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Council of Darkness
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We've added some Dice Rolling Code to the forum to augment Play-by-Post roleplay. The link describes how the script is used, and some of its security features (to prevent cheating/rerolling). The gist is:

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e.g. [result]17&3,1d20,14,17&1d20+14[/result]
Output : [result]19&5,1d20,14,19&1d20+14[/result]

The roller does not allow for such things as exploding dice (e.g. WEG Wild Dice), but work arounds can be found, I'm sure.

Multiple rolls can be included in a single roll code as well, for example rolling damage on a flaming longsword:

Code: Select all

Output: [result]10&4,1d8,0,4|2,1d6,4,6&1d8+1d6+4[/result]
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