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She could feel that he was a bit upset about her dismissing his idea, but Ylva didn’t want to risk hurting the women, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological. She was certain that putting them in the truck would just cause more scars; the ones that people can’t actually see. Ylva helped in assisting him with freeing the rest of the captured women from their collars. Once the process was over, Motto left to do what she said, but the she-wolf noticed hi demeanor and the flushed features on his face.

He wasn’t too pleased.

Ears lowering, Ylva let him leave, but she couldn’t help but feel like she let him down in some way. Or made him feel dumb for suggesting such a plan. It wasn’t dumb in the slightest; it…wasn’t the best course of action for the women. Still, the wolf mayjuu worried for him as he entered the elevator, hoping that he wouldn’t run into anyone else up there. As the door closed, her thoughts wandered.

‘I…just didn’t want them to go back to thinking about how they got put in this situation…that’s all,’ she thought as she tried her best to comfort the ladies, especially the young ones that were sniffling and still displaying fearful behaviors. The Hunter did her best to talk with them, assure them that they were here to help and that Motto was someone who they could trust. She even went on to explain how he had helped her escape from a truck that was most likely on its way here.

It was all she could do to offer them comfort, as well as just letting them cry and hold their hand.

Ylva was comforting some of them when the elevator opened to reveal Motto declaring that he had made the call. A sigh of relief escaped her as she looked to him. She had been worried about him ever since he left and she was glad he was in one piece. Not really thinking, Ylva went to him and hugged him tight. A moment passed before she realized what she had done and quickly released him, her heart beating quick.

“S-Sorry…I..I wasn’t sure what you’d…find up there or if you ran into someone,” she muttered and looked away a bit, “b-but I’m glad you made the call! Now we just have to escort them to the top floor.” Color tinting her cheeks, Ylva quickly talked to the others, explaining that they would have to go with Motto. The women nodded and started to gather around him.

“We might have to make some trips; you take them up there and I’ll help get them into the elevator. Does…that sound okay..?” she asked, not wanting to upset him like she had before.

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Ylva’s hug was a pleasant surprise, but before Motto could reciprocate, she let go.

“Huh? Oh the dudes up there? Yeah. There were a few of ‘em. Even tried to taze me again, but I took care of it.” Shaking his head, the Hunter gave the other a thumbs up. “They won’t be a problem now. I even made it so these ladies don’t have to see ‘em on their way out.” Sure enough, a pile of groaning human traffickers lay tied up in one of the large empty vats. Motto had been tempted to give them a taste of their own little stun guns, but decided against it.

He listened to her plan about the elevator, and glanced around uneasily. Motto was pretty sure the women wouldn’t want to be stuck with him, but there was no avoiding it. Nodding a little, he turned and re-entered the waiting lift. A few of the women followed, while others needed coaxing. Once inside, Motto pressed the button and sighed.

“Almost over ladies. Soon you’ll be in a safe place and …yeah. It’s gonna be ok.”

“Why did you hit her?”

“….Huh?” Motto turned to look at a very tall woman, who looked more confused than accusatory.

“The one you call Ylva. You struck her down before freeing us.”


Motto couldn’t believe what he was hearing but all of their faces confirmed it. He even remembered finding Ylva on the floor…

“I…I don’t remember doing it..” He argued weakly. “You..saw me do it?”

The elevator came to a stop and he led them to a corner by the facility entrance. The number of women left down in the lower level could easily ride up with Ylva in one last group. He wished he had made a better plan with Ylva about whether or not he was supposed to come back down. He’d just stick with the group he was with and make sure they were safe.

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The she-wolf listened to Motto talk about how he had rounded up the men and even managed to avoid getting tazed again. That had certainly scared her the first time she had seen it and was glad that he didn’t get hurt again. He even made sure that the men were out of sight.

"I'm...just really glad you're okay...," she said very quietly.

