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Dorn blinked at the things hand.

“I didn’t say kill. I said erase. You really are damaged in the head. How bothersome to waste my time in such a way.. talking to things that do not listen.” * Dorn muttered these things mostly to herself. It was rather difficult reigning in the intense disappointment at still being alive. This all very taxing.. the pains she’d taken to pursue this creature and her stinging swollen lacerations as a result. This was supposed to be a mediation retreat.. and it was. Only Dorn hadn’t expected to be faced with her flaws so unpleasantly.

‘What shall I learn from all this?’ * Her internal questioning received answers but unfavorable ones much to her dismay. ‘You are weak. Much weaker than you want to admit, but you need to accept it and work harder. You can’t do that if all you want is death.’*

Dorn scoffed at her own mental conclusions and turned away from the small one.

“Leave me alone. You know nothing about how I feel. Whatever happens is neither good nor bad.. it just is. There is no right person for me.. ha! I am Do…I am the Bringer of Suffering! I take and I destroy. I crush. There is only pain and darkness here. If you happen to have a song for that, I don’t fucking care.” *

Dorn stood and walked away. She traveled back to the city of Kalshin and killed ten people in the next two days.. all of them were women that had long straight hair. Women that looked happy.

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Interesting thread with some interesting character development.

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