open the first Zoldyck testing gate. Breaking through stone with a punch or even pulverizing small stones with their grip becomes possible with a lot of effort.

Powerful┌31~45┐: Strength of an experienced or veteran hunter, almost comparable to a grown elephant. A nen enhanced punch hits with powerful force even with a low aura stat. Lifting and swinging around things weighing as much as twice own body weight isn't much harder than holding a pen and even heavier objects can be lifted without much trouble as well. Here they can open up to the fifth Zoldyck door. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 2 SP.

Superhuman┌46~60┐: At this level, an individual's strength surpasses the level achievable by athletes and begins to cross over into monster territory that is impressive even for a veteran hunter. Very heavy objects such as normal sized cars can be lifted and smaller ones can even thrown short distances at this level with a lot of effort. In this tier, they can lift and swing around ten times their bodyweight with some exertion. From here, increasing this stat by one costs 4 SP.

Giant┌61~80┐: By this point, an individual's strength has far surpassed normal human standards and now stands in a league of their own. They can now go through all the Zoldyck doors with some exertion. Small objects they throw turn into bullets and getting punched by them isn't too different from a car crash. If they really exerted themselves, then lifting a truck and walking very short distances with it becomes possible.

Monstrous┌81~100+┐: A warrior at this tier now possesses unrivaled physical power, able to perform feats such as lifting and throwing cars distances with little effort even without nen. Creating craters in the ground with low effort punches happens often. An attack from someone with this level of might is often devastating unless the recipient is quite sturdy themselves.

Agility represents movement speed, acceleration and the ability to change directions quickly.

Lagging┌1~7┐: The individual's agility is equivalent to that of an average human being with little training. Just what is needed to get to work on time while running at full speed. Dodging attacks may become a burden due to the insufficient speed required to conduct agile reflexes.

Agile┌8~15┐: One would now say that the individual has the overall speed of a trained runner in varying degrees depending on what level in the tier. The lower end would be closer to regular runners while the higher end would be closer to record holding sprinters.

Fast┌16~30┐: An individual at this level is capable of running with the speed and agility of a cheetah or a racehorse, to the point where at the higher levels their movements are practically a blur to normal people.

Prompt┌31~45┐: An individual's agility surpasses the level achievable by athletes and becomes greater than almost any normal animal. At this point they are fast enough to leave professional runners in the dust. At this point they are able to keep up with cars without struggling too hard. Moving behind average people before they can even process it becomes easy. Throwing full combinations in only a second becomes possible with some effort. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 2 SP.

Impetus┌46~60┐: At this level, running circles around professional runners can be done without trying, and performing feats of agility such as throwing numerous attacks in the blink of an eye become possible. For a normal person, watching two people fight of this level fight seems like they disappear randomly and appear in different places. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 4 SP.

Posthaste┌61~80┐: Moving at speeds that surpass common sense, even veteran hunters would only be able to follow someone of this level of agility with some difficulty. At this point they are capable of attacking whole crowds of people in a matter of seconds. Average hunters would barely be able to even process their movements.

Illusory┌81~100+┐: By this point, an individual has reached incredible levels of speed that few are capable of matching. Having to compress one's sense of time several times becomes necessary to follow their movements, and covering notable distances such as the length of a football field in the span of an instant becomes a simple matter.

Endurance represents how much damage their body can withstand, similar to a health bar, and how much they can exert their body before tiring. This includes resistance to illnesses or poisons, how fast they heal from abilities and has an influence on aura pool.

Fragile┌1~7┐: The individual's endurance is that of an average human being who rarely works out. One tends to tire fast, or at least be unable to fully exert themselves for long before losing out to exhaustion. It doesn´t take a lot of nen usage for the individual to tire out. Their body can endure a small amount barehanded physical damage, however, enduring damage inflicted by a weapon, nen, or any said element becomes too much of a burden for an individual at this level. Toxins pose the same threat to the individual as they do to any other normal human being. While in battle, the individual's body could not even last fifteen minutes whilst exerting themselves such as by consecutively attacking, defending, and evading incoming attacks. Then again it all depends on whether the individual either conserves or consumes their stamina committing any said action.

Robust┌8~15┐: One's physical endurance has improved slightly, becoming that of an athlete who frequently works out. In comparison to the previous level, the individual could now manage to hang tough against barehanded physical damage or weariness before becoming unable to continue. They might be able to exert themselves for a couple hours or so before being forced to stop, though it depends heavily on how hard or far they push themselves. Their aura pool is large enough to use less draining nen techniques regularly and using more draining ones conservatively without passing out.

