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Incomprehensible sounds spilled from the young man as he complied with the beautiful girl’s request for a copy of their picture together. Maybe she’d look at it every night like he would..maybe they were totally meant for each other. Was this what love felt like? Her girly voice was hot, oh man. Hopefully he was handsome just then when they took the selfie.

“…Then there's Jackson Hill, he's beginning beast hunter and a total brat..”

“Huh?” Motto’s infatuated trance was broken by the familiar name. Amber eyes focused on the photo Stella had been showing him, and a boyish grin spread on the Hunter’s face. As she continued to point out the other Hunters, Motto remembered the time Jackson got those musical leeches off his back and the awesome sausages they made afterward.

“…a new group going around and harassing hunters on missions, nothing too serious right now just hindrance, but their actions were escalating…”

Motto’s smile faded at hearing that. More stuff was happening than he realized. Harrassing Hunters on missions? Escalating? Like what happened to her in the Ba’tail district.. he needed to get his act together before Stella or anyone else got hurt. It was good that the team was coming together and it was time for the next step: to figure out their inventory and begin their own hunt. The group’s members all had unique skills and connections..once he and Doc got an idea of what they had to work with, they could form a plan and start doing stuff!

“…treasure each bond that I made during my journey, I hope that our bond lasts.."

Another guttural noise erupted from Motto as he reeled from Stella’s intimate confession. She was totally into him. “Y-yeah. Me too.” He managed to say..still standing close and staring at the girl’s delicate mouth. Should he kiss her? He wanted to. Bonding and stuff.

“Ahem.” Doc cleared his throat, but Motto was beyond reach. “So, miss Marnath..” He felt the need to stop his partner from making a fool of himself as well as keep things focused. “’re an archeological Hunter? Sounds like you have an excellent team there. Do you think that Ben fellow might be interested in joining us?”

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“’re an archeological Hunter? Sounds like you have an excellent team there. Do you think that Ben fellow might be interested in joining us?”

Stella blinked at Doc Strike's question and briefly ask herself the same question. " a hacker hunter on the team would be really beneficial, at least in terms of safeguard against other hackers and counter-intelligence...but Ben is... " Stella felt sweat begins to form on the top of her forehead as she thought about the white hair snobby face and the "I don't care about thou" attitude. "Somehow...I don't see him as the team-player type, or even the hero/helpful type...I'm mostly working with him because he got no choice on the matter, orders from HA and all that jazz. Given the choice, I think he would much rather be left alone doing his own things, " a hand on her chin, Stella considered her white hair friend, and begins to seriously consider the possibility.

"He's not a bad guy don't get me wrong. But I just don't see him joining the team on a regular basis, or to be motivated to serve the good. I can probably convince him to help out on a case by case scenario, almost like outside contract and he will take care of it, he's responsible like that in a strange way. But I don't think even I can convince him to work on more than that...sorry." Stella apologized to the two. And before she could say even more, there was a beep coming from her phone and with a quick excuse me, she fished out of her phone from her pouch and check the message. She raised an eyebrow at the coded message and decode the text in her own head before turning to the two other hunters.

"Sorry guys, I would love to chat with you two some more, but duty calls first. It is my archeological team, they just managed to find a lead on a case that we are presently working on, it looks like I will be leaving and be away for the month. But good luck with the rest of your interviews you two, and let's stay in touch online!" Stella said cheerfully as she got up from her seat and jumped down from the tractor. She turned around and waved at the two older hunters good-naturedly. "Motto! Let's me know when there's a new development in the hunter's protection group!"

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Motto’s mouth opened to protest when the girl announced that she needed to leave. For a month. Dang it. Her skirt brushed against his knees as she passed by and Motto swooned visibly. The only thing to break the spell was her voice calling his name.

“Ha..Oh I will! Stell! Thanks for coming! Take care ok?” Motto began to climb down but Doc grabbed his shirt to prevent him. Still eager to please the pretty girl, Motto continued to smile and jabber on. “If you need anything call me! Or even if you just feel like talking! And if you’re ever lonely I can always come and see ya! Bye Stell!”

Turning back to his partner, Motto sighed heavily and melted into the tractor’s seat. “I think that this is getting serious Doc.”

“Motto. You shouldn’t get involved with team members.”

“What? Come on Doc! We’re adults here! Plus, I’m not sure I can fend her off.”

“She’s not interested in you like that Motto. She was merely being frien-“

“ARE YOU KIDDING? Did you see the way she ..she talking about BONDING DOC. And she wanted my picture for crying out loud!”

“I was in the picture too.”

“But obviously she doesn't want to date you, Doc.”

“Really now? Are you sure about that?”

Motto sat up suddenly and stared at his good friend. Doc was grinning and it looked like he might even chuckle.

“Are you going to steal her from me?” He didn’t like that possibility. Doc was way more powerful than he was, and smarter too. Maybe he’d have to watch them kiss and stuff! That would totally suck.

The burly man’s shoulders drooped and his expression wilted. “Motto. I’m making it a rule. No dating team members. That way we’re both able to focus on the mission. I know it’s difficult Motto, but it’s part of being a leader.”

“………….” Motto knew Doc was right. But he hated it. “Fine.”

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Motto trying to smash but Stike ain't having it. A solid normal thread, not too to comment on here.

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