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[Completed]Spike X Dorn

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October 1st, 2017, 12:23 am #1

“Did I stutter?” *

this received mixed results in room 204 during second period. The timid, straight A students looked absolutely horrified while the miscreants, jocks, and stoners were intrigued. Of course there were a few neutrals; a scrubby girl wearing a cheerleading uniform, a goth boy, and an attractive young man with a noticeable bulge in his pants.

“But how can we even do that?” A pretty blonde was beginning to fall apart. Home economics was supposed to be a fluff class, not some psycho cooking college prep thing. “I didn’t sign up for this.”

“Then leave.” Dorn shot back in a sweet tone. Another visible wince from the diligent group. “Honestly, I’m teaching you the basics. Anything less is for primates. Are you a primate?” Before the mortified girl could answer, Dorn tossed her an apron. Another landed on the goth’s head, while more were caught by the jocks and miscreants. After each student had been equipped, the new teacher donned her own white apron and gathered her lengthy white hair into a messy bun.

“Scones are one of the most common pastries, yet they can be extremely diverse. Two of you will make the same exact one, but they will taste completely different. Why? Because details matter. On your feet.” *

Four weeks earlier-

Dorn was minding her business when she heard it. A panicked message left on the machine. The muscular man to her right didn’t wake up when the phone rang, and Dorn simply continued to smoke as the nervous girl’s voice rattled on about her concerns. So the football coach was that kind of man, was he? Good for him. He certainly was a practiced lover..nicely endowed too. The sleeping man next to her currently drooling on his pillow was probably in his late twenties. He’d probably taught dozens of highschool girls some valuable life lessons. Dorn’s thoughts halted at the word, “magic”. The girl on the machine was speaking quickly in a hushed tone.

“ the locker room. I know it sounds crazy but I saw it with my own eyes! I don’t know what to do. I’m hiding in a locker. But he was lifted off the floor coach! Like in the movies! Now he’s doing weird shit. Shit. Oh MY GOD! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!”- The call ended and Dorn exhaled smoke. That was … amusing.

A week later, she was idly flicking through the same man’s texts while he snored lightly beside her. Apparently another teacher was concerned about some bizarre and terrifying event that occurred in study hall. Dorn was intrigued. It was when the local news announced the deaths of two teachers that she decided to see for herself what sort of dark things were happening at Brighton Academy.

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October 1st, 2017, 2:36 am #2

Going undercover for a mission was one of those things Spike didn't realize he wanted until he had it. Something about pretending to be another person and living through what you imagined their life to be like was somewhat like taking a vacation in his opinion. A trip away from one's regular life. For the time being the man was no longer Spike Basquiat, mediocre Hunter, and instead Travis Yeager, intrepid driving instructor!

The students in each of Mr. Yeager's classes had adjusted to his presence pretty well since the death of his predecessor, Mr. Honeycutt, a month ago. It was that death and several over fatalities and disturbances that Spike had been sent to investigate for the foreseeable future, at least until he caught the killer. This wasn't the first time several faculty members at a school had been killed and crime sprees erupted among the student body without any provocation. The Hunter Association had a few leads, but no suspect for this particular serial killer.

The only thing for sure was that they used and abused students, then abandoned them like trash with no memory of the event. A dossier he'd been given revealed the association had started formally addressed this monster as the Hive Killer. Spike was catch him before he left to terrorize another school, and hopefully before he killed again.

Mr. Yeager was a kind and patience man, but the professional driver underneath the facade felt like pulling his hair out over some terrible students he was charged with training. Some simply really weren't aware enough of the surrounding environment to be on the road, yet the ones who thought themselves master motorists already were the worst. Letting them behind the wheel had nearly gotten him killed several times, whether from them darting through traffic or trying to sloppily drift into corners at too high a speed.

Thirty days of this crap was really starting to wear of the hunter's nerves.

Mr. Yeager still looked the part of professional educator as he sped through the hallways; sporting a khaki blazer with patches on the elbows, brown wing tips, khaki pants and a striped dress shirt. He had worn a brown tie earlier, but had snatched it off in frustration during last period. Notably the faux teacher had traded his omnipresent beanie for a pair of square black framed glasses. They weren't prescription, but he felt they really sold the look.

