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The little thing was being honest with her. Harlequin truly believed himself to be a banished King. His behavior wasn’t like any King she’d met, and Dorn had met a few.. but perhaps fairies were different. Something was off about his wings.. but she let it go. For now, all that seemed amusing was his obvious innocence. It would be much too easy to take it from him.. so Dorn toyed with the idea of making things interesting.

‘You are so sweet and simple. I think I’ll darken your soul. Make it so that you will try to seduce me..I’m that good little fairy King. Yes.. yes.. you will be in charge.. you will control.. you will sin.’ *

Dorn sat back in her stool and decided to use her Eye Contact technique on him. Just to make a bit more of connection..get things started officially. Did this little King have a fairy lover somewhere? Probably not, given how candid the little man seemed, he would most assuredly mentioned it in his sad tale of banishment. Probably he drank to take the edge off of his loneliness. And now that she thought of it, he’d sang two distinctly romantic songs when they’d first met. Yes yes.. this was going to play out well. She’d let him woo her and give him quite a thrill. was rather nice to be doted on. But only in the most shallow way of course. Genuine affection wasn’t even possible towards a wretch like herself.

“Bartender! Another round please, might as well make it two more rounds hah!” *

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A chuckled at the comment she made to the bartender, it was funny because I didn't think I would be here long, but apparently she had other plans. I decided to take her up on that offer, I drank my first round pretty quickly, however I couldn't take my eyes off of her, almost like some unknown force was pulling me. However, looking at her now she was quite pretty and well built.

I decided to challenger her to a bet,

"Why don't we see who can finish their drink the fastest, whoever wins has to give the other person something."

I said with confidence as I was assured that I could win, I had practically been drinking my whole life, but I still didn't know if she could handle it, we would have to see.

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September 2nd, 2016, 10:04 pm #13

“Oh ho ho..How could I possibly turn that down?” * Dorn laughed flirtatiously. The little fairy King was already primed and ready. He would look simply adorable on a leash. He would be her little toy after all. Singing siad songs in a golden cage, begging for more kisses with a feverish blush and shedding little fairy tears for her. She wanted to make him bleed a little, and cry. It would help with her own unbearable suffering.

She was feeling fairly buzzed already and so she simply sipped her drink and smiled at him. “I wonder what you will give me Harlequin. I have my guesses but I want it to be a surprise so I won’t any more about it. I like you, Harlequin. I’m quite glad to have met you. Do you think that perhaps we are meant to be together? You and I? I think there’s something special you feel it too? I hope it doesn’t sound too odd. I just say things sometimes.” *

Dorn batted her eyelashes at her small companion and bit her lip a trifle before using Eye Contact.

When would the pain go away? Why did she need to suffer so much? It was wretched.. unacceptable. If only she could be free of it. No matter. So be it. So be it. Time to carry on and do what needed to be done.

[+] spoiler
Hatsu Name: Eye Contact
Type: Supportive
Hatsu Category: Manipulation
Hatsu Rank: 3
Description: Dorn’s irises pulse in sync with the set of eyes she makes contact with; triggering a release of serotonin in the target, as well as drawing out the target’s subconscious. Essentially a euphoric form of hypnosis. This holds the attention of Dorn’s target, and puts them into a somewhat docile state.
Requires 1 post to prepare
To Activate: Must make eye contact with target
Duration: Up to 3 posts
Must be in the physical presence of the target
Both parties must be conscious

Range: This depends on Dorn’s eyesight as well as the one she is using it on. As long as both parties are able to see one another’s eyes, it can take effect. Dorn has 20/15 vision.
On those with half of Dorn’s aura threshold this will have the strongest effect:
Complete loss of awareness of surroundings
Total focus on Dorn
Relaxed and happy
Extremely difficult to break the connection

On those with an aura threshold equal to Dorn’s (within five points weaker or stronger):
significant decrease in awareness of surroundings
Considerable focus on Dorn
Noticeable decrease in physical tension as well as mental
Breaking the connection is difficult but possible

On those with aura thresholds greater than Dorn’s. (6 points and up):
Slight blurring of awareness
Attention is called to Dorn
A mildly pleasant overall sensation
Breaking free of connection is simple
Cooldown: 3 posts


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I was having my drink when she asked the question of whether we were meant to be together, I spat out my drink in surprise, unfortunately I was looking at her and spilt on her dress.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm really, really, REALLY sorry, I didn't mean to do that, you just alarmed me."

I decided to use my pillow as it had excellent absorption properties, unfortunately I accidentally touched her in the upper body area, I instantly felt embarrassed and decided to give her my pillow instead, however I still had to hold on to it so I decided to grab the edge of it and I looked away while she did it, I liked to give women their privacy, as much as I was tempted I decided to look away.

"I'm really sorry again, anyways once you are done drying yourself, should we get started?"

