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Mission Compendium

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The following is a list of missions sorted by profession for members to request if interested. The character doesn't necessarily have to be of a certain profession to take each mission, and they don’t even have to be a hunter unless it’s explicitly specified in the Mission Requirements. Generally, outside of the Criminal and Fighter/Civilian categories, missions ranked G or above will require a Hunter's License to participate in. If you want to take a mission listed here, post here with a request to take it and a Game Moderator will narrate it for you.

Additionally, if anyone has any ideas for a mission they’re willing to have added to this list for people to choose from, feel free to post here with a description for me to add.

Keep in mind that most missions above H-ranked available in the Compendium require a Hunter's License to take. If you want to take a higher ranked one, finish your character's exam or try checking out the Non-Compendium mission threads available in the Mission Planning and Recruitment forum.

Archaeological Hunters:
  • Underwater Excavation (G-Rank): Some two thousand years ago, a once legendary ancient island city near Yoton was sunk, along with its entire population, into the sea by a powerful earthquake. In recent times, the ruins of this society were rediscovered by radar and a corporation has been granted permission by the government of Yoton to investigate it. A group of professionals are needed in order to dive down and explore these ruins while clearing out any sea beasts that may be lurking there. ((Req: Must be a Hunter))
  • The Wings of Palisades (G-Rank): Legends tell of the ancient heroic warrior, Palisades. He was an influential abd powerful warrior who lived 300 years ago. He was strong, and is said to have possessed a supernatural strength, most likely nen's enhancement. The story goes that he made his final stand on the grounds of a ruined castle within what is now the endless forest. Palisades always wore a winged silver and emerald circlet which was said to give him wisdom and luck in addition to his battle prowess. Explore this ruin and find it, you will be rewarded. Kirk D. Bizimungu, Hunter and traveler, will guide any hunters willing to undertake this task. ((Req: Must be a Hunter)) (Credit: Ghost)
  • Sibitzu's Cursed Talisman (G-Rank)
    Legend speaks of a talisman wielded by a priest who destroyed demons. one day a demon tricked the priest into going to a seaside cave where there was a very old and powerful devil slumbering inside when the priest went inside he never came out; or that's how the legend goes. A church wants you to travel inside the cave and find the ancient talisman and return it to them. ((Req: Must be a Hunter)) (Credit: Paradox)
Beast Hunters:
  • Lizard Mania (G Rank): There have been reports of gruesome murders in Chance Town. There have also been reports of large humanoid reptiles skulking around the area and swimming in the rapids. The people of Chance Town have requested for a hunter to take care of this problem, and the Association wishes for this strange new species to be documented as well as investigated to discover why they are appearing. ((Req: Must be a Hunter)) (Credit: Paradox)
  • Jabberwock Encounter (G Rank): A fearsome bird of prey known as the jabberwock has been terrorizing tourists and over-feeding on the local wildlife. Resembling a massive golden eagle with a long, turkey like neck, the beast is easily large enough to swoop down and grab unsuspecting travelers. It then flies them to a certain altitude then releases them, allowing them to fall to their deaths. Unlike most wildlife, this bird feeds not simply for nourishment and survival, but greed and pride. It is intelligent to a degree as well. The NGL institute of bestial studies desires to confine and study the Jabberwock, to protect Mt. Miera's inhabitants.Any hunters who are willing to capture this bird, dead or alive, will be compensated. (Req: Must be a Hunter) (Credit: Ghost)
  • The Griffon of Kessek's Peak (F Rank): Survivalists and adventurers hiking deep in the southern forests of Aijen have for some years now brought back tales of a large, red-feathered avian which they call Kessek's Griffin after the mountain it is mostly seen near. The existence of the Red Griffin is still considered unproven, and it is the duty of a Beast Hunter to travel to Kessek's Peak and determine the validity of these claims. ((Req: Must be a Hunter; Completed at least 2 Beast Hunter Missions))
Blacklist Hunters:
  • Ho Griever (F Rank): Ho Griever is the leader of a dangerous assassin/mercenary squad with mafia connections who has apparently been hired to eliminate a certain news company executive in Cinema Town who broke a deal with the local mafia. G5 and the Hunter’s Association have been trying to bust Griever for some time, and see this as the perfect opportunity to apprehend him. ((Req: Must be a hunter; Completed at least 2 Blacklist Hunter Missions))