Spike gingerly opened the door to the Teacher's Lounge a few rooms down from room 204 to see if any of the particular chatty fellow educators were inside, but quickly entered with a smirk once he saw it was empty. The smile only got wider when he noticed there was still hot coffee in the pot and cherry Danish in the vending machine.

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October 1st, 2017, 2:40 am #3

Shortly after the academy’s new driving instructor had entered the teacher’s lounge, Dorn burst in with a cigarette already in her lips. The door slammed behind her while she lit up and inhaled. Eyes closed, the white-haired home economics teacher lifted her chin and blew out a luxorious stream of smoke. Things were well underway with her pupils, but the handsome young man with the obvious hardon was … well she needed a break. There was a slight coloration in Dorn’s cheeks as she visualized several scenarios in the quiet little room. She could sense the other, but it was of no importance. He’d probably mention that this campus was smoke free or some such thing. Or perhaps he was enjoying the little ensemble she put together; an alteration of sorts with her white blouse hugging tight enough to create innocent openings between buttons. Of course a lacy red bra beneath. Dorn’s kaki skirt was regulation length, only she’d cut a slit allowing a generous amount of thigh to show whenever she moved. Yes, Mr. Teacher man was probably enjoying the shit out of that.

Blue eyes opened enough to find the ceiling, and Dorn continued to smoke quietly. It was too soon for youthful distractions…she’d made plans to watch the wrestling team later that week and that would suffice. For now, Dorn wanted to focus and let the Hive Killer make himself known. One way or another she’d find him. Them. Whatever. Probably a decent nen-user to have so much success already. Regardless, their modus operandi was delightful. All the killing and fear and whatnot.

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October 1st, 2017, 3:05 am #4

Irritation had evaporated from Spike's stressed nerves under the soothing force of good fortune for once. He even began to hum a jaunty tune he'd caught on the radio as he poured himself a tall cup of coffee, up until the door opened then slammed. Instead of another musical note a pained grunt escaped the hunter's throat as scalding hot brown liquid dribbled from the pot all over his hand and wrist.

Pain had become so much of a companion in the last year Spike had gotten almost used to it by now, but damn did it still make him mad as hell. "What the hell is wrong with you!? Slamming doors and shit!" He yelled over his shoulder, not caring if it was the janitor or the principal at that moment. Putting down the pot and the half-filled cup, the hunter took a few steps to the left to wash his hands and his jacket cuff.

It only took a few seconds of trying to fight the stains to realize it was a lost cause, so Spike went back to getting coffee and daring the universe to shit on his day further. Thankfully, he managed to top off his cup then add cream and sugar without any further incident; however, the vending machine would not accept any of the bills he had on him. Without thinking he drew back his fist and formed Kou around his fist, only holding back because the Danish wouldn't likely survive him letting off steam.

With coffee in hand Spike crossed the room and sat heavily down on an old couch against the wall. It wasn't the most comfortable piece of furniture he'd sat on, but it went a long way in helping his mood. That and the nicotine from the second hand smoke was certainly helping as well. The hunter raised an eyebrow and finally panned to look over the room, and found the source of the relaxing chemicals coursing through his veins: that hot teacher from home ec.

"Morning." Spike stated bluntly, taking a long sip off his coffee. Sadly, it had definitely been on for far too long, tasting absolutely burnt.

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October 1st, 2017, 3:09 am #5

She’d been vaguely aware of Spike’s coffee dilemma but it wasn’t until the surge of aura to his fist that Dorn’s interest piqued. Well that was easy. The Hive Killer was right here in front of her. Life’s random quirks delighted Dorn to no end, always being in and of themselves beautiful and good, but also they made her feel powerful. Most people didn’t like surprises and odd twists. They didn’t handle them well and most of the time, people were disarmed (more or less) by fate’s tricks. But not her. No, Dorn thrived in chaos. Here, in this shabby little teacher’s lounge was the one she sought. A handsome young man with a chip on his shoulder, possibly edgy but with enough natural poise to mark him as something more.

Either he was playing games and keeping the majority of his talent concealed, or……?? Also, he didn’t seem to care about her own pool of energy. Unless her Zetsu was actually effective against him? What a clever little fuck. Well, not that little. The need to see him use his hatsu was strong.


