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Dorn’s relief was real once she was certain Aiza had left. As certain as she could be from her position anyway. Slowly she pushed back the blankets and rolled over. The shiny metal tray next to the bed presented a distorted reflection and Dorn sat up with a sense of dread. Just how disfigured was she? Looking at the tray, Dorn’s heart tensed and she wavered. Not time to look. Not yet. Probably a long way from her final appearance. Perhaps it might be better to see now, so that later the marks wouldn’t bother her much. With difficulty, Dorn began to remove her bandages. Of course she didn’t want to do any damage, but they would need to be changed eventually anyway. It was painful and a bit scary, peeling off the bottom-most layers. She touched her face and neck carefully, her skin wasn’t as misshapen as she feared..the real problem was her chest. Feeling and seeing the scars was more upsetting than Dorn was prepared for, and she whimpered frantically while clutching at her bandages and dropping the tray. Her skin was screaming with fresh heat from the activity and exposure, but Dorn still managed to cry herself to sleep with a hand over the very worst of the damage.

Sometime later.. had it been three days?..Dorn wandered Aiza’s penthouse. She’d hardly spoken to anyone and did her best to avoid making eye contact until now. It was horrid having her beauty taken from her. Dorn needed time to accept it and form new confidence in order to survive. Always survive. Never live. Always hoping to die. Waiting for her day to come and busying herself in the meantime. Keep entertained until the end. She needed to reinvent herself and it was tedious business. For now, no more fucking mirrors. Lucikly, Aiza didn’t seem to have many about. The rooms she passed all seemed to be furnished tastefully; in a minimal yet inviting way..with warm colors and various light sources. She spotted an antique-looking item and approached it for closer inspection. It seemed to have unique properties.

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Gon.Pro.Hunter with Dorn
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--IC Notes--
Another good thread, I loved the interactions between the two characters and the way they contrasted with one another. Just wish I could have seen it through to its conclusion.
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Good work with spelling and grammar, the thread as a whole had good pacing, just unfortunate Zack had to drop out

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