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The taxi stopped where Stan told him to, and he shrank into his seat at the thought of showing his disloyal face. But the woman who held him close and made payment to the driver was stronger than him and Stan was afraid.

The huge gate was open. Damn. Stan had hoped that by some chance it might be locked when they got there, but his expression became grim, and his shoulders drooped. He was done for. By the pretty girl, or by his own boss..Stan knew this night would be his last. This had a surprising effect on the shapeshifter; most of his fear melted away and he even felt a little excited. He was going to be brave for once. Show the guys that he was a tough guy. Go out with a manly bang.

“A single move and I am sliced? How about if I don’t move? At all? Will you slice me then? You are a very stupid girl. All you do is talk. I will not move and not help you. What are you going to do about it, pretty girl?”
Over and over Claire shrieked in panic and fear while clutching her bodyguard's coat. Motto blinked away his pain and twisted to look up at the well’s opening above. The man was no longer there. Shutting his eyes and focusing on overcoming his muscular limitations, the Hunter slowly rose to his knees and held his client’s hand.

“M-miss Prescott..nnN..Please. Stop screaming. Stop. Please..” Much to his astonishment, the heiress continued to scream as if completely unable to hear his calm requests. Seconds passes and he stared in utter confusion at the continuous panicked cries. He had never seen anyone go that long before, and the girl showed no signs of stopping either! Motto frowned uneasily at the thought that he was witnessing the birth of someone’s insanity. This kind of odd behavior was sure to tempt the gunman to return!

“Miss Prescott! Shh! Stop!” Pulling her closer, the dark-haired man put his hand over her mouth and blocked her sounds. Looking very sorry for his action, Motto kept his hand in place while she kept making noise. The young woman fought against the awkward embrace, and finally bit Motto’s hand. As if to spite him, she began to scream with more energy. Motto had fallen backward onto his rear, and sat holding his hand and looking utterly bewildered.

“STOP THAT FUSSIN’!” The gunman had in fact, returned.

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