Gourmet Hunters:
  • The Yew Greyhoof (H Rank): It's that time of year! This spring, the Yew Greyhoof emerge from their annual disappearance. A great and regal beast of a deer, its meat is well known to serve as some of the finest of steaks. Any to find it, lawfully hunt it, and harvest its meat would be paid well. (Credit: Ghost)
  • The Banquet (H Rank): In celebration of their daughter's sixteenth birthday, the affluent Plut family is holding a massive banquet at a VIP location in York Shin city. However, their chef was injured in a tragic accident, and they needed to hire a replacement/replacements. To be paid, successfully prepare the various items requested by the family with the help of a kitchen and wait staff, and ensure that the party's food is flawless. (Credit: Entropy)
  • Something Sweet (H Rank): Kreg Thomson is a bitter man, as well as the head executive for the prestigious International Culinary Bureau. He will soon be visiting Cinema Town, and the mayor has offered a prize for any who are able to make a sweet dish capable of making the bitter Mr. Thomson smile, a task only a select few have ever managed to accomplish. Beat out the other chefs and make Kreg Thomson smile from your food in order to pass. (Credit: Entropy)
Information Hunters:
  • Real and Fake Intel (G Rank): The local nen police received an anonymous tip on a large shipment of fire arm trading between the Surga mafia family and the OTW group, both highly dangerous criminal organizations. The shipment is scheduled to exchange hands sometimes this month, but the exact location, time and the number of people that will be present are unknown. The local nen police suspected that the shipment is supplied in aid for a massive criminal movement, and allowing the OTW group to get their hands on the shipment could spell disaster on a regional basis. The local nen police do not currently have an information hunter on staff and has, therefore, outsourced this task to the Hunter's Association and its licensed hunters. Your task is to find out, using any means necessary, of the time, location, the number of people who will be present and if possible, identify any nen-users employed by the Surga family and the OTW group. Then deliver the information back to HA. The HA will send out NPC reinforcement to surround the trading place thereafter.((Req. Must be a Hunter.))
Temp Hunters:
  • Operation: Cover-up (Rank H): The government of Padokia wishes to hire a hunter to perform a top secret operation. An offshore facility was recently destroyed by a powerful storm and debris from the facility has washed up ashore in the aftermath. The hunter must go along the shore of Padokia to locate this debris, making sure to silence any civilians who have noticed it, and ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands. ((Requirements: Must be at least a Grade 3 Hunter Applicant))
  • Operation: Search and Seizure (Rank H): Recent research has led the government of a certain Yorubian country to believe that there is a ranch somewhere in its countryside illegally growing an illegal narcotic plant on its premises and has issued for a hunter to go locate them, seize the illegal items, and detain the owner if necessary. ((Requirements: Must be at least a Grade 3 Hunter Applicant))
  • Operation: Evergreen (Rank F): A strange metallic object with unknown properties crash landed deep in Vigourous Isle’s Evergreen Forest several weeks ago. What the object is or where it’s from is completely classified, but a certain branch of G5 wish to hire a hunter to enter the forest and retrieve it for them; no questions asked. ((Requirements: Must be a Hunter, Have at least two Temp Hunter Missions Completed))
Treasure Hunter:
  • Blood Jewel (Rank G): Oulang is a wealthy man with a nasty habit of collecting rare treasures which included ancient artifacts, cursed items, and enchanted weapons. His latest obsession is this Blood Jewel, said to be once a ceremonial holy item used by a minority religious group but has since been soaked in the blood of its worshippers when the religious group was wiped out by a massacre. There were some rumors of the Blood Jewel being cursed to bring misfortunate to whoever owns it, but that did not deter the people who will be attending to bid this item in York Shin City. However, rumors of robbery of the auction are floating around, Oulang is still very much interested in the Blood Jewel but does not want to put himself in danger. He is willing to hire someone or a group to go bid on the item, the maximum that he is willing to pay would be 50,000,000 Jenni. If bidding doesn't work, he instructs his employee to get the Jewel anyway, you know what to do.
Hacker Hunter:
  • Little mouse (H-Rank):
