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Signature Code
Signature Code © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Once your character is approved it is mandatory that you use a signature coding such as is presented below. Why? It makes it easier for our staff & members to take a look at your character profile.

Basic Signature Code


Yotsuba Nigiri ✖ Gourmet Hunter ✖ Hatsu Type: Transmutation ✖ [Jenni: 0 • SP: 0 • RP: 0] ✖

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✖ [url=link to your Character Profile]Character Name[/url] ✖ Your Character's Profession ✖ [b]Hatsu Type[/b]: Your character's hatsu affinity ✖ [[b]Jenni[/b]: 0[b] • SP[/b]: 0 • [b]RP[/b]: 0] ✖

Advanced Signature Code

Aura: 15
Might: 20
Agility: 15
Endurance: 20
Accuracy: 20
Yotsuba Nigiri ✖ Gourmet Hunter ✖ Hatsu Type: Transmutation  
[Jenni: 0/SP: 0/RP: 0]

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[table=2,Character][center][img]Insert Character Image (Face or Sprite only)[/img][/center]
[c][center][b]Aura[/b]: 0
[b]Might[/b]: 0
[b]Agility[/b]: 0
[b]Endurance[/b]: 0
[b]Accuracy[/b]: 0[/center]
[c][center][url=link to your Character Profile]Character Name[/url] ✖ Your Character's Profession ✖ Hatsu Type:Your character's hatsu affinity [/center]
[c][[b]Jenni[/b]:0/[b]SP[/b]:0/[b]RP[/b]:0] [/table]

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:Highkick: Combat :Punch:

Combat in HxH RPG is freeform in that players are free to roleplay it in their own way without having to rely on any complicated system which determines whether an attack is a hit or not or how much damage it does. The stats that each character begins with and can improve with SP are only meant as a guideline for players to estimate how powerful several of their character’s physical attributes are. Otherwise, they have no direct impact in a fight. A few rules to keep in mind:
  1. Players must keep their stats in mind when fighting. If there’s a significant difference between one character’s stats and another’s, the one with the higher stat will obviously have the advantage and the other would not be able to keep up with them easily in ordinary fights. Stats are not, however, the only factor in a fight. A weaker character who fights creatively might be a challenge for a stronger opponent despite the disadvantage, but the victor would be obvious if the fight was just a slugfest between the two. Also keep in mind that small differences in stats are just that, small. If one fighter has an agility that is one or two above the opponent, then, while they will be faster, the other fighter will still generally be fast enough to keep up. When it comes to differences of five or more, however, the difference between one's might, agility, etc. becomes more noticeable.
  2. Players are expected to be fair when fighting other PCs. Auto-hitting, which basically means roleplaying as if any attacks one’s character throws at another hits them without giving them the chance to respond, is not allowed. At the same time, the person who the attack is directed at is expected to be realistic when responding- simply dodging anything thrown at you is a sign of bad roleplaying and is frowned upon.
  3. Similar to auto-hitting, you cannot kill other players’ characters without their permission. Many have put a lot of work into their characters and would not be happy if someone simply killed him or her off without consent.
  4. Rules 2 and 3 can be overlooked to a certain degree in certain narrated threads. In this case, a player is giving the narrator a certain degree of control over what occurs and the narrator is permitted to give a character an injury in order to increase the difficulty, punish them for poor decisions, or to move the plot. This is only to be used reservedly, however, as narrators are discouraged from using this power too consistently without reason. Killing off characters is still not allowed unless it meets one of the conditions listed here. In any case, however, actually killing off characters through these means is NOT something to be done on any sort of whim. In-roleplay warnings like injuries should be given (sometimes repeatedly) beforehand, and characters should be given the opportunity to run from fights which they realize they are unlikely to win.

Explanation of the Role of Stats:
  • Might: Increases a character’s strength, lifting capacity, and ability to deal physical damage.
  • Agility: The more agile the character, the faster they are and the higher his ability to dodge or maneuver.
  • Accuracy: The higher the character’s accuracy, the higher his chances to land a hit or to block an attack as well as the greater his dexterity and precision becomes; very important even in close combat. Higher accuracy also translates to more honed senses such as sight, hearing, or smell.
  • Endurance: The higher the Endurance the longer he can fight and the more damage he can take before passing out or dying. Endurance also translates to one's Potential Aura Power (PAP) - how much total aura a person can use before losing consciousness or dying.  The higher someone's AAP (equal to Aura Stat) is, the more of their PAP they can expend at one time. Every time an attack with aura is thrown, that amount of aura is subtracted from their PAP, and some aura is lost from the PAP over time when maintaining Ren/Ken as well.
  • Aura: The amount of aura one can produce at once. Even when one is not aware of nen, the aura stat is helpful in absorbing minor amounts of damage so long as it is not being suppressed through Zetsu. When nen is awakened, the standard nen techniques become more powerful as more points are put into it.

    The Aura stat parallels the Actual Aura Potential (AAP) described by Knuckle in the series - basically how much aura  a user can emit from their body for attack/defense at once. It's essentially how much aura you have to move about your body with when using Ken/Ryuu. Something to note is that the use of hatsu also counts towards that total, so any case where aura is separated from one's body (emitting nen, manipulating objects, conjuring an item) will reduce the strength of their Ken slightly.