Seeing how he reacted to her plan with a bit of hesitation, Ylva tried her best to explain it in a manner that radiated confidence. The wolf gave him a reassuring smile as the mayjuu watched the other Hunter leave once again. For some reason it still felt like her heart was beating quickly for some reason. It was an odd sensation, different from fear. The mayjuu couldn’t put her finger on the emotion thought. Shaking her head and clearing her mind, Ylva gathered the remaining ladies together and waited at the elevator. The button was pressed and it wouldn’t take but another minute to get it back down to tier level.

“Are…Are we going home? Are we free?” one of the young girls asked the Hunter. Ylva nodded to her and gave her a smile. “Yes; you’ll be free and taken to doctors to be check out and then you will be taken home or your families will be contacted,” she said with assurance as she held the other’s hands, “both me and Motto will make sure that you all are safe.”

“But…But miss…why did that man hit you if you’re working together?”

“H-He didn’t mean to; he…was not in control of himself at the time and thought I was someone else,” she said her voice a bit low as she touched the place where he had struck her. It was overly sensitive, and the she-wolf was sure that she would have a deep bruise underneath her eye.

The door opened and the mayjuu quickly ushered her women before taking the trip up and out of this hell the women they had been placed in. Once they stopped, Ylva led them through the hallway and the doors until they were out in the warehouse. The stench of blood clung to the air, and she couldn’t help but feel conflicted about what she had done. She had tortured people, but those some people have gone and tortured innocent women. Trying not to dwell on the situation too much, the wolf made sure that the women were right behind her as they met up with Motto’s group.

“We’re…here Motto!” she called out to him, giving him a smile, “do you know when they’ll be here?”

As if her mind was being read, the distant sounds of sirens and cars approaching the building seemed to be getting closer and closer with each passing moment.

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“I gotta make it right..”

The young man rubbed the back of his head, as the emergency vehicles could be heard in the distance; his sharp ears detecting them well before any of the ladies. The priority was getting the women and girls safely back to their families. He’d have to wait on making a proper apology. Not only did he want to make sure that all of the victims were treated for injuries and stuff, but that they also returned to where they needed to be. He’d use his own money if he needed to. It was pretty awful to get kidnapped like that.. collared and kept in filthy cages. They needed to be treated real good and careful! They all probably had someone worried about ‘em!

In that moment, it occurred to Motto that Ylva was one of them. It was only that morning he found her in one of those trucks. Here she was, saving his life and theirs.. wow. Wasn’t someone looking for her? She was a Hunter but still..didn’t she need to .. call someone??

“We’re…here Motto!”

He turned to see her and noted the girl’s smile. Ylva was really somethin’ special to be smiling right now. She had been through a lot, and he’d even punched her apparently! Motto’s thinking face very slowly transitioned into a grin and he nodded to the Hunter. He had a lot to learn before he could ever call himself a Pro Hunter again.. Ylva was so tough and brave and amazing!

“Yeah..soon.” He answered. Motto brought his hands to his hips and his expression sharpened into something more determined. One of these days he was going to have to accept the fact that he would never stop needing help, but he wasn’t ready yet.

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Hearing Motto’s answer about the police and ambulances making their way here, Ylva nodded.

“That’s good! I’m glad they’re actually getting their act together,” she muttered.

It was then that an idea popped into her head; the women would probably feel a bit better if their faces were cleaned. Eyes looked around the warehouse, trying to see if there was any sort of rag or maybe a large sink or hose faucet she could get a towel wet so they could at least clean their faces. Not noticing anything immediate stood out to her so the mayjuu went with the next best thing. Tearing off a piece of from the bottom edge of her dress, Ylva took the torn piece of material and folded it a bit to make it easier to use. Looking to the woman closest to her, the wolf asked her if she’d like her to clean her face for her. Nervously, the woman nodded and the Hunter gently proceeded to wipe the dirt that clung to the woman’s cheeks and face. However, the wolf noticed the other trembling a bit and offered a comforting hand. The woman latched onto it and held the wolf’s hand firmly.