    A minor company has notified that their system goes crazy, increasing and decreasing of stock. Numbers of costs and profit consistently changing. Their bank accounts pay a certain amount of money every week to another one. It's your job to stop the computer system from going haywire and to restore order to the company. You may attempt to arrest the person who caused the problem if you can track him down and can get a bonus. (Credit: Oukaku)
  • An Affair to Remember (G Rank): A website that arranges extramarital liasons has been recently hacked by a group called Impact Squad. Millions of user's names, adresses, personal details and GPS co-ordinates have been stolen. A deluge of revelations seems likely in the coming days, as websites pop up that allow easy searching. However, as of yet, the online released data is fiddly to download and search, but already users are being outed as journalists and activists comb through the records, looking for celebrities, business leaders, and politicians. The hacker's motives are unclear; in their statements, they denounce the "fraud, deceit and stupidity" of the company that owns the website and its moralising exhortation to the people thus exposed is "learn your lesson, make amends". It seems most likely, nevertheless, that Impact Squad did it just for fun. Nonetheless, a nifty sum is offered to those who can help contain the damage, and remove from the web the data concerning some of the above mentioned, helping them save their marriages, reputation and maybe professional career. ((Req: Must be a Hunter)) (Credit: Conjurer)
Head Hunters:
  • Village Chief to Politician (Rank H): An isolated town in the country of Moluse, a landlocked country in Central Esania, is said to be led by a very charismatic individual by the name of Byron Latveru. G5 believes that Byron, who has created peace between that town and neighboring towns, which have previously been at odds for generations, has immense talent as a diplomat/politician and wish to send a Head Hunter to go and test him to make sure as well encourage him to go out and connect with G5. ((Req: Must be a Hunter))
Virus Hunters:
  • Violet Angel Retrieval (Rank F): Recent intelligence from an unspecified government investigative group has revealed that a dangerous terrorist organization has been attempting to create a powerful chemical weapon from a synthesized toxin based on the poison of the rare (and endangered) ‘Blackdeath Giant’, a massive member of the skunk family that dwells only in the deepest parts of the Evergreen Forest. The toxic black clouds that the giants’ emit when in danger is so deadly that any living organism that comes into contact with it fall ill and die after, at most, several painful weeks. That is, any organism except for the ‘Violet Angel’ flower, the only living thing that has been reported to survive in areas exposed to the Black Death Giants’ poisonous fumes. Unfortunately, the Violet Angel has an even more secluded habitat than the large skunk and is easily killed when its environment is not completely stable, making it far more difficult to locate a sample.Naturally, someone needs to go out and retrieve one so that they can study it and possibly produce a cure. Intelligence also makes it clear that the terrorist organization is also aware of the Violet Angel and is undoubtedly taking measures to exterminate both it and the Blackdeath Giant into extinction. If encountered, any groups hired by the terrorists to do this should be stopped before they cause irreparable damage to Evergreen’s ecosystem. ((Req: Must be a Hunter, Have at least 2 Virus, Crime, or Temp Hunter Missions Completed))
  • Red Balloon (Rank E): A group of terrorists called the Scourge have planted chemical bombs all over Yorkshin city. Your job is to find and destroy all the bombs in the city, destroy the production of the deadly chemical known as Red Balloon Gas which has no scent or color but can be detected by UV light if inhaled the victims lungs fill with blood effectively drowning them with there own blood hence the name Red Balloon Gas. ((Req: Must be a Hunter, Have at least 4 Virus or Crime Hunter Missions Completed)) (Credit: Paradox)
Youth and Beauty Hunters:
  • Bad Hair Day (Rank G): Every men and women wants their hair to be silky. An employer from the Yorubian Continent has asked you, yes you, to look for the Silk Shampoo. This Silk Shampoo has been proved to be effective on making your hair permanently silky and radiant. A rumor has spread that the rare and mysterious silk shampoo can only be found on the Aijen Continent. The said material can only be acquired inside of a small yet rare silk worm on a vast field. Silk worms are hard to find there and the hunters must dig deep in order to find them. You also will have to face another hunter looking for the rare Silk Worms and she won't even give up on looking for it and will refuse any helps or cooperation from other hunters. ((Requires Hunter's License)) (Credit: Mr. 11)