Dorn remembered her cigarette and brought it to her lips in an effort to appear indifferent, but it was too hasty and her eyes were glued to Spike. His build was appealing enough, the pants did his lower half justice from what she could tell. This man wasn’t a nerd who happened to be attractive, he was an attractive man who happened to be nerdy.

“Well. Look at you.” What a fucking delicious little piece of ass. “You are very tempting. Mmmm. Fuck it.” Dorn put her cigarette out on the door frame and tossed the butt into the garbage before removing her apron. “This is cute and everything, this little game? But I’m not here to play as much as I am to take.” *

Destiny handed her the Hive Killer. Why beat around the bush? Dorn smiled and flared two thirds of herself into the aggressive form.
[+] spoiler
she is applying the technique of Ren but Dorn is self taught, so she is unfamiliar with the traditional terms

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October 1st, 2017, 5:04 am #6

After that initial sip a sour expression formed across Spike's face as he stared down into the tainted brew, but slowly it shifted into mild acceptance with a jaded gaze. He downed another long, disgusting sip without any more protest this time. He'd wanted coffee and he got coffee, that was something, even if it tasted like something drained from the engine compartment of a semi-truck. The hunter was going for a third when the home ec. hottie approached and started the weirdest pick up lines he'd ever heard.

"Ummm...sorry if I'm getting mixed signals here, but are you making a pass at me?" Spike calmly asked, finishing that third nasty sip then laying the cup aside on a nearby table. He hadn't exactly been checking the hottie out for her Aura earlier, but the burst she suddenly put out certainly stood out. The hunter's eyes opened slightly wider just looking at the sheer energy she was displaying, but didn't visibly flinch in her presence.

However, under the surface Spike was sweating bullets at just how this situation had unfolded. For once he had been the impulsive one, only he didn't have an ounce of Motto's luck to help survive his blunder. Slowly he rose to his feet with a stoic expression, before defiantly blasting his own feeble Ren as strong as he could muster. "You know, I hadn't expected the Hive Killer to be a woman, but I guess that's my fault in the end." The hunter bantered with a smile, while his mind desperately thought of escape plans.

Going through the wall certainly seemed like the best option.

"If I wasn't so sure you weren't gonna try to kill me, I'd take you up on whatever you had in mind. This couch could fit two with ease..." Spike added in the same jovial cadence, seconds before sprinting directly to the left into a horrendously painted wall. The drywall gave way with ease against even his weak Nen, and within seconds he found himself landing on his feet at the front of an Algebra II class.

"Damn, this building was built cheap..." Was all the hunter stated to the class with a grin, before sprinting out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him. Spike no longer cared if the staff started to think Mr. Yeager was a little strange, running like this around confused students in the halls, he had to get out of the school and hopefully call the Nen police. He would definitely need backup if the killer had strength to back up that aura.

Why did it have to be the hot one?

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October 1st, 2017, 12:03 pm #7

Blue eyes narrowed at the driving instuctor’s response. So he fancied himself a fucking comedian did he? Dorn hated him with his smug little sip of his stupid little coffee and his brave little face. Her own features twitched as the man stood and made his condescending remarks. Even if he was far more powerful than her, she would fucking kill him anyway. She’d ended lives far less pathetic than his.

As good as she was at rolling with the punches, Dorn was genuinely caught off guard by the sex offer. It was a pleasant surprise and a short lived one. Rage flickered in her womanly being upon the realization that the little smart ass had distracted her to make a run for it. It was strange to see such a fine specimen move as slow as he did…or had she simply become faster? Spike broke through the wall and Dorn grinned. He was too easy. He was toying with her.. probably. Or could it be that this man was actually fleeing? After all, his comment about the Hive Killer was a bit ironic. Was it possible that Mr. Sexy Nerd was also looking to catch the nen-fiend? His actions certainly didn’t reflect that..he was running away instead of subduing her. An image of his hands clamped on her wrists while atop her caused Dorn’s smile to widen. Whatever that guy was, she wasn’t finished with him yet.

Dorn stepped through the messy new opening in the teacher’s lounge and prepared her eye contact technique. Noticing Spike’s route of escape, Dorn allowed him to get through the door before catching up with him in the corridor.

