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× General Information

Name: Dorn
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 140
Species: human
Appearance: Tall, slender, and pale with long white hair. An oblong face with deep-set aegean eyes and pointy nose. Dorn is typically dressed in soft flowing dresses in a single bold color, anywhere from bright green to deep wine. She always wears simple short black heels, and no jewelry of any kind. A large ugly scar can be seen on her chest; an angry scarlet mark that is highly noticeable against her pale skin.

[+] Spoiler
Profession: Dorn is unemployed but considers herself free.
Reputation: 528
(Rank E)
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Birthday: unknown, she considers herself a year older every October

Personality: Dorn is highly capable of making friends and appearing quite pleasant, as well as evoking sympathy from others or desire. Dorn became an expert in reading others and conforming to their innate wishes as she survived her childhood, and now uses this skill to manipulate people. Occasionally Dorn will play the role of damsel in distress to convenience herself, but mostly she enjoys making others uneasy and watching them suffer. In these moments, an inner balance is restored and Dorn’s own pain is diminished. Evil Chaotic.

Origin: Raised by adoptive parents from infancy she was abused and treated like a slave. No love was shown towards the child and she was punished more than the others. Dorn was one of several orphans under the cruel care of the uneducated and greedy couple. Dorn was the only one who did not cower in their wake and often got into trouble and punished in cruel ways as a result. Dorn was highly imaginative and typically retreated into her mind to cope with the dark situation she usually found herself in. The girl was also sickly, falling ill frequently and suffering from a small painful irregularity in her spine. Dorn learned to keep to herself and meditate often (unintentionally, thus bringing about her awakening naturally over time in solitude). She began to torture her siblings under the guise of play, but deep down a sadistic path was established.

Dorn left “home” at the age of sixteen and traveled alone. She worked one odd job after another in search of something that met her interests but was never satisfied
Thread History:
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Total:110 SP, 30,390,000 Jenni, 261 RP
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Total: 25 SP, 6,512,750 Jenni, 68 RP
Total: 135 SP, 36,902,750 Jenni, 329 RP
[+] Spoiler
Total: 44 SP, 8,803,375 Jenni, 109 RP
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Total: 41 SP, 78 RP, 6,575,000 Jenni, 40 Event Tokens
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Total Spent:
Total Gained:
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Jenni: 52,281,125
Total Jenni Spent: 0
Event Tokens: 40
× Physical Statistics
Aura: 51 (84)
Might: 3
Agility: 45 (60)
Endurance: 45 (60)
Accuracy: 45 (60)

× Nen Techniques

Basic Nen Techniques

Hatsu Affinity: Manipulator

Hatsu Theme:
General Hatsu Description:
General Hatsu Conditions:
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Hatsu Name: Hell Hair
Type: Supportive
Hatsu Category: Manipulation
Hatsu Rank: 3
Description: Dorn extends her own hair and dress dramatically; separating them into long segments. She commands her segmented form to move as she wills (sometimes without her direct thought). Dorn’s Hell Hair is quite fast.
Conditions and limitations:
  • All strands are connected to Dorn, otherwise they are useless.
  • Duration: 20% of Dorn's Max Endurance
  • Dorn must commit 4% of her Aura to each segment.
  • Each segment has only 3 might, unless she combines them. (up to 25 segments total)
  • The ability is strongly affected by her mood, if Dorn is moved to tears, laughter, or happiness, her power fades rapidly.
Range: 100 feet
Effect: Dorn’s hair grows and seems to have a mind of it’s own! She can have up to 25 free-moving segments. Each with it’s own endurance of equal to that of her own and an agility equal to her aura. She can attack and defend with her hellish hair, but mostly Dorn just likes fucking with people.
Cooldown: 10 % of Dorn's aura.
× Non-Nen Techniques
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Technique Name: Shrewd Observer
Technique Category: Perception
Type: Supportive
Range: approximately a football field's length in ideal conditions for facial expressions, for general body language 1 mile in ideal conditions.
Technique Rank: 8
Description: Dorn is extremely talented at noticing intricacies such as facial movements, body language, and movement (rhythm of breathing or lack thereof, pulse, overall or localized muscle tension, etc.) She picks up on signs and behaviors and uses this to dictate how she will act in order to best manipulate who she observes.

Technique Name: Best Supporting Actress
Technique Category: Acting
Type: Supportive
Range: within range of her target's sight
Technique Rank: 8
Description: Dorn is gifted at performing rather convincing acts of varying degrees of emotion as well as personality traits. She is a bit of chameleon, hardly revealing her genuine feelings. This technique had been honed since early childhood.

Technique Name: Master Baker
Technique Category: Culinary
Type: Supportive
Range: Self
Technique Rank: 4
Description: Dorn is extremely capable with pastries and sweets. Not only able to craft confections with ease, but also to work without recipes.


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Quick question on Allure, does it target a specific person, or it its used in a room, will it effect everyone in said room?

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No, it does not target a specific person. If used in a room, it will effect everyone in said room.
(if conditions apply: must be attracted to females and close enough to detect scent. If the room is large and with fans.. not necessarily)

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