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Motto frowned down at his papers. It was his first direct assignment from the Hunter’s Association.. ever. His other adventures as young teen had been off the books and all known documents were highly classified. The mission he currently traveled towards was urgent; people’s lives were in danger. Evidently there had been some kind of incident with thieves on the bridge to Ronin Isle and the first group of emergency respondents had all perished. Now a national matter, officials had reached out the Association for aid. Details concerning the first accident as well as what happened to the rescue workers were vague.
“Use the utmost caution as there is a possibility of lethal volcanic gases.”
Motto couldn’t help but feel excited as hell to be on the job. It seemed easy enough. Just go and help the Yoton team extract any survivors and make sure things were safe again. No biggie really. He’d be able to tell if his gas mask was faulty well before he suffered any poisonous effects. Sighing, the raven tried to quell his eagerness to do his duty as a Hunter. After all, it was because people had died, and that he just so happened to be in the area that Motto was given the job.

Another Hunter’s name was on the sheet. “Jokaru: Archaeological Hunter” Motto glanced over the details once more. He’d probably be able to identify the other Hunter by aura alone, but the picture certainly helped. The guy was probably like him, just happened to be in close proximity to the Ronin Isle.

Thirty minutes later, he stood in a temporary command tent set up a mile from the bridge. He was issued bright yellow fireman’s coat and pants, helmet, gas mask, protective gloves, and boots. The group of guys he was with all waited for the briefing, and tension was high. A billowing cloud of black smoke could be seen coming from where the mysterious accident was said to have taken place.

“Alright men.." A burly older man standing at the tent's front spoke with unmistakable authority, "Our own are down there. Let’s not lose any more guys today. The objective is to get in there, find the source of the problem, and see if we can contain it. If there are survivors, get ‘em outta there immediately. We don’t know for sure if everyone’s down yet… but we’re sure as hell gonna find out. Be swift boys, and be safe. Teams one and two, you’ll be heading in first, while three keeps a one hundred meter distance in case shit goes down. If radio fails ya, use hand signals but for the love of God keep your damn masks on. Am I clear?”



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Jokaru laughed at the papers in his hands. Looks like they entrusted two new hunters with the lives of many. He knew that he could fix the issue on his own, but he wasn't too thrown off by the fact he had a partner. "I guess I'll show up, am i rather near." Jokaru thought to himself as he walked toward ronin isle. Jokaru looked at the photo of Moto Brook, and laughed it looked to him like they were polar opposite. Motto looked rather care free and a ambitious young boy. Jokaru was young but his experiences left him cold and rather heartless. Looking down again, it all seemed quite vague. From what he read he guessed that miners accidentally stumbled upon dangerous gas, and the first rescue team was quite inexperienced.

As Jokaru got closer to the bridge he spotted a command tent. He guessed they were desperate and had other men come along for the rescue. Jokaru sighed, why waste other peoples lives for the rescue. It was unnecessary, one skilled hunter could do the job of 20 average men.

Jokaru arrived at the tent and received a briefing of the situation, along with clothes and objects that normally belong to firefighters. A situation like this had obviously never happened before which made Jokaru question it all. No ordinary thieves would be able to do something like this. Maybe nen users could create a poisonous gas? Why though, what benefits could they receive from it.

"This is obviously suicide," Jokaru thought as the men walked to the black smoke coming from the accident. He began to wrap his head around the whole situation. Two beginner hunters, and three groups of men, might not even be enough. In the end he knew Motto and him would make it out alive, but what about the others. Why would they not send out a search team to survey the area. Going into a situation without prior knowledge was simply idiotic, yet Jokaru found himself entering the site of the accident. His view on the situation grew more grim. Jokaru stayed calm but he could tell other men weren't, a fatal mistake if they wanted to come out alive.

The expedition had begun


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Donning his gas mask, Motto shuffled out of the command tent with his team. Looking up briefly, he spotted the other Hunter in the second group. It was possibly the best way to proceed, they could cover more ground that way and if things heated up, they’d be able to help more guys get out of there than if they had both been on the same crew.

In silence Motto strode alongside his companions towards the stone bridge where the black smoke continued to rise from. Tension mounted as they approached, and the Hunter scanned the rocky corridor for any signs of life. Much to his surprise, there were no bodies. Anywhere. No equipment. Nothing. Yet.

“Command, this is Alpha. We are crossing the bridge now. Over.”

“Roger Alpha. We still have a visual. Over.”

“No sign of District 60. Over.”

“Copy that Alpha. Bravo is moving right. Over.”

“Roger. Alpha moving left now. Out.”

Motto could hear a few of his team members muttering through their gas masks, and caught a couple of them exchanging uneasy looks. Something creepy was going on.. just what happened here? Were the thieves really responsible for this? The Hunter’s sharp eyes finally caught sight of a barrel that seemed to be producing a large amount of black smoke. Odd. It looked strangely clean and deliberate.. no debris whatsoever. Just a lone barrel with some kind of.. accelerant inside. His nose recognized a combination of smells and he stopped walking.

“Wait guys.”

A few of them paused and turned, while the Hunter stood there staring. Something wasn’t right. About ten meters away from the first barrel stood another, and Motto could even discern a third further down. A line of … fake smoke? The hairs stood up on the back of his neck and Motto barked,


But it was too late. A few of the men from his team had continued forward, and just as one of them spotted the first barrel and pointed, a violent hissing vent of steam separated them from Motto and the rest. Those that had stayed behind stood helplessly on its other side listening to the screams of the unfortunate men. Motto cringed at the sound and shielded himself with aura.