It looked like the women were still nervous. They probably thought that this was too good to be true that they were free and going to be taken care of. And that was okay, given what they had gone through. Soon enough, the woman’s face was clean and it was obvious that there were wounds and bruises hiding behind all the grime that had built up.

“There we go,” she said softly, “thank you for letting me clean you u-“

Ylva was about to finish her sentence, but the woman had instantly embraced the mayjuu before releasing her. It took a lot for Ylva not to tear up in front of the other as she moved on to try and clean as many face as she could before the emergency vehicles finally arrived.
The sound of tired hitting the breaks and footsteps hitting asphalt rang in her sensitive ears and soon enough the warehouse was filled with cops and EMTs. The sheer amount of people now in the building made Ylva a bit uneasy; she’d never done well in large groups before. Stepping away to let the professionals do their job, the Hunter made her way towards a wall to sit against. The pain in her ankle was throbbing and on fire, most likely due to the running and jumping she had done. It didn’t help that her cheek and underneath her eye felt puffy and throbbing as well.

All in all, she was completely exhausted from today’s events.

“…Ngh…I-I really messed up my ankle, I guess,” she said out loud to no one in particular as she tried to rest herself for a little while. After this, she’d certainly would have to take a break from Hunting for a while…

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Motto spoke with the police officers and told them about the group of men and where he placed them before helping some of the women into ambulances. After a while he looked around for Ylva and noticed she was alone and looking totally worn out. His sharp eyes saw the beginnings of a black eye and Motto’s jaw tightened. Without a word, he walked up to the wolf-girl and picked her up. Turning, Motto carried her straight to the doors and stood out in the parking lot where many emergency vehicles were packing up and pulling out.

“You’re done now.” He said firmly while looking around for an empty ambulance. “No more hero stuff Ylva. Even Hunters gotta rest sometime.”

He didn’t care what she said, he wasn’t putting her down unless it was in one of those rolling bed things. He needed to shower, change his damn pants, and get some sleep. Ylva probably needed a week to recover from all the stuff she’d been through. Probably pushed herself way too hard, because of his grand plan. It was cool that they managed to track down and rescue so many ladies, but it definitely cost her somethin.

“It’s over. You saved my ass, and all of them. I don’t care if you don’t like it, it’s time to let someone help you now.”

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Her cheek was resting against a metal pipe that was running along the wall vertically. Her adrenaline had diminished and it didn’t seem like the pain in her ankle was not feeling any better. Turquoise eyes looked listlessly towards the ladies as they were being taken care of; she was certainly very tired. It looked like her and Motto’s hard work had paid off and they would go back to their homes and be safe.

The mayjuu’s breathing was soft, as if the wolf was just sleeping with her eyes as she kept staring. In all honestly, she wanted to curl up and fall asleep right then and there. Granted, it probably wasn’t the wisest of ideas, but the thought of moving at the moment wasn’t appealing to her.

Hearing the sound of footsteps coming closer, the wolf mayjuu turned her head and looked towards the other with the same listless stare.

“Motto…are the girls okay?” she asked, but then stopped talking as she was lifted into his arms. It was a comforting gesture, at least that how it felt to her. He was warm and held her as he ventured out into the open. With eyes half lidded, Ylva rested her head on the others shoulder. He told her firmly, the voice making her wince a bit for it reminded her when he had struck her, that she was done now and that she had to rest.
“T…The…girls….they have to be…safe,” Ylva muttered softly into the other’s shoulder. Her eyes looked up at him once again.

“Y…You’re going to leave….right?” she questioned, her voice fading a bit as sleep tried its best to claim her. The wolf couldn’t shake the feeling that…Motto had to leave soon. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? He was a Hunter anyway and he had things he had to do but…it made her chest ache in an odd way. To know that he was going to leave soon…it made her feel sad.

