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She had her reasons for doing what she did to Kate that day. She never wanted to kill her, and as far as she knew, she didn't hurt her outside of a stray bruise on her back when she knocked her over. At the time she didn't know what Kate was about, or what she needed the poison for. Eventually, Azali felt sympathy for her and let her go.

Kate seemed to be stricken with some kind of mental affliction, and leaving now would probably permanently damage their relationship. She knew what she had to do: She had to go with her. In a way, the darkness in Kate's heart reminded her of herself on that fateful day when she killed a man for the first time. Azali wanted to protect that girl, so maybe by saving Kate she could effectively save herself. "Right, I'll go with you then and we can work something out," her eyes were filled with sympathy. She had no intention of abandoning Kenneth and going out on a blood rage.

She also couldn't give up on Kate. Azali glanced around, and the streets seemed unusually empty. This put Azali on high alert because of the empty silence. Not even the birds were singing, and it was definitely suspicious. She'd have to divide her attention between Kate's well being and this absolutely strange silence. "Where are we going Kate?"

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Dorn didn’t expect the girl to join her readily. But something about the way she looked.. that pity in her eyes..

“Work something out you say? .. Ha. What exactly would that be Azali? You getting in the way of my cleansing? Fuck you. Fuck you and your Ash and your savior and your dress and your youth and your sad eyes. You want to save them from me? Very well. Save them from me Azali. Blood will be spilled tonight whether or not you want it t—“ *

Dorn’s eyes widened. Impossibly, her rage transformed into confusion… and finally became resolve. A man had staggered to the café’s large window and was now standing there. He was haggard and vacant..something was most certainly off about him..not to mention the fact that he had no aura. A thump as his face made contact with the coffee shop glass followed by another.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Dorn felt a chill wash over her. The café was awfully quiet aside from the rhythmic noise coming from the gruesome stranger. The café door. It ought to be locked or something. Clearly that person was not well.. unearthly. Monstrous. Something evil was coming. Evil even for Dorn.

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Azali noticed the person stumble out into her view, and knew that this person was dangerous -- even if she didn't know why. She wasn't the kind of person to mess around when such an obvious threat had appeared. Azali also didn't know what this person was capable of, only that she felt a creeping dread from just looking at him. Kate seemed to be frozen looking at him? Was she trying to lock him with her gaze? That wasn't smart.

Azali grabbed Kate by the hand, and pulled her along. Their best chance was to make it to the edge of town, and then figure out where to go from here. "We gotta go! Come on!" She shouted at Kate to snap her from whatever stupor she was in. "Growing up where I grew up left me with a sharp instinct for danger -- almost animalistic. We shouldn't fight this guy. We should get as far away from him. The whole town seems odd. The birds stopped singing and everyone vanished from sight."

Azali resolved herself to protect this woman who clearly had too much on her plate. Maybe by protecting her here, she can learn to smile again. She was on her side, nothing more and nothing less. It wasn't the time to keep up this strange argument when they were both in very real and mortal danger. They turned a corner heading towards the edge of town and were confronted by the same shambling horrors from back at the cafe. How did these even happen? Were these people even still alive? Azali found them surrouned, so she grabbed Kate by her waist and used her momentum to get up on the rooves. "I don't know how well you can navigate up here, but I'll definitely help save you. I will protect you without a doubt!" She said hoping to convince Kate to fully trust her with their escape from this suddenly cursed town.

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Dorn felt herself being tugged into motion at the café, and things blurred past as she somehow managed to keep up with the bionic teen. Azali had seen it too. Fucking zombie or something. Was this real? It was so out of the blue. So.. inappropriate for summer. Of course, after brief consideration Dorn supposed that zombies would and could come at any time. And here they were.. all around them. This time their stench permeated the air, and one of them made a sickening moaning sound as it shuffled forward. All Dorn could do was stifle a frightened squeal before she was moving again. This time she was practically being carried by the little miss Azali.

“I..I’m not as fast as you b-but I don’t speed is entirely necessary.” Dorn answered. She quickly scrambled for the fire escape and proceeded to climb it. Something hindering her progress caused Dorn to nearly slip and she turned to see a blackened hand clinging to the hem of her dress.

“AHHHHHhhh! GET OFF ME!” Dorn shrieked and heard the fabric tear. Feeling less pull, she finished her ascent to the rooftop and stood at the top panting for a full twenty seconds before feeling a serious draft. Most of her dress was missing.