  • Beauty and the Beast (Rank E): The most beautiful woman in the world - Abbie M. Navarro has been rumored to be abducted by a vicious and fearsome monster. There has been reports on her neighborhood that a mysterious hooded figure was waiting on the gate of her grand mansion. And when Ms. Abbie walked out of it, the hooded figure instantly grabs her and covered her mouth, then left the place fast. The rumored hooded figure was seen on an abandoned castle on a forest clearing far from the place where Ms. Abbie was abducted. Information Hunters said that the monster was wearing a royal clothes and a big crown to fit its head. The monster is said to have a lot of strength and will kill if it sees someone on his path. You must save Ms. Abbie from the notorious monster. The reward would be a useful and amazing tips from on how to become more beautiful and some beauty products that she uses everyday. (Requirement: Hunter's License and have at least 3 Youth and Beauty Hunter Missions completed) (Credit: Mr. 11)
Lost Hunters:
  • Senator Barclay Ohama (G-Rank): A local senator of East Goruto has been kidnapped by rebels from West Goruto, the rebels ambushed his caravan and killed all but one of his men then made away with the senator and are now asking for a very high ransom fee. Tension between the two countries are already tight, so to avoid the political disaster of sending in troops, East Goruto has sought a Hunter to retrieve the Senator and as discreet as possible. (Requires Hunter's License)
Crime Hunters:
  • Factory of the Rotundum (Rank G): An anti-G5 group known as the Rotundum has been gathering power and is becoming an increasing threat. The Nen Police believe they have uncovered the locations of a weapons factory deep in the forests of the Aijen Continent run by a Rotundum Officer known as ‘The Falcon’. The Rotundum members there are believed to be trained in the use of nen and the exact nature of the weapons being produced in the factory is unknown, so the Nen Police have authorized the formation of a squad to infiltrate and eliminate them. ((Req: Be a member of the Nen Police, any Division))
  • The Sapiunt Compound (Rank G): The mafia has set up a drug mill facility in the Gordeau Desert which borders York Shin, and there are rumors that they are developing a strange drug with potent mind altering effects. The Nen Police need someone to infiltrate the mill and retrieve a sample of this drug before it is put into use. ((Req: Be a member of the Nen Police))
  • Rat's in a Cage (F Rank): The Disciplinary Unit of the Nen police in charge of prisoners capable of using Nen, are moving about 5 dangerous criminals in a convoy to a new facility a certain group of criminals called the Enk, Are wishing to free 1 of the prisoners being moved and have spared no expense in recruiting highly skilled nen users to intercept the convoy and get the prisoner out before the convoy get's to the facility. ((Req. Must be a Hunter; Have at Least 2 Crime/Blacklist Hunter Missions Completed))
  • Missionaries of Darkness (Rank E): The Nen Police has received information concerning the location of a small outpost in the Garian Mountain in the Esanian nation of Belle where members of the Superbian Inquisition are apparently stationed. The Superbian Inquisition is a dark organization made up of exceptionally strong and dangerous nen users, so any hunters preparing to join the squad to investigate and arrest them must be used to combat and ready to risk their lives. ((Req: Be a member of the Nen Police, or have Completed 4 G-Rank Hunter Missions))
  • Quietus (E Rank): Mysterious deaths of high-profile politicians, diplomats and businessmen, including those of the prime-minister of the Aljen nation of Eribourne, the defense minister of the Vangarian Federation, the president of a major insurance company and the ambassor of Begerose in Ochima have mistified the police and forensic doctors alike; murder is suggested as responsible for the deaths, as the hypothetical victims died in their sleep under unexplained circumstances, but no official statement has been issued to the media as a justification for them and, despite the rumors that involved the media events have been perpetrated by an assassin or orchestrated by groups hostile to the deceased, no evidence of a connection between the deaths has been publicly disclosed and no investigation is known to be under progress. However, a team composed of hunters is to be assembled to determine whether the veracity of the claims and arrest or execute the responsible for them; the nen police, notwithstanding the secrety mantained to avoid widespread terror and public outcrites, in addition to various national and international law enforcement organizations, has ensured their support to the investigators. ((Req: Must be a Hunter; have at least completed 4 Crime, Poison, or Virus Hunter missions)) (Credit: Conjurer)
