Mission Creation Template

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Mission Creation Template

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Mission / Creation Template
Mission Creation Template© Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2016

Credit: Tenken

You want to make a mission for someone else to take? Well no problems! Just follow this simple and easy template.

Mission Name: Self-explanatory
Mission Rank: H through A, what rank is your mission?
Media Coverage: Where you would have heard about this mission from.
Mission Details:
The specific details of the mission - who is posting up this mission and what do they want you to do?

Mission Objectives: (Optional)
The OOC objectives someone has to fulfill in order to complete this mission. However if you don't want people to know what they have to do specifically, you can leave this part out, but your Mission Details will need to be more in-depth.

Bonus Objectives: (Optional)
Anything extra someone can do that isn't 100% necessarily to complete the mission but it definitely doesn't hurt to do it.


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[b]Mission Name:[/b] 
[b]Mission Rank:[/b] 
[b]Media Coverage:[/b] 
[b]Mission Details:[/b]

[b]Mission Objectives:[/b] (Optional)

[b]Bonus Objectives:[/b] (Optional)