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the brothers were making there way to the nearby antique store. "do you think this is the place?"

"it better be, its the only one we haven't checked"

bastion and his brother entered the store and stunned in awe of all the things this store possessed.

swords to clothes of many kinds, but they were here for one thing in particular. a monkey statue.

"do you want to ask or should i?".

no i will ask i could use a bit of courage....and luck

bastion met the owner at the check out. "i was sent here to pick up a monkey statue". bastion was nerves to say the least, and is still getting uses to talking to people, so what better then experience.

"what kind?".
bastion had to recall what his friend said, its been a while.
"right...ummm. it was holding something, uhhhh..".
"a bag of gold". "a bag of gold yeah that's it".
the man seem unimpressed."it may be in the back". "oh...ok..we can wait." the man walk to the back room.

the time he took was a few hours but both of the brothers were in no rush and the noise in the room shown some promise and the antiques kept them occupied. after a while they were wondering what was taking the guy so long. the noise was getting on there nerves, be for they decided to go in after him, he arrived with a dull look.

"is anything the matter? ". bastion started to look closely at the man's movement and it look like his was not paying any attention to anything.

"huh!.....theres some thing going on, it looks like a zombie apocalypse out there."

bastion stated "so does this guy"

the man instantly lunged at bastion in a blind fiery, thrashing about. bastion fell over in the assault and started to pull any thing down to block his was futile the man just crawled over it with ease.

his brother intervene by pulling him away from bastion,but then the man grabbed his sleeve ripping it right off with little to no effort.

bastion threw a small balloon that burst in silver powder over the man's face. as they both got to there feet they looked at the at there target with a gleam in there eyes "roast him". as the man charged at them, his brother pulled out a stick with some black goo on it and a lighter.

he lit the stick on fire then both of them jumped right past him smearing the stick's substance on his face. the silver powder started to glow red and his head started to smoke.

the man fell as it burned right through him. the boys looked at each other. "well that was unexpected". "yes but we should get out of here when we can". "lets get the statue first".

they found the statue in the back room*. " how do we get out of here?". "well we could check for keys? then we could drive away". "first we don't know how to drive, eh but its better then nothing". the boys spoke as so calmly like it did not surprise them.

after the ransack the place for the keys, a worry just pop in his brothers head. " do you think this is infections". "only if they infect by touch...probably not... so it would be best to change you cloths".

his brother changed in some kind of kimono. "its not like any one is going to see you like that".

OK time for a plan..what am i saying our plans never work, ok you go and check for people in that half of the city and i will check this half, and umm you take the car.....and i will take a nice sword heheheh

his brother was about to argue but go to excited to be on a adventure "aw why do you get the sword hmmmmm. ok i will call you if and or when we leave this place".

bastion took a sword he had his eye on when they entered the shop a nice french sword. *

bastion was real eager to use it but stuck to stealth, he made his way down alleyways and hide in trash cans and dumpsters surprising it did not smell as bad as he though.
he walk only for a few minutes be for hearing a scream. bastions head peaked out of a dumpster, "that sounds like my queue now what do i have in my disposal." he looked around till he spotted a bar. yes.

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Azali took Kate by the hand and took her down the fire escape. On the way down a loose piece of metal snagged into her dress. Not wanting to waste any time, she ripped free, and ended up destroying the top part of her dress. In a weird twist of events, she now had a gash starting from under he ribbon, and ending just below her naval. This exposed her underwear for all to see. In fact it looked something like this:
[+] Spoiler
Azali grew embarrassed, but now was not the time. At least her and Kate matched with the exposed lingerie. There was a bar down the corner. Little did Azali know there was another person there. She had her knife ready in case it was another one of the monsters roaming the street, but she could sense an aura and he moved regularly. Upon closer inspection, there were two of them. "Who goes there? Are you friend or foe?" she asked and took a defensive stance in front of Kate. Kate was the less combat efficient one, but if Azali offered set up, Kate could provide support.

If they wanted to make it out unharmed they had to work together like a team. The small talk of this morning was now long behind them.