“Why don’t you save that energy for the couch.” * Guessing the general direction of her prey’s path, Dorn circled round to stop in it. She did so without giving the driving instructor much time to react of course, nothing like seeing a grown man realize he’s no match. If all went according to her forming fantasies, she would trap the handsome stranger in her gaze and put him in his damn place.

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October 1st, 2017, 1:03 pm #8

In his haste to escape, Spike must've left his normally excellent intuition behind in Algebra, because it took him by surprise when the Hive Killer suddenly appeared in his path. In that instant he couldn't think of alternate routes or jumping out the window, just stopping from running into her. Going from full sprint to sudden halt filled the hallway with a screech of rubber soles against linoleum and twin trails of black streaks for nearly two feet.

At the end of making those skidmarks the hunter actually hit a patch of waxed floor that had survived the student's daily onslaught, leaving him to slip and fall on his back in front of his enemy. As Spike laid there helpless on his back as a beautiful killer looked down at him and the laughter of teenagers filled the air, this oddly felt like how he imagined he'd go out. Overpowered by what he wanted most and laughed at by those supposed to respect him.

The hunter slowly rose to his feet with what dignity his aching back could muster, dusting himself off before addressing his murder for the afternoon."Well, guess we better get back to that couch, right? I think I feel a second wind coming along" Spike replied to her sultry words, actually still terrified to his core about what she really had in mind. Having people do horrible things against their will did seem to be her MO before killing them.

"Hive, I gotta know at least one thing before we get down to business: why target primarily children and teenagers? Just sick thrills?"

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October 1st, 2017, 2:33 pm #9

Most would find Spike’s skidding stop funny. Most would laugh or at least smile in spite of themselves when he hit the floor. Dorn merely continued to observe him with interest. He was not easy to read, and for that reason she liked him. This awkward man with his coffee, his dry banter, his belt begging to be undone… she would make him moan dammit.

" Well, guess we better get back to that couch, right? I think I feel a second wind coming along"

Dorn wondered if he would attempt to run again, or escape somehow. It was highly doubtful her prey would simply let her fuck him without another word. Ah. He did have more words..

Eyes narrowing and matching his with subtle pulses (if he happened to meet her stare), Dorn cocked her head to the side and spoke to him with little regard for the curious students all around them.

“I’m not the killer you idiot. I am possibly worse than they are, but that’s beside the point.” *Stepping in closer, she reached down to slide a hand up underneath his belt before giving it a tug. Whether or not she managed to actually do it, Dorn smiled at her new interest. Something about the dorky man’s attempts at bravery was charming. Begging to be crushed really.

“I will only give you pleasure. Pleasure you’ve never even hoped to have. Yes yes.. you think I’m exaggerating. Only one way to find out mm? Are you afraid? Mmmmmm haha, I don’t blame you. However, I’ve decided not to destroy you. So.. lucky you.” *

Considering how the driving instructer had behaved up until now, Dorn expected him to rebel his delightful fate; making it more fun. If for some other reason she’d guessed wrong, it would be a problem. Nothing a little knife in the throat couldn’t solve of course.

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October 1st, 2017, 2:50 pm #10

Spike was having to work very hard to not sweat with the terror coursing through his veins being this close to this crazy woman, yet somehow managing to keep his cool composure. At least until his eyes trailed up her face and met hers. In that moment she became his world; his purpose for existing, his goddess. The world that was before was swept away, leaving this woman as the hunter's everything. If not for her holding his belt he would've fallen to his hands and knees, to give his goddess the devotion and worship she deserved.

As the honeyed words drifted into Spike's ears a blissful smile spread across his lips, but also soft tears fell from his eyes. Just being in this woman's presence was a joy he had never really experienced in life. He wept for this blessed privilege of her grace, and for all the false happiness he'd thought to have achieved. It was all pointless, his life a pathetic waste of vain pursuits, until he finally lucked upon the true way of living.

He was unworthy, but blessed.

It started as just a sway in his midsection, but the hunter's hips gently started to thrust forward against her grip on his belt. Her humble worshiper longed not for sensual pleasures with this act, just to be led by his goddess where she willed, to be of service anyway he could. He belonged to her.

On Spike thrusted into the air, just praying in his head that she found a use for such a lowly one such as he.