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How it works is simple; you take on a character and portray them within a setting and situations determined by the game master (the person organizing the game).
It goes a little something like this:
.: Propose what your character is doing
.: Interact with the setting and characters (other players and NPCs)
.: The game master will decide whether what you describe happens or not
.: Any die rolls that may be required will be performed by the game master and the results reported to the player(s)

Posts can be made in first person, second person or third person perspectives... or you can use any combination thereof. Try and be decriptive as it helps bring the story to life.

In general, players may introduce NPCs into the story, though some game masters or circumstances may frown upon it. Try not to dictate how the NPCs interact with your character too heavily as it may muddle the game master's narrative. GMs will take over introduced NPCs

Game masters have total control over what does or does not occur... their decisions aren't always popular ones, but, that's the way it rolls.

Commentary between players and the game master, but not in character/story should be denoted with OOC:; OOC standing for "Out of Character".

NPC = Non-Player Character
In Real Life ?, people who aim to maximize their potential for lethality are called "dangerous psychotics" and are typically avoided by everyone who isn't forced to endure their company until someone has the opportunity to put them away or else put them down. No one likes that guy. Don't play that guy.

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