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On a farm with luscious green fields, where crops are being harvested and animals freely roam around is where we begin. The focal point is not on this, but instead on the happenings outside of a caravan on the same farm. Several gypsy men are in some sort of a dispute. Two of them were shirtless, and it appeared they could have been brothers as they had matching gold chains round their neck, and a pair of pants that had identical pictures of dragons on their butt. Another was a seriously obese man, with a tank top, and a pair of underwear on. The obese man had something to say to the other two guys in GYPSY speak.

"This is going to you… Junkie Joy Joyce COX.

Ya… junkies BASTARD ya. Right. This is goin’ to you now… a tuna never had a son. That bit an O’Donellahan… DID YA HEAR ME!"

He cups his hand around his ear questioning whether they could listen, despite the two men being right next to him.

"Right… do camera on? Luke you comin on it was you who told e you were salivating Tommy in Navan. I owlyuwly…Tommy in Navan… damn nay betchu… tree times in the one night… and you cried into Mugatny’s fayce."

The obese gypsy laughed finding the fact that he cried hysterical.

"He told me dat… He’s coming onto me… He wouldn’t box him duh second time. He baked you to box. He cried out Ted Longford onto my Mary’s house in Longford.

He cried like a big child. Tun him right… HE CRIED!

Ya junkies BASTARD ya. Now Listen :o "

The obese gypsy man had quite a vulgar mouth and choice of his words for the other two gypsy brothers.

"I’m glad these boys are out nak carry… your boys furst. I’m not gonna skip dah queue… buy I wanna fight you. Davey first then your son John. He’s the same age as muhself. He’s a prime of his life. I’m in the prime of muh life. I’ve no excuses.

I WAN DEP Davey furst an’ den John.


He tested the resolve of the gypsy brothers to see if they would flip out by giving them a prod on their shoulders.

"Now let’s not hump for the other Joyce Cox. Chalk dial I get out with the other Joyces the sun is gonna go to Joe’s family. It’s all the tape shoot Jamaican and duh DVDs that Jamaican. You’re sayin’ youre duh king of dis and duh king of dat.

You’re the king of DOG SHITE.


The obese gypsy put his hands up ready for a fight. He was finally finished speaking. The gypsy brother then stepped forward and gave their response.

"Yeah you’ll get it back. And we’ll come to your fucking marms house and we’ll fucking do damage. Alright son, I’ll take your marms door off its furking hinges.

You don’t want to mess with us mate. We’ll come in twos. We’ll come in…"

One of the gypsy brother got cutoff by the other brother, and pushed out of the way for a moment.

"Fuck off for a minute our kid

Joe honestly mate… honestly… I’m fucking twenty two, youre twenty one. Me and you we’re a fair match. I got our kid here. He’s fucking 18. He will take your fucking head clean off your fucking shoulders.

I fucking taught him well you understand. Understand me now Josh son. Im the fucking king. Im the fucking man. You see me.. I’m the fucking tank… there is nothing… nothing… nothing you could do to affect me… understand…

So you… I will… fucking disrespect you. I will humiliate you. You fucking bastard ye..

You’re a fucking bastard mate, a little wannabe plastic gangster. While you are plastic. Danno the real deal is fucking fantastic… I’ll smash ya.Right in the fucking chops son. Go on… tell him Joe"

The other brother then stepped back into the forefront.

"Yeah mate… you see us mate we’ll fucking rip you apart mate.. well take you apart mate… ill fucking chew your face away."


The other brother puffed his chest out, and hit himself in the face, getting jacked up.

[color=blue]"I’ll fucking kill ya… see I won’t leave a bone, I’ll fucking eat it all mate. I’m the worst person for you to cross mate."


All three of them then ended up in a bareknuckle fight, and this went on for a considerable length of time.

"What on earth was that you just witnessed? Random right? What purpose did it serve?"

Auburn immediately addressed the strange scene which just occurred.

"What that was… is boys being boys. Or in this particular case Gypsy Boys being Gypsy Boys. I wanted you all to see just how risky GYPSY FOLK can be. That was a home video from England, taken many years ago by me. It was over a dispute a couple of my brothers had with one of my neighbours. Don’t ask me what it was about? I’ve seen it a thousand times but even I get lost trying to figure it out.

Point is… us GYPSY Folk… we are mental… and complete bonkers off our rockers when we want to be."

Auburn was hoping to channel her inner gypsy.

"In my last promo. I teased whether I would show you all who GYPSY Auburn is, or whether I would remain nice Auburn. Unfortunately for you my lovely people, will have to wait just a little bit longer. Because you’re not going to see her tonight. SORRY!"

In an anticlimactic buildup, Auburn had crushed our spirits of us hoping to see a edgier side to her.

"Continuing on from what you say last time and before. After Cosmo Coopers Beach Party was over, I started my long and gruelling journey back to Vegas, back to normality, and back to my wrestling development."