Sturdy┌16~30┐: At this point, one's endurance has reached levels matched only by exceptional athletes or an average hunter. Most normal barehanded attacks can be brushed off and one can begin to force themselves to continue through even heavy exhaustion. They become able to exert themselves for over six hours nonstop and even overcome searing pain to a certain extent, as well as resist basic poisons.

Enduring┌31~45┐: The individual's endurance begins to transcend normal limits, becoming able to move around and exert themselves for over twelve hours with little difficulty, becoming equivalent of that of an experienced hunter. Withstanding painful injuries like broken bones or deep cuts, at least for a short time becomes natural and, often times, downright necessary for survival in the wilderness or on the field. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 2 SP.

Stalwart┌46~60┐: A caliber capable of incredible physical durability, very few human beings are capable of achieving this level of resistance and its not hard to imagine why. Moving around without rest for an entire days, as well as withstanding intense pain from injuries that might cause normal people to instantly pass out becomes commonplace at this level. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 4 SP.

Fortitudinous┌61~80┐: Monsters of inhuman resistance. Those that achieve this level of endurance have bodies that can often withstand numerous attacks from lesser fighters with little to show for it even without bothering to defend themselves. Near-fatal injuries and grievous wounds can be resisted for a period of time, and even things like heavy strikes can be resisted to a certain extent. Going for days or perhaps weeks without rest or sustenance becomes possible, although not recommended.

Interminable┌81~100+┐: Beings at this level have reached the pinnacle of physical endurance befitting that of only the most elite of warriors or most fearsome of beasts. Brushing off things like car crashes or even bullet wounds without nen is not unheard of, and there are few things that can easily faze them even within the world of hunters. Going for numerous weeks or months without rest or sustenance begins to become a reality for these incredible beings.

Accuracy represents precision, reaction speed and how much information the senses can absorb. Making the difference between detecting being taled or staying oblivious. Additionally it also determines dexterity.

Foggy┌1~7┐: The individual's dexterity and six senses are comparable to that of an average human being. They are likely to possess little fighting skills and dodging, countering, or otherwise reacting to an attack thrown by a fighter would prove difficult at this level.

Lucid┌8~15┐: One's dexterity and perception have been heightened to levels above what most normal civilians will ever need, comparable to that of typical martial artists who need such skills in order to successfully follow and react to their opponent's movements in duels. Aura can be moved fast enough through the body to pose a threat in Ryuu. Although not superhuman, one begins to become able to pick up on subtle sounds or movements that normal people might miss.

Sharpened┌16~30┐: The dexterity and perception have improved to levels that few athletes can achieve. One's observations notice things that would bypass the average person and Ryuu speed equals that of an average hunter. Fighters at this level are greater at landing strikes with precision and become able to keep up with and react to the velocity of fairly fast opponents, although expeditious ones (very agile movements, distinct or slight blur movements, illusive movements, and etc) still pose a problem.

Punctilious┌31~45┐: Perception increases to the point that finding a needle in a haystack is a short task, with their dexterity and ability to react to their opponent's movements improving to similar levels. Landing anatomically precise strikes and keeping up with movements that normal people might see only as a blur begins to become possible. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 2 SP.

Sentient┌46~60┐: By focusing their senses to their absolute limits, one begins to become able to slow down their perception of time to a certain extent in order to quickly assess a situation. Hitting a fly with a thin objects like needles can be done with enough concentation and moving nen to different body parts two or three times per second becomes normal. Their observational ability is literally beginning to transcend human levels and they become able to easily detect things or presences that even regular professionals and hunters would be blind too. Starting at this level, the cost of increasing this stat by one becomes 4 SP.

Deft┌61~80┐: The individual's perception and dexterity have reached phenomenal levels. Following the movements of blindingly fast objects or analyzing an attack as it is being thrown in the span of an instant becomes natural. Snatching a bullet out of the air, given that they are strong enough to not get hurt, is a feat that looks less like a magician's trick and more like reality. It is said that at this level, one's senses have become so attuned that it becomes possible to even read your opponent's thoughts in the middle of combat.

Boundless┌81~100+┐: Standing at the apex of perception, those at this level become able to view the world around them as if it were in slow motion and even become able to follow the movements of targets moving at speeds exceeding supersonic levels. Reading an opponent's movements is often a simple matter, and many times they become able to tell more about them and their fighting style than they know about themselves. The ability of the senses to take information from what they perceive makes them seem like nothing escapes them.