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“Oh that’s Bastion.” Dorn poked her head out from behind the blonde and waved. “Bastion Hollows! What are you doing down there? Don’t you know it’s a zombie apocalypse?” She laughed a little and tugged at Azali’s exposed bra strap. “Is this even real? These creatures I mean.. zombies. Not your cutesy underware. That’s real. Why is it that little blushing teen girls wear the dirtiest things? Mm? It’s like.. you’re innocent and pure but not. You know what would be cute? An actual innocent and pure person. Haha. I’d like to meet someone like that. They sound perfectly terrifying.” *

Four fast-moving dead people were closing in on the gangly pale boy and Dorn snapped her attention up again. As intriguing as it was to see an actual zombie assault on the living, today was not that boy’s day to die. Not if Dorn had anything to do with it. Even though Azali was far more capable and gone so far as to take a protective stance in front of her, Dorn rushed back to the fire escape and gestured to the boy on the street.


Hopefully those nasty creatures couldn’t climb. If they were anything like the fellow back at the café, their abilities and movements would be extremely limited. Of course these four were moving fairly quickly.. it was disturbing to say the least. If they did pursue the boy up the series of ladders and platforms, they would be in serious trouble.

Turning to Azali, Dorn was noticeably paler.

“You don’t happen to have a cell phone do you? And.. friends with helicopters?” *

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"hehehe who new that i would get a hole bar to my self." bastion was filled with joy that he could make weapons in access with no one to stop him. Molotov cocktails one of the easiest weapons to make in a bar. after finishing his fifth one he looked around for more materials, what he found was some high grade lamp oil. "huh..the owner must have been a performer....and no guns...Rats!!."

bastion now and then popped his head out to look for zombies, just to duck back under the counter. the drinks he gathered was many but not as much as he wanted. he looked through some, tasted others and he still doesn't see why people drink this stuff, and any thing he likes the taste or look of, he'd taped to him self. (one of them was misting)

he decided to keep the lamp oil for later. who knows maybe he will become a performer, he seen enough online tricks too maybe become one. by the time he got up a voice called him out, and bastion does what he always seem to do, "AH!!!" he ducks and hide's. he can hear she wanted to know what he was, could you blame her. "I'm a coward," as he popped up and down from be hind the desk. he hunkered down in defense till he heard a familiar voice, it was his friend the scary one with the white hair. he knows her plenty, but there was some one else with her and by the way she sounded it was female,(he thinks).

his head popped right out and just figured out were the screaming came from. and after closer inspection, he noticed that there cloths were torn and he could clearly see there underwear, he was fine till she started to pull the other one's bra strap. his face turn bright red as he fell right back of the floor, he did not black out but he laid there wondering why are there skimpy clothed woman here with zombies?. pulled himself back up with his back aching. he really shouldn't have taped some of them on his back.

he looked strait at his friend, hearing talk about meeting a actual innocent and pure person and at that moment he new she was not talking about him. the girls seam fine so he made his way to them like nothing was wrong then he turned to see four running dead guys heading right for him.

"AH!", he jumped a little, then made a quick change of pace in to a sprint but the quick changed made him lose his balance, he stumbled a little till he decided to meet the street head first. "pffff," with his face planted firmly on the ground he started to mumble something but yelling in the street made it impossible to make out, by the time he got up he just sat there for a moment with a wide eyed curious look examining him self to see if any thing was wrong. nose not bleeding, bottles still intact those things are hard stuff and position, way to close to the dead men.

he finally got back too his feet and started to run again to the girls. he stopped right in front of the the girl he did not recognize, and introducing him self. "hello I'm weak and today is our lucky day, the city was all but abandon and now invaded by the walking dead. now we can pillage and loot to our heart's content, but the only catch is that we have to survive the onslaught of several hordes of zombie's, aren't we lucky." he spoke as if he was a scared game show host. "you first," gesturing to the ladder, whether she go's up first or him, he's going to climb up the ladder as fast as he can with his bottles jingling behind him.

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Little miss drama as expected kinky as always. But I do got some qualms Dorn's a very 1 dimensional character evil and stuff causer of trouble and all but it does take time to develop a character into something more lively and that's something I would like to see. But on the other note I do like the little squable between Dorn and Azali seems you too met before I assume and that was interesting to see. Final note man first we go from singing to cafe to zombies what a weird turn of events Idk if thats what you were going for but a little more fluidity and control of things would maybe keep threads alive here.

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Lily still in love with kenneth every single thread Azali is in always starts the say I got dropped off blah blah come on let's see something new for a change not the same old same old. But other than that you do emotions really well and all that internal struggle and the little spat with Dorn was nice to see.

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Sorry wiz you came in too late that's my biggest qualm showed up near the end of the party best to show up earlier if you want more rewards.

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