The Sugay Sisters (Tala and Jaslene)

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The Sugay Sisters (Tala and Jaslene)

Joined: August 12th, 2017, 5:57 am

August 22nd, 2017, 3:18 pm #1

Team Name: The Sugay Sisters - Double Trouble - Sugay Army
Team Members: Tala and Jaslene Sugay

Manager: N/A
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Theme: "Whore" by In This Moment
Entrance Description:

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[center][size=5][color=deeppink][b] “Go Back to Where You Came From!”[/color]
[color=red]“Give me a dose of #DoubleTrouble!”[/color]
[color=blue]“This fan isn’t apart of the #Sugayarmy!”[/color][/size][/b]

The lights dim low and fans rise to their feet when pink and purple spotlights start waving throughout the arena. "Whore" - In This Moment hits over the P.A. system and a very seductively Sugay Sisters’ titantron start playing.


With the fans filling the arena with boos and even chants of “slut,” Tala and Jaslene Sugay hustle out from behind the black entrance curtains. They have their arms in the air as they antagonize the fans. They pause at the top of the ramp. They lean toward each other and gives each other a peck on the lips before leaning back up. Jaslene slides her hands down the sides of her body while Tala is waving a middle finger to the fans. They grab each other’s left hands and start strutting down the ramp. They pretend to go high-five a fan, but sykes them out as they pull their hands away. They laugh as Tala adjusts her baseball cap. They make their way to the apron and Tala slides beneath the ropes as Jaslene pulls herself up onto the apron by the ropes. Tala kneels up as Jaslene climbs up the second rope and raises her arms. Tala stands on the bottom rope and tips over the top rope as she glares at the crowd. Jaslene backflips inside the ring and she starts chanting, “Let’s go Sugay army!” while clapping.” Tala steps off the bottom rope and walks over to her baby sister and places her arm around Jaslene’s shoulder. They walk backwards to the corner and leans against the turnbuckle as they stare up at the entrance ramp. The fans continue to boo while their theme fades. The lights turn back on when the spotlights fade. [/center]

Team Finisher: NY Killa (A modified koji clutch (Tala) and Reverse Ankle Lock (Jazzy)
Knockout [Reverse STO (Tala) transitioned into a Modified figure-four headscissors (Jaslene)]

Secondary Team Finisher: Double Trouble [Tala with a superkick into a bridging German suplex from Jaslene).
Kulture Shock (Delayed Flapjack (Tala) and Elevated DDT (Jaslene)]

Signature Double Teams
-Double Facebusters, simultaneously
-Double DDT
-Double Suplex
-Boogie Down Bronx (Bytch Slap (Jazzy) and Reverse STO (Tala)
-Aided Powerbomb
-Spike Piledriver
-Catching Hip Toss, often to an incoming opponent
-Stack SuperPLEX
-Double Real Naked Chokehold's, simultaneous