  • Arena Jihacheol (Rank H-F): The Arena Jihacheol is a newly built subway/fighting arena in Cinema Town where warriors, fighters, and martial artists can gather in order to prove themselves in the art of combat. Although already popular in Cinema Town, the owners wish to build its status up similar to the Celestial Tournament in Easania and are always searching for talented contestants to take part in one of numerous challenges. Win or place in one in order to receive a reward. ((Req: Have at least 35 RP))
  • Drug Line (Rank G): Two major drug cartels are having a large supply of drugs running across the republic of West Goruto and they want extra muscle to help the supply get across safely and intact. They know this is a dangerous job but if you get the supplies across the rewards will be great. ((Req: Have completed at least one Criminal Mission)) (Credit: Paradox)
  • Secret Tournament Apprentice (Rank G): A certain, large scale syndicate-sponsored underground fighting games in York Shin known as the Secret Tournament is always looking for new combats to fight and die in one of their fourteen main arenas for the audiences' enjoyment. A certain Overseer has been assigned with taking in a certain mafia hopeful and pitting them against a number of strong enemies in order to properly train them up. Succeed in passing their challenges, and a position within the syndicate may await. ((Req: Have completed at least one mission))
[+] spoiler
  • Nathan Faulks (H Rank): Nathan Faulks is an infamous street brawler in Kal-Shyn known for frequently being involved in gang fights and has been credited for hospitalizing at least a dozen gangsters over the past year. Although he rarely commits other crimes, he is said to have an especially volatile demeanor and the local authorities wish to hire someone to bring him in. Taken by Kasai
  • Pickpocket Challenge (Criminal; Rank H): A young thief in Kal-Shyn City has declared himself a master pickpocket and is offering a reward to anyone who can steal more than him in a special challenge. - Taken by Lance
  • Tree Fungus (Virus Hunter; Rank H): Accompany Amateur Virus Hunter Amelia Pike on a journey to Roaln Island to investigate a type of fungus that has been killing local plantlife. The goal of the mission is to simply study the fungus and what has caused it, possibly also forming a plan for how the plague can be contained- not to actually get rid of it. - Taken by Lance
  • Steal Info (Information Hunter; H Rank): Sneak into the Corporate Headquarters of Wind Harvest Industries in Zaban and steal documents containing details regarding their illegal activities. - Taken by Luca
  • The Rain Gang (Blacklist Hunter; H-rank): A group of five men calling themselves the Rain Gang in Dolle’s Port have become infamous locally for robbing several convenience stores and mugging innocent bystanders. The local police, having had their budget cut to extreme levels and their power to conduct investigations limited by recent political acts, are unable to conduct an investigation to track down these men and have put a small bounty on the Rain Gang in hopes that it will encourage experienced pros to go after them. - Taken by Kasai
  • Nicaido Jin (Blacklist Hunter; G Rank): Nicaido Jin is a former doctor turned serial killer who has been plaguing the streets of Enkouten City conducting strange experiments on his victims’ corpses for nearly two years. The city is willing to pay a large sum to any hunter who manages to bring him in. ((Req: Must be a hunter)) - Taken by Aiza
  • Buffalo Research (Beast Hunter; H Rank): The government of Kakin has heard reports of a rare species of buffalo which thrives deep in the wilderness and wishes to hire certain qualified individuals to go out and study this species then return back with the information. - Taken by Kyfuji
  • The Azutun Catacombs (Archaeological Hunter; H-rank): Beneath the ruins of an ancient native culture on the Arukan continent lays a large catacomb which was once used to bury their dead. Among these catacombs there is said to be a rare statue carved out of stone which the culture once used as their idol of worship. A certain museum in York Shin City is willing to hire someone to go into these catacombs and find this idol so that they can display it. - Taken by Zagan
  • Enkouten Heist (Criminal; Rank H): A local mafia boss has asked someone to rob the bank. he only wants you to retrieve a document in a safety deposit box inside the vault. You could take money from the bank as long as you get the document and of course he will pay you. (Credit: Paradox) - Taken by Cheng
  • The Billionaire’s Daughter (H Rank) The daughter of Benjamin Spevack, Melissa has been caught in the middle of a revolt in a third world country while on a trip to provide care and services to its people. As of now it’s believed they don’t know who she is, and thus should be relatively safe, but that could all change. - Taken by Ant