For what took me all eternity to reach Miami and what I thought was the greatest party of the Summer, I would now have to do it all over again with another demanding fifty hour journey of hitching, pit stops, and by wheeling or dealing my way back to base, to get back to where I belonged.

If I thought Cosmo Coopers Beach Bash was wicked awesome, it would about to get even more wicked awesomer as I geared up for preparation for Summer Breakdown.

I had one day of freedom down in Miami. However as soon as it was over, I knew what my priorities were and it was back to the daily grind of proving myself as a professional wrestler. I was acutely mindful that the work I needed to put in to improve was far from finished."

Auburn was well aware that the work was far from over, and she needed polishing up, but she was in a hurry.

"In a race against time, I would have to hurry to Las Vegas for a wrestling booking that same day with Proving Grounds Wrestling. I would have to defy the laws of logic and the time continuum to make it back. For just as big as my opportunity with High Stakes Wrestling at Summer Breakdown was, my opportunity at PGW on its show Destiny, was just as big as I was going to come up against three opponents just as I potentially could do at Summer Breakdown… well two or only one if you wanted to be technical about it… but I prepared for any eventuality and any possibility, because anything could happen.

The reward should I survive a test like that in PGW… a title opportunity for the Valor Championship against an extremely talented wrestler named Merlot Ayano. I was not allowed to reveal what happened that night in PGW, because after an almost two week tape delay the world now finally knows…Shock Horror… I WON!

What’s the relevance of letting that information be known when it has nothing to do with HSW. What’s the point of me promoting another company, and another show. That’s not what I’m doing. The point I’m trying to make is…

That takes my record in America to five victories, and zero losses. Two victories in HSW, Two victories in PGW, One victory in CWC. But who Is keeping count? Not me Right??? TEHEHEHEHE!"

Auburn found it funny, because she was keeping count.

"I do not let wrestling records define me. I let what I do the moment the bell rings, till the moment the bell stops ringing define WHO I AM. I put on a show, and the greatest wrestling match you have ever seen, because I make sure you get your moneys worth. Does not matter whether there is only three people in the crowd, or a thousand. For I simply LOVE what I DO. For what I DO… is JUST WRESTLE!
That is all I have been doing every day since I got to America. I HAVE BEEN WRESTLING. DAY IN. DAY OUT.

Working from company to company, taking every booking I get. I have wrestled people, squirrels in the park, rattlesnakes and scorpions in the middle of the Nevada desert, a mop in a bathroom, a river for a sip of water, imaginary friends who did not want to play tag, and my own demons from making sure I do not show the world the nasty GYPSY inside of me, instead showing you all the NICE AUBURN that you have all grown so fond of… MWAH!"

She hoped the world liked the genuine Auburn that she was thus far.

"The more experience I can get from wherever and whenever will only help me to grow and blossom into a true wrestling superstar. I have wrestled them all, not because I am unable to hold a stable job, because I can, wherever I go I give my undivided attention and my absolute all to put on a performance of a lifetime for you guys. I do this because it is pretty simply. I NEED THE MONEY, AND I REALLY NEED THE MONEY TO SIMPLY SURVIVE. Not to spend on items of luxury or for my own selfishness. I simply need Money for Food. But I do not need your charity… which is why I will work wherever there is work available.

I have not been given ten years to figure it out like Eli has with his many metamorphoses’ and transformations to get it right. I do not have the privilege of coming from a family of wrestlers and after being viewed as the little girl, wanting to step out of the shadows and into my own limelight like Mizore. I am not like James, constantly misunderstood and not taken seriously when he doesn’t take himself seriously as a threat forever living in a fire that gets put out as easy as blowing on a candle.

I have only been in AMERICA for just over a month. ONE MONTH! AND LOOK HOW FAR I HAVE COME IN MY JOURNEY!

I AM Starving and hungry for success. It is what gives me a burning desire to go out there and taste it, because when you have an empty stomach, you build up an appetite. My appetite for HSW, is humungous."

She rubbed her stomach as hunger struck.

"I am the Champion you deserve to have more than anybody else because I want this not for myself. I want this for each and all of you. I want to win the HSW World Title to say THANK YOU to the HSW Universe! Thank you for believing in me, falling in love with everything that I do. Thank you for investing in my stock, allowing me to show the world what I can do, when everyone else thought I was not worth it. IF I WIN THE TITLE, it will not just be mine, it will be All of YOURS! Only difference is when it will be around my waist, it will look really pretty. Totes ADORABLE!

You guys gave me my first big break in Wrestling in the USA, and I will never ever forget that. I owe you my gratitude, and I will give you MY LIFE TO SHOW you that when you invested in me, when you believed in me. YOU HIT THE JACK POT! I am that magic pot of Gold amidst the rainbow that you have all been seeking for and longing for. But I did not start out like that. What I started out as was a lump of coal.

And If you want to know what you have with a lump of coal… you stick it under immense pressure… That pressure… does one of two things. The pressure either causes it… to crumble and turn to dust and render it useless… or that pressure turns it into the diamond… that you always HOPED… it could be. The question I know have to ask myself is… do I crumble… or when put under pressure, do I blast through the heat of the furnace and do I become the diamond that HSW have invested in?