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“Get started? Harlequin, I’ve already won. Pfffffff hahahahha!” * Dorn pointed a finger at the little fairy King and it touched his nose. She wiped off as much as she could while smirking at the polite little creature and snickered a little at the situation.

‘When’s the last time you got laid little fairy boy huh? Do you fairies even have sex? I’m so awful hahahaa!’ *

“Such a cutie. Sing for me. I wanna hear a song King. Do you know any songs for drinking? Mm? I bet you know so many songs haha.. Is that….how you make money? Do you have money? Pfffffffffffff. I don’t. I hardly ever have any money! Hahahaha! I just do what I want, when I want. It’s honestly more fun that way. hahaha. It’s amazing what you can accomplish without a single dime Harlequin. Money is stupid, everything is stupid..I hate everything. Hahahaha. I wish I was never brought into this stupid awful world. I’m so lonely and bored all the time Harlequin. Am I pretty? Do you like my hair? I mean it’s white, you know? I’m not old.. so it’s like I’m old but I’m not. I hate it. I hate me. Ha.” *

Dorn threw her glass at the bartender, only to have it miss and smash against the wall, splattering it’s contents over a large portion of the area.

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I was confused when she said the she had already won, perhaps I just wasn't paying attention, maybe she said that we started, it didn't matter. If she did win then their's a limit to what she can do.

She then asked me to play a song, like she hasn't heard me play before, I decided to not sing as we were in a bar and I might look a little stupid to just randomly start singing.

"I don't make money either but I think if you keep breaking their glasses you might kick us both out and we might have to pay for it, so that's one of the main problems. Not to mention I've already been accused of a crime, so I can't let that happen."

I wasn't really concerned about the other people but I didn't want us to get kicked out, after all, we haven't gotten drunk yet.

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“Blah blah blah. BORING.” The woman rolled her eyes and sighed. “I feel like doing something exciting. Hey! You! Bartender boy. Take off your shirt! Hahahah!” *

Dorn slipped off her stool a little and laughed again.

“Hey lady, calm down or you’re cut off.” The bartender wasn’t happy with the white-haired customer now. Sure she was nice-looking and flirty but she was stirring up trouble too. Not the good kind either.

“Oh please! You like it when I look at you and throw things!” * Dorn waved a dismissive hand before passing out. She hadn’t had very much to drink, but Dorn didn’t take into account the complete lack of food for the past two days.

She fell straight forward, banging her head into a table on the way down.

“Oh for cryin’ out loud.” The bartender muttered and tossed the towel he held over his shoulder while leaning over to look at the unconscious woman. He glanced up at the short guy with the pillow and pointed at him.

“Get her outta here, and I don’t wanna see either of you in my bar again.”

Everyone else in the place continued to drink, throw darts, and laugh among themselves. This pretty much happened every night. The bartender would always kick them out and someone new would come in to do the same thing. It was the usual routine of things.

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"You've got to be kidding! I just got here!"

I wasn't surprised that this woman got us kicked out, she seemed like the type to cause trouble wherever she went, even so, I was still angry with her but I decided not to hold a grudge. She was past drunk and went straight to being unconscious. I decided to use Chastiefol to carry her as my arms and body were too weak, however I needed to be touching the pillow, so I decided that I might as well lie on it with her, not get to close as I don't she would have liked it if she found me sleeping to close to her.

As I got out of the tavern with her on Chastiefol, I looked up at the starry sky and noticed a few constellations, I didn't know where she lived so I decided to let her sleep on Chastiefol for the night, I guess I could sleep right next to her as the pillow was quite big, not to mention the ground was super hard. So I decided to plump Chastiefol and went to sleep, I actually fell asleep quite quickly. In my dream, or rather a nightmare, I had gone through the events of my past over and over again, trying over and over to fix it, any way I tried I would always fail.

I woke up the next morning with my face on something soft, as I rose my head I only just realised what I was lying on, it turned out to be her BOOBS! I instantly jumped back in complete shock, I was scared that she might have killed me if she found out, so I decided to keep quiet and just relax until she awoke.

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Dorn laughed as she sat up.

“Well. I certainly didn’t expect you to be the sort who took advantage of poor helpless women Harlequin.” * She grinned wickedly only to stop and bring a hand to her head.

“Nnn. Too much smiling too soon. Quickly little fairy. Give me your arm. I need the blood of the innocent for this hangover.” *

Eyes shut in pain, the woman beckoned im patiently to the little groper. Whether or not his intimate activity had been deliberate, she would tease him about it until the end of time. That and mess with him in general. Harlequin was an easy target. Small and pure and earnest. It was her duty to tamper with him if not kill him outright. Creatures like that were honestly begging for it. Little wandering protagonists without a villain.

She’d gladly play the role for him. Only Dorn liked to overdo it, and make her brave little heroes wish themselves less bold. It was her secret favorite; to undo the private ambitions of others. To identify their dreams and ruin them. To take away the light at the end of their fucking tunnels and snuff it out permanently.

No one should be happy. Because there was no such thing.

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