  • Phantom Gourmet (H Rank) A well known restaurant, the Royal Orchid, has been suffering from a number of unfortunate events lately. While some of the more superstitious employees scream ghost, the owners suspect its something a little more human and would like you to take care of it before word of a saboteur reaches the press. - Taken by Chesnut
  • Spying a spy (H rank): Two of the biggest fast food restaurants, who go by the name MrDonalds and Burger Queen, have been rivals since the beginning of their career. Both always get the exact same sales every week. They didn't notice much of it till they both grew bigger, and from then on a rivalry started. Restaurants have been burned to the ground and secret recipes have been stolen. However, Burger Queen notices that the MrDonalds begins having higher sales, and coincidently newly planned burgers get advertised at the MrDonalds before they do at Burger Queen's. There is one conclusion, a spy. Your job is to observe the higher ranked officiers secretly, find a suspect and follow him until you get hard evidence that he is the spy! (Credit: zunga) - Taken by Aaron
  • Secrets Revealed (H-Rank): An infamous pirate, Blood Red Tarp, who ruled the seas with his large armada of pirates several hundred years ago was said to have a map to an several long lost tombs and ruins that hold treasure beyond human comprehension. However, him and his riches were lost during a tropical storm that hit them when sailing near Whale Island, the ship, its crew, and BRT were never seen nor heard from again. The map and the ship are said to have been washed ashore or drifted along the sea floor at Whale Island. - Completed by Kyan (Entropy)
  • Gallweather-Stern (H Rank): A Management Consultant/Partner named Marty Con is secretly orchestrating a hostile leave from a major Consulting Company, Gallweather-Stern, taking the client's he's worked with with him and making backdoor deals for his new Consulting Company. However, he believes that some of the people he's entrusted his secret plot to have betrayed him and that now Gallweather-Stern is plotting to eliminate him. He's seeking protection for another 2 weeks when his plan begins, guard him at all costs.
    -Taken by Ruron
  • Mine Craft (G rank): There have been rumors that a special material has been found in a mine in the Ajien continent that can be used to create explosives. However, the owner of the mine doesn't want to sell or show it to the world. The world is suspicious because he has gone in jail once for terrorism. The job is to get employed as a miner, and find out anything about it. If it even exists, and what is planned to happen with it. ((Requirements: Must be a Hunter)) (Credit: zunga)
    -Taken by Mizaki
  • Bring Fish (H Rank): Somewhere in the Endless Forest exists a pond where a rare breed of fish with a low reproductive rate thrives. A restaurant in Cinema Town has requested for someone to journey into the forest and catch one of these fish to return it to them alive.
    -Taken by Jikumo
  • Trevor Vanderhein (H-Rank): A Researcher and Archeologist by the name of Trevor Vanderhein, has traveled to the Varangian Federation's frosty region in search for a fabled ruins buried somewhere beneath the ice. The Federation monitored his movements until he insisted on travelling further into the ice fields, despite professional advice to not go any further. His group just came in and reported that he was alone we have since sent out half a dozen expeditions and none have found any sign of the researcher. Go to the Varangian Federation and find him.
    -Taken by Nerissa
  • Hidden Gallery (H Rank) With the fall of Ignatius Cherepko, malicious dictator and art connoisseur, it was thought that the priceless works of art by many of the worlds greatest artists would be lost forever. However recent rumors have sprouted that a recently found bunker may also house one of his art galleries, the bunker does seem to be booby trapped however.
    -Taken by Eustass
  • Bring me my only hope (H-rank): Naomi's mother is terribly ill of an unknown disease. The cure has been rumored to be found on Arukan continent, and they are giving it out for free. For the next week. However the medicine only lasts one week. Naomi herself can't go get the cure, she is only twelve and has to take care of her mother. Travel from Enkouten City to Jappon and be back in under a week. (Credit: zunga)
    -Taken by Grey Einstein
  • Leon Koss (H Rank): Leon Koss is a temp. hunter who was on assignment in Yorkshin city 2 years ago as an escort to a foreign diplomat. However, on the flight to the city, their aircraft never arrived, with Koss, the diplomat and his two attendants never being . However, there have been claims of sightings of a man resembling Koss within a lakeside town in South Domyn. Koss is 5'11, lean, with tanned skin, green eyes and at the time of his last appearance, brown hair cut short. What happened to his flight? Where has he been? Why has he resurfaced in South Domyn? Determine whether the man seen is indeed Koss, and find the answers to these questions. If he resists, permission is granted to detain and question him. (Credit: Ghost)