    Aura, such as when used through ren, does not act as a buff to the other stats depending on how high this stat is. Activating ren might make one able to draw out more of his or her latent physical abilities without hurting themselves, thus making them able to move faster or hit harder than normally, but this would not change much no matter how high their aura stat is. The main point of ren and most other nen techniques (and what becomes stronger as the aura stat increases) is that it’s more like a weapon rather than something that increases how much damage one can withstand, how fast they can move, or how hard they can punch. If you put your aura into your fist then punch someone in the gut, then the aura itself will simply damage whatever it comes into contact with unless the target puts enough aura around their gut to negate it. Same for blocking non-nen enhanced attacks/projectiles- the aura just acts like a shield which helps negate impacts, not let someone withstand more serious injuries or last longer like the endurance stat. The other four stats are still just as important when determining physical ability even in nen fights.

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Death © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Under normal circumstances a character can't die (nor can he sustain serious injury with lasting after effects). That is he can't unless the player decides to allow it. This is a system that is easily able to be abused with characters taking unrealistic risks because the player knows than nothing can happen to the char unless he wants to. To prevent this there are three conditions. If at least one of these is met the character can die without the players consent.  In any case, however, actually killing off characters through these means is NOT something to be done on any sort of whim by a narrator. In-roleplay warnings like injuries should be given (sometimes repeatedly) beforehand, and characters should be given plenty of opportunities to run from fights if they are unlikely to win. Character death is only a punishment to be delivered as a last resort if participants of a mission continues to violate the following rules.
  • Unqualified: Accepting a mission or taking part in a storyline which he is obviously unqualified for, and continuing to partake in it even if the character is easily overwhelmed or heavily injured. While there are times where death would be a reasonable retribution for a high-level mission, it is highly recommended that the narrator simply force the character to retire and declare the mission failed rather than killing him off.
  • Stupidity: The character steps of a cliff, hugs a bomb or tries to fight a much stronger enemy without any sort of plan that sort of thing...
  • Backlash: The char has chosen certain conditions which will cause his death if not fulfilled and he has failed to fulfill them.

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:Card: Consumable Rules

Whenever a player uses a consumable, AKA a one-use item that they possess in their inventory, often obtained from events or purchased in a Token Shop, during a thread- they must note at least the name of the item at the bottom of the post they use/activate it in so that the grader can take note of what is used and list every consumable used by each character at the end of the thread. Failure to make a note of the item that is being used or using an item that is not in the character's inventory or else is in the used consumable list can result in a deduction to the character’s rewards from a thread.

In their post, the grader will note which consumables each character in the thread used. All members must remove used consumables from their inventory whenever they make their next adjustment and archive mods are expected to remind them if they forget. .

Other Rules:
  • Nen Candy: One cannot consume more than 1 piece of candy of a single color at a time.

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Creative freedom and you
Creative freedom and you © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Creative freedom and you

The way that roleplaying in this forum works, allows for everyone to have a lot of freedom over their personal storyline. Supporting everyone to craft the greatest narratives without, for the most part, being too limited by your character profile situation.
Concrete Manifestation

That means that for your personal storyline, you can customize your character and storyline almost freely. As long as the standing institutions and places remain mostly unchanged. More on that in the ‘Arcs, saga’s and groups’ section.

If your character’s hometown is Cinema Town, and came from a notorious mafia running the majority of the town, sure why not. You can do that. If you want your character to have a ship but he doesn’t have the credentials for it in his profile. Sure, for your storyline, he can have his ship. If you want your character to own a bar, he can have his bar.

There are three solid situations where you’re more directly limited to your character.

Missions, events and other official situations

When roleplaying in missions and events, it is important to keep it fair and sticking to what the character profile actually has, regardless of what is added in their personal storyline besides cosmetics.

That means that if, for example, in their personal storyline they have a tank, they can only use it in unofficial roleplaying contexts.

Permission from other members

When roleplaying with other members and using things that have a concrete impact but are an effect of your creative freedom, it is important to have permission of your roleplay partner.

If your partner says he isn’t comfortable with you having that ship for example, then you’re also not allowed to have that ship.

Effect on locations

Another limitation is that you can’t permanently have enormous impacts on our known locations without asking for permission. Something could happen in your storyline that might have Yorkshin in ruins, as long as it is reversed so that it doesn’t interfere other peoples storyline.
Arcs, saga’s and groups

In the context of a large, multi-thread arc or saga, a lot more leeway is given with mod permission. In these cases, a moderator can be asked for permission to have more drastic consequences on the environment.

Groups can also be given permission to have more significant institutions, like an island as a home base, or military weaponry.

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Seniority Jump
Seniority Jump © Hunter אּ Hunter RPG 2009-2018

Members that have roleplayed for a longer time with a character, get the ability to create a second character with a headstart.

Once the first character reaches F rank at 250 RP, they can start their second character at G rank with these numbers:

SP: 90
RP: 100 [G rank]
TP: 36
AP: 7
Starter money: 10,000,000 Jenni
When your second character reaches rank F, or your first reaches rank E, a third character can start at rank G.