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With her first taste of real pain, Trudy’s nerves were high. Although she managed to overcome her temporary fear and make another attack, the instinct to avoid Yosuke’s hit made the woman flinch. His kick made solid contact against Trudy’s lower back and she fell to her knees. Stunned but not without her wits, the colorful girl pivoted with her uninjured hand raised to strike. If this guy planned to assault while she was down, there was still plenty of damage she might do. From the floor, her opponent’s knees and ankles were easy to get to if he was close enough. However, there was a three foot gap between them and Trudy remained poised to jab a bladed hand at his weak points.

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This was Yosuke's chance! He could end it right now, all he needed to do was throw her off. Yosuke ran straight towards the rainbow haired woman on the ground, he had analysed her well enough to know what she was going to do next, she was going to try to jab him, he wasn't going to let that happen and he was ready for whenever she tried, he planned to jump into a front flip and grab her arm when it extended, pulling her upwards and tossing her out the ring. The only thing that could go wrong was the grabbing and the front flip, Yosuke wasn't too worried about the grab, the flip would be the main problem as well as the most disastrous one, he was already exhausted, but he had to press on if he could win, NO, if he WANTED to win!

He was ready, he planned each step accordingly and took measures by running his body in front first so that his hand could reach her, he had to be ready, no matter what the consequences!

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The young man was moving straight for her and Trudy tensed to strike, but he jumped just before she was able to attack. He was going to attack from above! The woman’s thoughts came to an abrupt halt as she was pulled up and backward into the air. Inexperienced with maneuvers such as this, Trudy was not prepared for the landing. Flat on her back and coughing, she raised both arms to protect her face.

“1! 2! 3!....” The referee could tell the female was outclassed and began to call out a countdown. “…4! 5! 6!...”

The young doctor knew it was over. Not only the match but her current mission. Losing hurt her pride, but at least she could live to train harder or perhaps find another way to protect the tribespeople. Here she was beaten in the safety of the ring, out there she would be dead and mutilated; her head placed on a spear to torment the villagers.

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Two hours later Yosuke’s number was announced again, this time for a ring on the fourth floor. In one corner an incredibly large man frowned in concentration while fiddling with a pair of headphones. He’d just pounded a dude’s skull in ten minutes ago downstairs and was still feeling pumped up. Needed a new song though. Something different for the new meat. More noticeable than the man’s activity was his unnatural size, standing eight feet tall and weighing close to a ton. His body was a strange combination of bloated and brawny with bulging, fibrous muscles dominating from the chest up and nothing but grotesque blubber below. He was known as ‘The Glob’ by various scrapping circles and appeared to be satisfied with the song currently blasting through his headphones.

He would stand swaying a little as Yosuke entered the ring and while the referee announced the fight. Just before the signal to begin, the Glob inhaled and crouched low enough for his belly fat to graze the mat.


The huge man sprang two meters into the air with his arms and legs extended in all four directions.
[+] Spoiler

The Glob
Rank H
General Info
His mother was said to have descended from giants. He lives alone and desperately wants a girlfriend.
8 feet tall, weighing 1 ton, and bald. Wears the bones of his kills in his fatty flesh. Often shirtless and with headphones.
Proud, bloodthirsty. Never cried a day in his entire life. Estranged from his family after killing several men in underground fights. He plays heavy dub step music while fighting.

Aura: 5
Might: 20
Agility: 5
Accuracy: 10
Endurance: 10

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Yosuke hadn't fully recovered from his previous fight, his arm was still a little bit numb but it worked at least, his stamina hadn't fully recovered either, Yosuke still felt a little weak but could probably hold out for an hour in the fight, which would easily be enough. Much to Yosuke's surprise, he was called shortly after his previous match, his opponent seemed to be a large man of great stature. while the man was probably stronger than him, he definitely wasn't faster than the youngster. As Yosuke walked into the ring, he noticed that the man was wearing headphones, in a sense of honour, Yosuke got his out and put it 'round his neck, he would put them on fully when the match started, music usually helped him concentrate.

Yosuke entered the arena and as soon as the fight was called, Yosuke decided to play with him a little, "By the way, how does it feel to be fa-", before Yosuke could finish his sentence, his opponent seemed to have jumped up, he was clearly trying to flatten Yosuke. The brunette put on his headphones, which had already been playing music, with blinding speed and instantly ran out of the massive opponents range. Yosuke's plan was simple, he would tire out the fat blob of a man and simply push him out or wait for him to collapse, this match was looking to be easier than the last one with that beautiful girl.

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A resounding boom echoed throughout the arena as the big man landed facedown where his opponent had been only a moment prior. Light fixtures swung from the impressive impact, and dust was shaken loose from the rafters high above the fourth-floor ring. The Glob’s fat had prevented him from injury and even allowed him to bounce up to a standing position with ease. Although he lacked standard intelligence, the fat man knew he failed to crush the boy band escapee.

A twist of his massive mass precluded the Glob’s next attack: Gut Instinct. The huge man sucked in his fat with evident skill; causing an unnatural concave body shape before he released the stored up power. The Glob thrust his abdomen in Yosuke’s direction; his fat stretching three meters outward at thirty miles per hour.

It was a technique that had taken years of practicing (and eating) to perfect.


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MomKen with Yosuke
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--IC Notes--
Note to self, target Yosuke's crotch to win fights as he has his priorities right.

It'd be interesting to see him develop his kick boxing skills, but that's more my personal interest.
--Comments to the Roleplayer--

Good writing whilst it lasted.
Total Rewards: 1 SP, 3 RP, 200,000 Jenni
--IC Notes--
Good, creating NPC's as always
--Comments to the Roleplayer--

Wish it could have lasted longer, but it was good whilst it lasted
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