    -Taken by Kasophobia
  • Desert Convoy (H Rank): A steel corporation is hoping to build a new airship factory in the Suburb Desert and has announced plans to hire someone to guide a convoy filled with construction materials and workers to the appointed location so that they can begin preparing for the construction by setting up an airport.
  • Guy McClayne (H-Rank): In Cinema Town, a doctor has sent a notice that the son of one of his patients had gone mission after receiving news that his father's fatal "accident" wouldn't be looked into for possible homicide, which the son believes was the case. The victim, Barcell McClayne was a local actor and was well respected in the community for his various charity events and his participation on such events. Your job is to locate the son, Guy McClayne.
  • Urchin Soup (G Rank): The incredibly wealthy James Watts's wife Matilda is dying from a mysterious illness. The only known cure is Northman's Soup, an ancient recipe said to possess unusual healing properties. The elderly chef in possession of the recipe is willing to cook the soup for the Watts family, however she lacks one key ingredient, the Greater White Urchin. Your mission is to safely procure three of these urchins for the soup. The urchins are somewhat rare and can only be found in the deep waters off the coast of Roaln Island. Additionally, their spines have a potent poison in them, and must be removed. Succeed in bringing the urchins to the Watts family and you will be greatly rewarded.
    -Taken by Paradox
  • The Long-Eared Whale (Rank G): The Sea Bunny, or Long-Eared Whale as it’s more commonly called, is an endangered species of marine animal which resembles a small killer whale with rabbit-like features and typically stays deep in the ocean. It has actually been under serious threat by natural predators and disease, so its population is seriously dwindling, prompting an influential Marine Preservation and Research Organization in Ravir to request for a Sea Hunter to dive down and place tracking tags/cameras on at least 10 of these whales so they can study them using the latest technology. Any additional information that can be observed about these whales during the process would be helpful to them as well.
    -Taken by Gon.Pro.Hunter
  • The Price of Beauty (Rank H): There have been rumors of a rare new cream said to make the wearer look several years younger; however, the hunter who created it requires that the wearer performs a job for him before he is willing to give it away.
    -Taken by Flame Ingot
  • Legend of the Golden Harp (G Rank): Deep within the Endless Forest lies an isolated monastery which contains a legendary item known as the Golden Swan Harp capable of producing elegant music but takes intense training, skill, and musical perception to play. The mission involves having a hunter go to this monastery and undertaking special training from its residents in order to make him/her capable of playing the harp.
    -Completed by Scion
  • Protect the Kuremisago Clan (G Rank): The Kuremisago are known throughout the world as an important noble house of shamans, a peaceful people who seek spiritual connection and inner peace. In reality, they are geniuses of nen, capable of tethering the residual nen of those who have passed on to the mortal plane, albeit temporarily. Due to this connection, the shamans may summon an imprint of who the person was through their nen, their "soul", so to speak. For a brief time, these souls may speak and share their final regrets, thoughts, emotions. It is common knowledge that the servces of the Kuremisago are often requested to resolve high profile murder cases and investigations, often the soul will tell who the culprit is. One of these such cases is currently underway, and Padokean law enforcement is requesting the aid of hunters to watch over them and ensure their safety.
    -Taken by Stelium
  • Operation: Olive Branch Escort (Rank G): A certain politician from G5 is going to be landing in the Capital City of a war-torn Aijen nation in order to negotiate a treaty with its governor but a recent tip has revealed that there very well may be an attempt on his life before he can reach the appointed meeting place and G5 has ordered for a group of Temp Hunters to protect him until the important treaty is signed.
    -Taken by Bug in a Bag
  • Operation: Circus Shutdown (Rank G): A travelling circus in a nation in the Arukan continent has been repeatedly cited for safety violations and refusing to pay taxes, along with suspicions that they are harboring illegal weapons, drugs, and are practicing combat for questionable purposes. G5 has called for a hunter to lead a group of officers in entering the circus’ current camp and forcibly arresting the people who run it.
    -Taken by nekokun