But…she never felt sad when she had to leave a partner…why was now any different?
Sleep finally claimed her, but she couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional due to being tired.
“I-If….you leave…be…safe,” she said quietly as her eyes closed, her face pressed a bit into his shoulder and a bit of Motto’s chest.

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Ylva was totally out of it. She sounded exhausted but still worried.

“Mm? The girl’s will be safe. I’m gonna see to it Ylva..huh?”

Glancing down at the she-wolf Motto raised an eyebrow. Something about leaving? Of course he was gonna go. He had to do stuff. Why would he stay? Did she want to remain in the city?? Motto had trouble understanding it, but thought it best not to question Ylva’s statement. He couldn’t help but feel guilty. For some reason, she reminded him of his aunt back on the island; not wanting him to go when he left to take the Hunter’s exam. It was strange since she never seemed to enjoy having him around his whole life. He always guessed that his aunt was still sour about his father leaving, and took it out on him.

Motto could understand all that, and would even sacrifice his own happiness to please her if he didn’t already know it wasn’t the real answer. But Ylva wasn’t like that. Probably not. Mostly likely not. He hardly knew her. What good would come of him staying? No one ever wanted him to stay anyway, so Motto kinda decided a long time ago that he liked to keep moving. That way he’d never feel shitty again. Poor Ylva. She mentioned she’d been traveling when she was abducted. He’d try and help her with that when she was able. He was gonna help ‘em all.

“Don’t worry Ylva. It’s gonna be ok.” She was probably out, but it felt good to say.

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It was morning.

Turquoise eyes opened slowly as the sun’s rays shined through the curtains that kept the light and bay. Moving a little, the mayjuu felt a slight twinge of pain as she moved her leg. As she gathered her barrings, the familiar ceiling of the hospital greeted her and she knew that Motto must’ve brought her there. Turning her head to the side, Ylva thought she would be greeted by that warm smile he seemed to give, but…no one was there.

The wolf looked to the other side and there was no one there as well.


She was alone again.

Usually she’d feel relieved that she was by herself again but…something felt off. It felt like there was something missing and Ylva didn’t know what it was. A sigh left her as she thought of the other Hunter. Where did he go?

‘He probably went back to doing his regular Hunter things,’ she thought as she glanced up at the ceiling, ‘he has important things to do.’ She also had things to do. This incident had sidetracked her mission; the very thing that had made her want to be a Hunter in the first place. Moving her leg once again made it painfully obvious that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A bit frustrated, the wolf’s ears lay flat against her head. It looked like she’d have to stay in this place, even though it was far away from the woods that she loved so much. Obviously Motto wanted her to stay and get treated; why else would he leave her here?

Thinking it best to follow this, especially since Motto had brought her here, Ylva decided to stay so she could heal properly. Tired and still worn out from the previous day’s events, the wolf felt her eyes become heavy with sleep. As turquoise fell close, the faint smell of the forest seemed to linger on her and she couldn’t help but think of the other Hunter as she fell into a sleep filled abyss.

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14 SP, 3,500,000 Jenni and 35 RP for both.

This is the type of thread that is hard to come by but that I would love to have, and see for that matter, more often. Not only a fully complete storyline with a build up and character development, but an authentic one. Nothing felt forced, nothing was out of place or jarring. It all went smoothly and like reality. The prose was great and did its job, although sometimes it could start becoming a bit lazy and unchecked. On both accounts I saw a clear depiction of their characters personality and it shone through their decisions.

A great performance in Ylva and her general distrust of humans, but slowly opening up to Motto. I could also see some form of resentment due to the mayjuu and experiences. Although I feel like it did go a bit too fast given she didnt know him for longer than a day but still opened up a pretty quick deal with a lot of affection. I think extending that a bit would have been more suited.

As for Gon, nothing that I haven't already said before. His shonen type of personality is offset by the mystery of his past and the speckles of sadness that sometimes slip through his cheery behavior. This way, he still is able to set himself apart and not become boring.

Good work.

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