Jobber Brothers or Sisters?

Jobber Brothers or Sisters?

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Since Tala and Jaslene Sugay have been featured in High Stake Wrestling, they haven’t been short of making any friends. They found HSW through twitter, when Christy Chaos announced the company was having a several teams gauntlet and before there were more than three other teams, the Sugay Sisters jumped at the opportunity to represent World Wrestling Headquarters. In their time with HSW as a guest star, they have grown quite fond of the company. They have enjoyed terrorizing the HSW’s professions and working with stars of other organizations as well.

Up to this point in time, they have been impressive in the ring. Attacking Mizore in her match against Fray and making it end in disqualification. Then, giving Paul Blair a little dose of double trouble on the first episode of Front Line last week. Now, they are going up against EWE’s veterans Mike and Jay Jobbers. They have been very outspoken in their feelings about the Jobber brothers. They are looking at this match more than just an ordinary tag team. This match is hyping up the big gauntlet match at Summer Breakdown where the Sugay Sisters stand a pretty good chance at winning, if they can manage to score high in the draw of entry numbers.

Tala and Jaslene keep their feelings hidden from the world because in the Filipino community, emotions are a sign of weakness. They also have Puerto Rican in their blood and this causes them to be a little more sassy and persistent. Will their mixed breed help them to be successful in this match against the Jobbers? Can they go into the gauntlet with not only advantage over Paul Blair and his partner, Frost Elite, but also the Jobbers? If so, these girls will only have to worry about the Hitmen, James Raven and Big Skank, and the notorious team of Paragon?

The biggest question relating to the Sugays and Jobbers match is, what will transpire during it? Paragon’s Amber Jaye has been anything, but vocal about making Tala and Jaslene pay for their rude and crude comments regarding her. Just like Tala and Jaslene attacked Mizore, can we see Amber Jaye try to get the upper hand over the sisters a few days before Summer Breakdown? What are Leon Cashmere’s thoughts since the last time we saw him? Will he be present at Front Line, if Amber Jaye is? We can’t forget…

Jack Michaels. How is going to address the issues of Tala and Jaslene completely belittling, demoralizing, and degrading him all week long. Everything resulting from him supporting one of the other teams in the gauntlet, instead of the Sugay Sisters. This match is going to be a glimpse in what will happen when teams collide for the vacant HSW’s tag team championships.

Stay tune and find out if the resident sisters or brothers walk away with the victory in hand!

The scene opens up at the local MGM casino. Tala and Jaslene are sitting on a couple of bar stools in front of slot machines as they have plastic cups in their hands. They are both paying side by side as they are trying to win the jackpot.

“Come on, momma wants a cherry red Ferrari!”

She says as she pulls down the joystick. Her sister looks over at the front of the slot machine.


As she hears coins dropping out into the metal tray.

“Just a few hundreds, nothing major. I mean, a few hundred could pay the Jobbers’ house payment.”

She chuckles.

“But it doesn’t nothing for me.”

Jaslene brushes her hand through her hair while she uses her other hand to control the joystick.

“Oh my God, really sis?”

She shakes her head with a smirk on her face.

“Ugh, I don’t understand why Mike and Jay can’t comprehend our last name though. Sugay does not sound like Sugar!”

Tala looks over and rolls her eyes.

“I’m trying to have a fun night out in Vegas and you’ll bringing up them? Really bitch?! I don’t want to think or talk about Mike and Jay. They share about a half of brain between them! They can kick rocks and jump off the highest cliff for all I care!”

Jaslene cringes as she bites her lower lip nervously as Tala continues to gamble.

“Sorry sis. I’m going to go get a cocktail at the bar. They make them way too weak here. Do you want anything?”

Tala glances over her shoulder and arches her eyebrow.

“Just a brandy with warm water in another glass.”

Jaslene starts to walk off and Tala goes back to focusing on the game. Jaslene walks through the casino packed of people and makes her way to the bar. As she makes her way into the crowded shopping area of the MGM, she leans against the wall and slowly slips into a small cut out in the walls. Jaslene crosses her arms and steps her right foot across her left.

“Mike, should I even waste my time on you? Are you really that important for me to waste viable time on you? You think you’re this force to be reckoned with, along with your brother, but you two do a lot of talking. The problem with that is, nothing comes out. You guys just say a lot of hot air type of material and it’s time for you to zip it. Keep your lips closed and do yourselves the favor of knowing when you two are in too deep. This match might not be the caliber of the gauntlet at Summer Breakdown, but it’s still way above your and Jay’s level of expertise.”

“I know my sis and I have come off very anti-EWE and while we are certainly anti-EWE, we don’t hate everybody on the roster. To hate somebody takes way too much energy and the Sugay Sisters are too sexy to give anybody that much credit. Let me tell you something about my sister and I. We are anti-EWE because we are the new era. How would we have done in EWE? That is yet to be seen, but we can find out tonight when we take you boys on. We are going to find out on the 9th when we take a lot of EWE’s legends on in the gauntlet. If we can beat some of the best, then why not stick around? It would show the new are clearly better than EWE's legends. We have evolved and EWE's legends are stuck in their ways. If only you and the other alleged legends evolved, you just might be able to prevail against us. There's no stopping the Filipino-Rican princesses!”

“Stick around and represent the tag team division as the HSW’s tag team championships!”

“You’re very welcome Mike and Jay. Guess what? After my sister and I open a can of double trouble on your two rear ends, you won’t mistake us for the Sugar Cane girls; you will for a fact know us for what we really are: the Sugay Sisters! A couple of mean girls who bite harder than they bark. A couple of chicks who aren’t afraid to mix it up with men, women, or legends. After Front Line’s episode two, you can add jobbers to that list! Understand one thing, we might look like a couple of sweeties, but we are as cold as ice. We burn like ice too, baby! You want to test my sister’s flow… you want to take my kindness for weakness… You’ll see when you’re isolated in the middle of the ring tapping out to the Make a Bitch Tap!”

“Goodluck because luck is for losers and the two biggest losers are a couple of jobbers!”

She says with a smirk on her face as she struts out from the cut out. She looks around the area before she takes off to the right. She makes her way to the localized bar in the MGM and he scene faded to black on the back of Jaslene Sugay.