For… the pressure… is on. Can I handle the heat?"

She was not phased by the acid test which lied ahead of her at Summer Breakdown.

"Eli. I know you are still upset that after I posted a picture of me in an onesie, then asked you to show me a picture of you in an onesie, you thought there was some love connection between the two of us. Now I readily admitted last time out that there is no doubt some tension in the air and a connection of some sorts.

I’m sorry Babes. I just don’t mix business with pleasure. And when I enter a wrestling ring it is nothing personal, just business.

After Summer Breakdown is done and finished, there is the possibility that something could happen. But you destroyed all of that from ever happening, when you hooked up with Gabrielle Martinez. Genuinely I am happy for you, you deserve love. Seeing two people happy with one another, makes me happy.

But you know what makes me even more happier? Beating you. That whole match we did down at Cosmo Coopers Beach Bash, I’ll hold my hands up to means nothing here. It does not mean I hold an advantage over you. It does not mean you hold an advantage over me. But what it does show is our contrasting attitudes.

That even when I was smashed out of my face, and could not remember a thing, I still had the werewithall in me, like a sixth sense kicking in despite being completely out of, like a wrestling ring general to know where I was and what I was doing, eventhough I knew neither to pick up the win.

That’s what you call a real wrestler. Winning and getting the job done even when I’m at my worst.xs

Now time for Eggshaped Faceman.

[color=violet]"James Ceno. Come out? Come out wherever you are? You are the one most experienced out of all of us. But you have flaked big time. I heard stories how you were this big bad scary dude. But I just don’t see it. I just don’t see that fire in your eyes like I see with Mizore and Eli.

It is a shame because within glimpses you have the potential to be the best HSW has ever seen. You all have the potential to look like a donkeys ass with down syndrome because you are more interested in ruffing up feathers than actually focusing on a true measure of success inside the wrestling ring.

Sucker punching Jack Michaels, making analogies of the way I look like Fray did with her poems. Real Original. Something tells me you and her are in cahoots, and if you are, I can’t wait to hear more of Fray’s poems, but not before I beat you, and put you in your place, which is not winning the HSW World Title. But finishing in last, and being the forgotten one, like you always do."

And of course Mizore.

"Babes. It’s been quite the ride. After Eli and James, I always considered you the biggest threat of them all. I mean you’re just so nice which I covered last time, and you got so much going for you that I would hate to be the one to rain on your parade.

This is put up or shut up time now though. As much as I love you, and win, lose or draw I will hug you to congratulate you whatever happens at Summer Breakdown. But you have to look at me, and believe that I will do what it takes to spoil your dream. Infront of your family, infront of your snowbunnies, infront of Maya, when push comes to shove, I WILL NOT HESISTATE TO KICK YOU OUT AND MELT YOU LIKE AN ICE CUBE FEARS THE SUN!

I could say more, but enough has been said. Let’s put on a Show, and tear the roof off the arena whatever the circumstances

Which is why I am not scared of what could happen at Summer Breakdown. I embrace it come what may. If I lose… I LOSE… Big whoop. If I win… I WIN… FANTASTIC!

The latter is more likely to happen, not because I want to keep a precious streak in tact, but because I want the HSW World Championship to kickstart something I have been dreaming of since I came to this great nation of liberty… THE AMERICAN DREAM!

Ever since my last appearance on Slam, almost three weeks ago, it has been the only thought crossing my mind… CONSTANTLY! It has been the driving force which has helped me to hang in there through some seriously hard times. You may be fooled in thinking I have forgotten about it because I have been supposedly ‘living it up’ and not making the right prepartions. If you were a silly ninny enough to think I have lost sight of reality, and my goals, you would be sadly mistaken. I HAVE NOT!"

She remembered what was important.

"It is a simple yet powerful dream. I came to America with nothing, NADDA. I did not have a single dollar to my name. All I had was hopes and aspirations of making it big in America. For if you make it in this country, the greatest country in planet earth… you can make it anywhere. At first it was not plain sailing. I had to struggle to get here. I had to go through some serious challenges the likes of which none of you will ever face, and I still face those challenges to this day. I live my life in America, in a constant daily struggling. Having to look over my shoulders all the times, wondering if someone is going to take me away from this dream that I have become absorbed in.

I am living in constant paranoia, but I do not let the world see this. Which is why I put on a brave face, smile for you all and do not worry, and simply be happy. There is enough sadness in the world, that If I let the pain win, all hope for humanity is over. If through my joy, I can reach just one person and make a difference to their day, then it is all worth it. If my happiness spreads and causes a person to get infected, where everybody likes everybody and there is lands of opportunities available everywhere then it makes doing all of this worthwhile.

Why is why I choose to put in the work, even when you think I’m not putting in the work. For only with hard work and effort is the AMERICAN DREAM possible.

This is the dream I live for? What are you all LIVING FOR?!?"