“STAY HERE!” He hollered as he ran, and recklessly crossed into the fatal wall of heat.


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Jokaru saw the first group of men enter the smoke filled area. Slowly his men followed. He then noticed three men missing in his group.

"What the hell?"

Jokaru yelled, could there be a traitor, where did the three men go. He looked back in the distance, however he only spotted one young man running back to the camp. He decided they had to proceed after the first group just in case.

As they reached the first team it was too late. They found three men dead, It seemed as two were from Motto's group While one was from his. The cause of death look liked they all choked. Jokaru knew he had to investigate. He told his men to wait for him.

"If i don't come back in exactly 15 minutes, send one man to come and see the issue then report back to the group. Once he's back come up with a plan, if needed don't be afraid to ask for the third groups help."

The men agreed that was the best idea, as Jokaru entered the fog he heard yells and screams. shielding himself with aura, Jokaru slowly began his trek.

That moment Jokaru realized that only two men entered the fog from group one, not including Motto. Jokaru quitely cursed, where are the rest of the men. There must be one traitor in each group, it could be the old man in the camp runnning the whole scheme. He could put three skilled assassins in each group, each killing the group off one by one. Jokaru doubted the idea but it made sense. They could just return with all of the groups possessions and make bank. Then Jokaru snapped back to reality as he came upon Motto. He didn't smile but he did put his hand out to shake. They both understood the situation, so they best not waste time.

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Motto was too late. Those that had been separated now lay twitching and charred on the ground. A wave of intense anger pulsed through the Hunter as he looked down at the suffering rescuers; unable to help them in their final agonizing moment. It would be merciful to kill them, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Was this what happened to the first emergency responders? Had all of District 60 been murdered in the same cruel way? Torn between hunting down the ones responsible and getting the others to safety, Motto stood with his fists clenched and mind racing.

A presence approached and the raven’s guard went up. Jokaru came into view and immediately Motto recognized him as the other Hunter on the assignment. Quickly he shook the other’s hand and nodded. It was an unfavorable time to make introductions, but the situation was urgent.

“This is a trap.” Motto said loudly through his gas mask. “We should get the others out of here before anything else happens.”

As pissed as he was, Motto knew it was best to prevent any more needless death before finding the culprit. He hated how quickly it all happened.. were there signs he missed? No time to waste with second guessing. His pride could wait, lives were at stake.

“Where’s your team?” Motto tensed. Oh man. Did something happen to them as well?


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Jokaru understood how Motto felt. He knew that the deaths that had just happenef hit Motto rather hard. Jokaru thought it was sad but frankly didn't care. He knew this was a job for a hunter.

"The men are behind the smoke they should be fine. We shouldn't worry about them too much. I need to go back in 10 minutes and tell them about the situation. What matters more however is there might be a traitor in the group. I think this smoke is a hatsu technique. Let's be careful, if it is a nen user who is doing this, he sure is strong."

Jokaru paused and looked into Motto directly into his eyes. He couldn't read him that well other than knowing he was worried. Jokaru knew nothing about him other than the fact he passed the hunter exam. He decided that it was best to tell him more about himself. Jokaru showed Motto his hatsu and told him about is past, Jokaru knew trust was important for this mission. Jokaru then questioned Motto calmly,

"Now that you know about me, how can I know to trust you?"

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Motto hadn’t thought of that! Quickly routing a large portion of aura to his eyes, the Hunter scrutinized their surroundings with Gyo. As far as he could tell, this was a chemical induced smoke..not nen. The other Hunter’s thinking impressed Motto nonetheless. Good thing Jokaru was here. Maybe he’d figure this whole mess out super-fast and they could prevent any further deaths! Who the heck would target emergency responders anyway? That kind of crap really sickened Motto, but he couldn’t let himself get too caught up in it. Not now anyway. They were literally smack in the middle of an attack, and they needed to act! Motto’s attention turned towards Jokaru's hands as a ball of light formed between them.

Motto blinked at the other as he shared his past. He didn’t want to be rude, but there were several dead men laying at their feet and the rest were in possible danger. Jokaru was really calm too. Wait. This was some kind of trick! Oh man! He even tried to fool him with the whole traitor idea too! Motto grabbed the man by the shoulders and spoke angrily,

“I see what you’re doing Jokaru. Trying to keep me here while the others are in danger!” Motto’s temper rose as he stood there uncertain. Should he try to subdue the Hunter? Or drag him along while trying to save the survivors? After all, he wasn’t one hundred percent certain that Jokaru was the mastermind behind it all. He needed more time dammit. Motto’s hair bristled up inside his helmet as he thought about how he was almost fooled. “rrRRRR DAMMIT! I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU JOKARU!” Shoving the man roughly, Motto broke into a sprint towards where he had left his team. He had to get ‘em out of there!

Meanwhile, the actual perpetrators had finished their second wave of attacks and had the two Hunters surrounded. If they managed to kill the pair, Yoton’s reputation would surely suffer. That in addition to the complete destruction of the stone bridge (bringing about a violent halt to the country’s only export.), would most assuredly mark the end of the government’s wretched reign. Two of them waved frantically at Motto when they saw him coming.

“Help! His leg is broken!” One of them was laying prone while the other tugged the Hunter’s coat. “I need a hand carrying him!” Just as Motto bent down to lift the man, his mask was torn off and the one on the ground threw an elbow at his throat. Choking, Motto was vulnerable to the kicks and punches that followed.


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