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This Solo

Blacklist Hunters:
The Rain Gang (H-rank): A group of five men calling themselves the Rain Gang in Dolle’s Port have become infamous locally for robbing several convenience stores and mugging innocent bystanders. The local police, having had their budget cut to extreme levels and their power to conduct investigations limited by recent political acts, are unable to conduct an investigation to track down these men and have put a small bounty on the Rain Gang in hopes that it will encourage experienced pros to go after them.

With Shiku if he wants

Contract Hunters:
Desert Convoy (H Rank): A steel corporation is hoping to build a new airship factory in the Suburb Desert and has announced plans to hire someone to guide a convoy filled with construction materials and workers to the appointed location so that they can begin preparing for the construction by setting up an airport.

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Ohhhhhhh I will take the pickpocket challenge

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I'd like to do Steal Info

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Can I have the tree fungus one please
anyone can narrate don't care

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Mission Name: Save the Hostages!
Mission Rank: H
Media Coverage: Learned from distressed locals.
Mission Details: A group of bandits under the banner of "Vivelio's Bandits" has been causing the local townsfolk of Jianna trouble. The bandits have taken 4 hostages and have promised to leave them unharmed so long as the townsfolk comply to their wishes. The townspeople could easily run out the 7 bandits but don't want to risk the hostages being harmed.

Mission Objectives: Secure the hostages and lead them to safety.

Bonus Objectives: Capture or Kill Vivelio. Secure the money and food that was stolen from the town.

Mission for Jasper.
Anyone can narrate!

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I would like to try the Nicaido Jin hunt, if anyone is willing to narrate for me.

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I'm taking Enkouten Heist